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The Adventure League
  • The Adventure League of Eorzea's Free Company Charter

    The Adventure League of Eorzea is a medium-roleplay, progression-focused Free Company for adult gamers. We aim to be a refuge from the real world during our time in Hydaelyn. All of our members lead busy lives with work, family, and social commitments, and we want an FC that will complement our real lives, not add stress. At the end of the day we want a stable, positive, vital guild where we feel comfortable and that we are excited to be a part of.

    TALE offers a place for gamers to find a welcoming, lively, mature community where we roleplay our characters' progression through the rich content of Final Fantasy XIV. We seek to forge strong friendships, both in our guild and in partnership with other guilds throughout Balmung server and Aether datacenter, and we pride ourselves on leaving a positive mark in our home community.

    ICly, we are a spirited group of characters, brought together under the banner of fighting back against life's storms and making our world a better place than when we found it. From our humble beginnings as a group of luckless adventurers, we rose up to take our fate into our own hands and make our own luck, Spinner's blessing or no. We fall sometimes, but we will always pick each other back up and keep moving forward together.

    What our guild aims to offer:
    An ongoing guild storyline that runs parallel to MSQ
    Weekly scheduled & spontaneous events: Raids, PVP, WT completion, treasure hunting, etc. all in-character as much as possible
    Experienced leadership & a stable guild
    Voice chat/Discord server
    Website & forums with a wealth of FC and game info
    A friendly community for roleplayers & the roleplay-curious
    18+ age restriction

  • The Adventure League of Eorzea: Your friends against doom!

    Who we are: The Adventure League of Eorzea was founded before the Calamity one dark and stormy night in Ul'dah by a group of ordinary people each facing extraordinary bouts of bad luck. Was it the Spinner who wove their fates together? Some would say it is so, for during that night began an adventure far greater than any of them individually could imagine. "No more bad days," they promised each other. "Not when we've joined forces to make them otherwise." Together from their headquarters in the Goblet known as Wanderer's Hope, they seek to be a shining light against the dark of life's storms, whether that light means slaying the odd primal or escorting a lost child home, or simply concocting the world's finest mulled wine.

    TALE was founded in 2009, shortly after Final Fantasy XIV was announced, and our members have stuck together through Alpha 1.0, the Calamity, the post-Calamity rebuilding, Heavensward, and beyond. We built this guild on the premise that a group of friends can get together and roleplay their unique, amazing characters through dungeons, quests, missions, and even farming and crafting. We believed that we could create a haven for ourselves and for others like us who just want to kick back after a day of work or family obligations and enjoy ourselves creatively for a little while.

    TALE is our digital home away from home, where we laugh & commiserate over fetch-quests and share our unique, creative sparks with each other.

    TALE is hot cocoa on a rainy day, but even better because that hot cocoa was made by moogles--but not too much better because now the moogles expect you to get to work.

    TALE is feeling safe enough among friends to suggest trying weird things in dungeons that people in PF probably wouldn't let you get away with.

    TALE is "what if Captain Picard and Buffy had a baby and that baby was a FFXIV guild?"

    TALE's pretty great. :)

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