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    • By Bells in Officer's Blog 0
      Image Galleries
      Please post images for TALEiversary in the following category:
      Our dutiful web marmot will move them to the album as often as possible, which will allow them to automatically be included here. The way the forums currently work is that the categories can be posted to by anyone, but albums can only be posted by the album owner. Albums can automatically be associated with blog posts and calendar events. @Bells is going to see if we can use that in a fun way for this event! If it doesn't work out, the images will be moved from the album back to the category.
      Calendar Schedule
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      Host: @Chessirin
    • By Bells in Dev Blog 0
      Timezone differences. A number of us have gotten used to working with them since our group spans the United States and beyond!
      But still, some times we don't get it right. And when that happens, it can really ruin someones day if they are too early, or worse, too late!
      It isn't fancy, but I put together a little page that should make it easy to check where the time zones are at any given point in the year. It even accounts for those pesky cases where Daylight Savings does not apply.
      What do you think? Do you find it helpful? or are you the kind of person who won't end up using it? Does it no go far enough?
      For now, you have to be logged in to see it:
    • By Rook in Things To Do 0
      There still a number of content that I should do as well as would like to do but I'm just very lazy. Though decided to make sort of a to do list to help remind myself of what I need to do.
      60 Warrior. I plan on leveling WAR to 60, all that Fel Cleave damage! Though plan on taking it slow and enjoy myself while leveling since already have one class at 60. Complete Old Content. Would like to get some wins and clears on a lot of the old content that I missed out on or just ignored. Coils; first, second, and final. All the Extremes that I didn't bother to do and just finishing all content of old.  Finish those Beastmen quest, never really bothered to do them that won't be too hard just take a long while. Gaelkitten and Red Panda Minions. And lastly though mostly in general, RP more.
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