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    Site Status - April 2015

    By Rikitiki

    RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE, DEV BLOG! It's probably about time we made an entry here to talk about things we're doing, and have done, with the site! Previously, all of the site stuff was done by Aveline. When she stepped down from her post as Doyenne, the officers and I let a lot of site-related things fall by the wayside, including this blog. But now, we're finally getting to those things. Now, we control the horizontal. We control the vertical. Do not attempt to adjust your screen. Since the last entry, we've been changing a lot of things! I think a bulleted list is in order. IPBoards has been upgraded to 3.4.7, the latest official release.
    We had several additional board themes, but these themes haven't been upgraded to the latest release, so we thought it best to just set everything to the default IPBoards theme. (The IPBoards Mobile theme is also active.)
    We have switched our hosting service from Eleven2 to HostGator. Eleven2 was giving us some serious lag issues, but HostGator has thus far performed swimmingly.
    HostGator is now also handling our DNS name registration. "adventureleague.net" has been deprecated in favor of "tale-ffxiv.com".
    We have gone over all of our existing links to change any references to adventureleague.net to tale-ffxiv.com. (There may still be some out there -- if you spot any, please let us know!)
    Ownership of the site and all things TALE has been transferred from Aveline to Rikitiki, including our Steam group and our TeamSpeak and Minecraft servers, with the notable exception of our social media accounts (Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter), which have been assigned to Tahrara.
    In the process of doing all this, we noticed that we were paying $15.99 a month for a Minecraft server that we don't get nearly $15.99 of use out of every month. So when I noticed that our hosting provider offers a 4-player-limit FREE option, we jumped right on that.
    We made a pass through the site looking for references to the site rules, and pointed them to one single page. Previously, there were at least three different versions of the rules depending on where you clicked.
    The TALE Handbook has received a much-needed overhaul.
    In addition to all of this, our PayPal account, and the funds therein, have been transferred from Aveline to Rikitiki. For the curious, we have paid HostGator for another year and a half (expires in November 2017), and we have enough to pay InvisionPower through April 2016. While we have (and anticipate) no other expenses at this time, I would be remiss in my obligations were I not to point out that there is a donation link on the main forum page, and we welcome any and all donations from our members. Finally, just today we have placed a big TALE logo on the front page in place of the news/words/articles page that had been there previously. This is a temporary fix -- hopefully we'll get something more permanent there before long -- but we realized that none of the news and articles and such had been updated in ages, and that just looks terrible. So: TALE compass rose. :D Please direct any questions or concerns you might have regarding our site to me or Claus. Thank you!

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    By Bells,

    Those of you who are not developers or at least technically inclined may want to stop reading. HERE BE DRAGONS! ... kind of.



    As a developer, I'm always looking for ways to be lazy / efficient. Especially when hard drive space fills up fast and you want to reuse something in multiple projects, but then you have to manage multiple copies or versions in multiple places. This gets even more difficult if your thing doesn't have a package manager, repository, or build system of some kind to help save time and sanity. Recently, I've stumbled across Symbolic links, and they are working out pretty well. There is an article on TESTED that can explain it better than I could if you are curious:


  2. Officer's Blog

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    By Bells,

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    Our dutiful web marmot will move them to the album as often as possible, which will allow them to automatically be included here. The way the forums currently work is that the categories can be posted to by anyone, but albums can only be posted by the album owner. Albums can automatically be associated with blog posts and calendar events. @Bells is going to see if we can use that in a fun way for this event! If it doesn't work out, the images will be moved from the album back to the category.


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    There still a number of content that I should do as well as would like to do but I'm just very lazy. Though decided to make sort of a to do list to help remind myself of what I need to do.

    • 60 Warrior. I plan on leveling WAR to 60, all that Fel Cleave damage! Though plan on taking it slow and enjoy myself while leveling since already have one class at 60.
    • Complete Old Content. Would like to get some wins and clears on a lot of the old content that I missed out on or just ignored. Coils; first, second, and final. All the Extremes that I didn't bother to do and just finishing all content of old. 
    • Finish those Beastmen quest, never really bothered to do them that won't be too hard just take a long while.
    • Gaelkitten and Red Panda Minions.
    • And lastly though mostly in general, RP more.
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    Name: Rook Devileye (Possible alias, unknown surname)
    Race: Hyru, Highlander
    Age: Unknown, appears middle age
    Nameday: Claim the twentfifth Sun, of the fifth Umbral Moon
    Height: 6'7"
    Eye Color: Dark Green (right), Gold (left)
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Deity: Llymlaen, the Navigator
    Occupation: Adventurer, Mercenary, Privateer/Corsair
    Grand Company: Maelstrom
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Family: Deceased

    Physical Description

    Rook Devileye can be very much seen as an imposing figure as he stands tall even for a Highlander. Fair skinned and toned build, Rook uses all his given talents to aid his journey across Eorzea often working as sellsword, privateer, or just typical freelance adventurer. Rook generally keeps his hair shaggy and unkempt as he cares little for his own appearance other than the garb he wears or the weapon that he is brandishing. Can be found wearing large coats, dusters, and even heavy armored sets as he know to use a variety of weapons though namely a firearm and an axe. In terms of physical appearance Rook can be said to be more of a dirty scoundrel than a proper gentleman as he tends to dress with flair of a pirate or bard. Has some facial hair, mostly upon his chin but the more striking aspect of his appearance is the eyepatch that covers his left eye, which pulled aside reveals iris of dark gold. The eye is the source of the Devileye name which is not his surname, though he has never revealed it. His other eye being a darker shade of green but seen with both it can be quite unsettling. It is unknown if the eye is dead which is why he bares an eyepatch or if he covers it as a means to hide it.


    Rook has a very deep and raspy voice that matches his physical nature. Fond of sarcasm and dry humor, which is often deeply coated in bitterness. Rook often always has something to say, either being an honest advice or just a snarky comment to make. Even in combat Rook has been known to make remarks aimed at his foes typically with taunts and other mockery. Yet Rook typically remains silent or distant, but when he has something to say he'll let his voice be heard and often times will then be unable to shut up.

    Demeanor & Nature

    Rook is a complex man, which one could easily describe him as a mercenary with a conscience. Being a fairly cynical towards the world and those who dwell in it, often believing that many are just motivated by self interest and seeking self preservation. Despite his negative view of the world itself, Rook has no problem speaking his mind or dealing with people; yet, often times prefers not to. He is honest with most travelers and fairly open, often time to time he will even embellish here and there for certain stories. However, stories that concern his origin and past often varies as Rook been known to conjure up a variety of back stories; he's the son of the Navigator making him a demi-god, another he claims to be the he is a bastard son of some noble house of Ishgard or second cousin of Hildibrand Manderville. Rook has no problem with risking his own life to defend and aid others. He does not do so for honor, glory, or fame. Often times will do so for the sake of doing something as well as his nagging conscience. Though for the most part its often because Rook lives for the thrill of battle and a good fight, though coin is always nice to have.

    Rook's greatest strength is that of his resolve as he is utterly fearless in the face of threats that can strike fear into the most iron willed adventurers. For Rook it is merely another challenge. His stubbornness also adds to his strength, allowing him to stay in the fight longer than he possible should which can be seen as both strength and weakness as he does not like to run from a fight even if it means death. This often times suggest a death wish or little value of his own well being. Rook's shortsightedness and living in the moment is perhaps his greatest weakness as it often forces him to make bad judgement calls, while others should give up the chase, he'll continue which may lead to disastrous results. His vices get the better of him almost every time, his bad investment, and poor decision making had forced him to constantly abandon his dreams and ambitions, forcing him to create smaller and shorter goals, which trap him living the life of a mercenary and nothing more. Repair bills, easy women, cheap drinks, and countless other matters keep him on his feet seeking contracts. Often times Rook refused to take responsibility over his actions and will often time blames fate or luck over his own choices.

    Personality Traits

    • Adventurous
    • Bold
    • Cynical
    • Honest
    • Loyal
    • Pessimistic
    • Stubborn


    • Adventure
    • Drinking
    • Gambling
    • Rain
    • Money
    • Women


    • The Twelve
    • Primals
    • People (Mainly pirates/bandits)
    • Beastmen Tribes
    • Rules & Authority

    Public Backstory

    Not much is really known about Rook Devileye. Many who have attempted to uncover his origins and history often discover conflicting stories, many of which are purely fabricated and outright outlandish though perhaps some truths lurk within these tall tales. Some of these speak of him as being apart of the Manderville family, another that he is a Garlean aristocrat, and yet another claiming to be some fabled pirate king. What is known is that he has spent a great deal of time out at sea as a privateer under Limsa command and has acquired a large sum of debt accumulating across all regions. Those who have cross his path have often spoken of his tendency to seek out a fight, whether it be out of self worth or simply battle lust is unknown, and also speak of his habit of helping other without much thought nor concern for his own well being. Rook Devileye has worked for numerous groups but has rarely stayed within their ranks for very long, excluding the Maelstrom and as of late has been rumored to posses close ties to the Skysteel Manufactory out of Ishgard. Known for his brutality on the battlefield, Rook is not one to be taken lightly even if he may appear apathetic as he does possess a sharp wit and sharper tongue to go with his wild temperament. Records belonging to the Grand Companies state that he was once posses a family, a wife and daughter, but later reports make no mention of a family. 

  4. 31st, 1A:

    Godbert Manderville has presented irrefutable evidence to the effect of re-writing History. Necromancy, which destroyed Sil’dih, was a chemical weapon of Ul’dah, not an ill-conceived strategy of Sil’dih itself. This was proven by sworn testimonies from reliable Personages, as well as thaumic testing of four certain Relics, as well as the more traditional kind of proof: that a member of the Syndicate said so.

    The mind reels.

    The very thesis of my latest Book is dashed. Sil’dih could not have stolen necromantic secrets from ancient Amdapor. Their architectural Similarities are only co-incidence. There are only so many ways that stone can be shaped, I suppose. What a fool I was. What a fool.

    And what does this say of Ul’dah?

    Who was the first to devise this Zombie Powder, the "Traders' Spurn?" Was it an inquiring mind of the Sciences, such as myself? Who was the first to order its use? Was it an officer of the State, such as myself?

    Had I been alive then, would I have done the same?

    Condemning a city of knowledge to save a city of prosperity…

    No. Never. I would never!


    But here I sit in Prosperity, having eaten enough of its Fruits to have the Knowledge to recognize from whence that knowledge came!!!

    One bears the other. Suffering can arise from both. Balance… the Gold and Silver Scales were themselves balanced, but upon what larger Scale? And which was truly found wanting?

    A question of arguable Merit, since one weight of two is forever Broken. And here I serve the side that broke it. I live and breathe and eat and serve the Prosperity that shattered Knowledge.

    Why can we not have both?

    Why can everyone not have both?

    A shared Prosperity, managed by enlightened Knowledge…

    Would we ever have that? What would it look like?

    Should we one day have it, whose jealousy would plague us? What blight of which rival would spell our doom?

    None, if I have any Thing to Say about it.

    I see clearer to a solution for society’s Ills, which is this: if the policies which cause them come from the Top, then I must rise to the Top, in order to change them. The Flames provides, by social infra-structure and cultural Heft, an optimal means for such Advancement.

    I shall be its Champion. (In the fullness of Time.)

  5. Four months ago, Dralid and Ozak departed for Radz-at-Han. Dralid stated it was for family business. Ozak wanted to travel since he had a lead about Riztak's where-a-bouts. There has been no news about them since then.

    ((Just to give a small clarification on what is the IC situation about both of theses characters. It is general knowledge in TALE that these two left together. Who knows what will happen next! dun dun dun!))

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    PET RATS. SELFIES. And that's all for this thing. I'm not very good at blogging. The extent of my blogging career is rebagling things on tumblr.

    10801525_10153077891274739_7538880861153128187_n.jpg?oh=a39090b6d685cf61d77340411232a53a&oe=553A3645This is Elly. She's a shy blonde rat. She likes elbows and sitting on boobs and hiding under hoodies and blankets. She also poops when she is scared.

    10881713_10153070931069739_665765167945720181_n.jpg?oh=38648b9e0b920b39774d2e5028f6b384&oe=553093BDThis is Emmy the adventurer!! She likes scampering all over everything and snifflesnuffling all the things and cheese. She likes pockets and giving tickles.

    I will spare you all from selfies. I mean, the only cool thing is that I currently have pink hair.

  6. Journal,

    Pray forgive if my entry makes no sense, I have gone over nearly a week now without a proper rest. Has it been a week? Maybe suns, I've lost track. I feel so exhausted right now it's a wonder I can even think straight. It's because of the nightmares journal, I cannot rest because of the nightmares. Investigators from Ul'dah came, accused us of being a danger and threat to the city-state and all residents of the Goblet recently. If we fail to prove our innocence the league will be disbanded.

    The nightmares began in earnest after I moved her. Too dangerous to keep her at headquarters any longer. I destroyed the pages too. She rests in the Twelveswood. Buried. I can't remember where now. My mother is ashamed of me, I can feel it and at times I wonder if I deserve to keep on living. No, this doesn't mean I plan to end my life either.

    The nightmares are always the same. She begs for me to unseal her, find a new page. A Necrologos page. I tell her I cannot, to forgive me. Then I see it. She is brutally murdered before my eyes and I am helpless to stop it. Each time is different. As I closed my eyes to drift off, a magitek vanguard crushed her just now. Too horrific to describe.

    Hollow is suspicious of me. Fhylie told the Flames of my box. They know, they all know. They want to talk to me. How much do they know? How long before the rest of the league knows? I have to be careful.

    So tired now. I feel a little light-headed.

    Fate spoke of a tea his mother made. Diyne said some harsh things to him, he was emotionless? I don't really remember. Too tired. I want to rest. He left me a mixture to brew the tea myself. Helps with nightmares. Maybe this will let me rest. Sleep. I needs

    A large ink blot is smeared across a portion of the page where the entry ends abruptly.

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    In 2003, I was living with my father and stepmother in Orlando, Florida. I was a tender fourteen-year-old then, emotionally unstable and very insecure in my lack of an identity. Presumably because they didn't want to listen to me whine, my guardians would often drop me off at the movie theater in the Downtown Disney shopping complex (it's a theme park in itself, really) with twenty bucks and my choice of feature presentation. I saw a number of movies there that I really loved (Uptown Girls) and others I wasn't so hot about (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). However, nothing could have prepared me for Spirited Away.

    I had first read a review of Spirited Away in New Orleans's local newspaper, the Times-Picayune, when it had a limited international release in 2001. The review was glowing, as reviews for Miyazaki's work tend to be, and as a teenager, I was pretty much governed by the media whether I acknowledged it or not. The positive review in the Times-Picayune spawned my interest in Spirited Away that was reawakened two years later when I saw it was playing at my Downtown Disney haunt, with the candy store next door so I could buy a three-dollar jawbreaker the size of my fist because fuck popcorn. I was prepared for a whimsical anime movie and that's exactly what I got, but what I wasn't prepared for was a story more moving, profound, meaningful, and topical to my life at the time than anything I'd ever seen before. Spirited Away touched me in a way that no movie had ever managed before, to the extent that while my stepmother would usually come to pick me up only to find me pacing feverishly around a signpost, Shienne post-Spirited Away was leaning against that signpost, quietly humming the pretty Japanese song that played over the end credits. My heart was full of love and my stomach full of butterflies for hours, perhaps even days, after I left the theater. It would be a while before I even wanted to go back, because I was firmly convinced that no movie I saw, for the rest of my life, would make my heart swell with emotion like Spirited Away did.

    I was wrong.


    This isn't going to even be an attempt at a critique. This is going to be the gushing, hyperenthusiastic fit of adoration that I tried to hold back all this afternoon and evening, but I just can't. Frozen tugged at my heart in every conceivable manner achievable by media; it made me sad, it made me angry, and it'll be the end of days before it stops making me happy. The key word here is made (and also making). I'm usually able to keep my meager critical senses sharp and tingling during a movie, but I was swept away in Frozen's deceptively warm grasp within minutes of its beginning, as a quickly paced but remarkably effective introduction follows our two heroines, princesses Elsa and Anna, from childhood to their late adolescence in what can't be more than a quarter-hour. Elsa, as it happens, is blessed and cursed with cryokinesis; initially, she uses this power largely to amuse her younger sister, but a tragic accident leads Elsa to be secluded in her bedroom and Anna's memories purged of any encounter with her sister's magic. I won't spoil a damn thing else; I even feel guilty telling people how the first fifteen minutes go. I will say, however, that what follows is a beautiful sororal love story about a very special bond between sisters, about individuality, about bravery, about inhibition, and about a talking snowman who likes warm hugs.

    Disney hasn't made a movie like this since the Renaissance of the early nineties that spawned such juggernauts as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Mulan. Here we have a smart, sweet, funny movie with three-dimensional characters, jaw-dropping animation, Oscar-worthy voice acting (if the Oscars did that, anyways) and, for the first time since I can remember, a full, complete set of songs that rank among Disney's best ever. From the heartbreaking "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" to the Oscar-nominated showstopper "Let It Go," Frozen is one of those musicals that, depending on your attitude toward it, will have you either singing along with your friends for months or finding some new friends. I personally have already bought "Let It Go" on iTunes and plan to scrape the rest of the soundtrack together, and I have never done that for a musical, let alone a Disney movie. Frozen has gotten me so jittery with excitement that I can't even sleep and it's almost midnight. Not only do I adore it, I relate to it, I appreciate it with what little film-critic chops I have, and I want the world to know that it should believe the hype. This is the movie that's in the box office top ten four months after its release. This is the movie that's getting people to talk about Disney with a fervor not seen since Toy Story. This is the hot-button film of 2013. This. Is. A. Masterpiece.

    Go see Frozen right fucking now.

  7. blog-0277403001393302083.png

    "These Moons have felt as though winters have passed, slowly amassing enough funds just to acquire a mansion -- a new home for the Adventure League. With the ever-declining markets, even the most seasoned of gil earners are becoming hard-pressed in generating a suitable profit. But those who persevere will weather any storm, financial or otherwise.

    "And the good news does not stop at just the acquisition of TALE's new headquarters. Our allies -- the Ivalice Trading Company -- have just bought their desired plot as well. I was honestly growing more and more worried with each turn of the Sun. The price dropped, but the chances of it being taken from them would also increase... I am nonetheless happy to know that their dream of becoming neighbors with us has come true.

    "Lady Zeiyth... Lady Ingkeu... They did it. They all did. Though they cannot all take credit. A generous donation came from yours truly, but I was merely taking the proper steps to achieve my own ambition, one where all may share in bountiful wealth. It almost brings a smile to my face just knowing that I have the power to see it come to fruition.

    And yet... even as this rat race of a housing boom has concluded for us, there are still far more problems on the horizon. Our oversight has caused numerous malignant forces to run amok across all of Eorzea. Problems and mishaps rising from every corner...

    Voidsent litter the Twelveswod, causing havoc and mischief within its shaded boughs.

    Pirates and beastkin run rampant around Vylbrand, pillaging the countrysides of La Noscea and its people.

    The zealotry of the Amalj'aa and the unforgiving degenerates of the once-proud Corpse Brigade is creating distress around Thanalan...

    The dastardly Dravanian Horde are terrorizing the pristine, snowy region of Coerthas, and rumors of cyclopean horrors have begun to take root...

    And then there are the Crystal Tower-worshipping Gigas, along with Garlean incursions within Mor Dhona, putting pressure on the Sons and the adventurers overseeing Revenant's Toll...

    But worst of all, there are few adventurers around to quell these uprisings actively. And the threats within the Sagolii Desert... the very desert that separates my home from the Thanalan region.

    I may be powerful, but I am just one person. I can only do so much with what I have at my disposal. But Halone be damned if I sit back and watch all of this go unchecked; the safety of Eorzea is at stake. I rarely do this, but I shall put profit to the side and deal with these threats one by one -- single-handedly if need be. They will learn to fear the wrath of the Icy Prince, for destiny is by my side.

    It will be a tiring task, yes... but someone has to keep things in check around here. And until such a relative peace is restored, I will not rest for even a moment... There is a realm to save."

  8. "Hmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaah..." Bernini's long, lonely sigh echoes through the now-empty barroom. He clicks off his linkpearl and places it on top of Mayrah's jar of...drink, so she claims. The whole headquarters seems empty; nobody left, nobody right, and nobody behind, so Bernini grabs a bottle of rum and takes a seat on the table by the window.

    The smells of tobacco and a light, fruity fragrance from his cigar waft into his nose and out the open window. Bernini glances around the room again before untying his eyepatch and letting it fall gracelessly onto the table. Been a while since I couldn't get -you- out of my head. With effort, he slides a folded-up piece of parchment from a hidden pocket on the backside of the patch and unfolds it, revealing the sketch of a Hyur woman. He rubs his thumb over her face, staring through the picture into the past.


    "You can't go in there!" For such a little man, Bernini was a hard man to hold back. He squirmed and wriggled desperately, trying to force his way past the woman blocking the door. "You can't do anything to help her! You have to let the medics work!"

    "Dam'ya, woman...! I'm the one who brought her here, you have to let me see her! She's my--"

    "I know who she is! But you have to let us do our job first!"

    Bernini's face fell. He finally relented, falling to his butt on the floor. "But I might not...what if she..."

    The aide breathed a sigh of relief. "We're going to do everything we can. You'll get to see her again before too long, so please try to be patient." She handed a mug of coffee down to the crestfallen Lalafell. "I wouldn't keep you two apart if I didn't have to. I know how close you two are, Bernie." Bernini slowly nodded a 'thank you,' and took the mug, never looking up from the floor. He stared at it for what felt like hours, until a strong tug on his shoulders pulled him up to his feet, spilling the long-cold coffee on the floor.

    "I jus' heard d'news about Sangria. I'm so, so sorry," came the low, gravelly voice. "How is she?"

    Bernini turned, meeting the new voice face-to-shin. "I...I don't know. I've jus' been...sitting here." He brushed himself all, composed himself, and looked up at the Roegadyn in the eyes. "It...it can't be good. They've been in there so long..." He turned to the clock -- only an hour had passed, but it seemed like longer, and he wasn't in the mood to correct himself. "What the hell was she doing, anyway? She wasn't supposed to be back in Wingperch for another two weeks or so." Bernini started pacing the floor, wringing his hands tighter with every step. "And doesn't anyone heed our warnings? We've been telling eveyrone for at least a week how dangerous that road is.

    The volume of his voice started to get away from him.

    Especially after a hard rain. -Especially- with all the damned Ixal roaming around!" He was shouting now. "What the hell are we doin' out there if nobody's going to turn a damned ear to us to begin with!? We just as well carry our arses..."

    "BERNIE!" The aide shouted over him, scolding him back into utter silence outside of a muttered 'Sorry, Masha...' He broke the awkward pause with an angry sigh, staring at the door as if his look of disgust would summon the doctor, or allow him to see through the walls to his beloved. The roegadyn held a pink envelope out to Bernini.

    "I...I wasnae sure if I should give this to you. Not yet, given the circumstances. But given your state of mind, it might be better if you got it now." Bernini didn't think his heart could sink and lower, but, lo, the pink envelope with the flowing, silver lettering was another punch to the gut. He emotionlessly tore the top of the envelope off and pulled the parchment out, skimming the letter. Working late...leaving early...surprise visit. Love always, Ryoko Sangria. "Does it say why she came on the road she did?" the Roegadyn asked, his voice softer now. Bernini shook his head, crumpling the envelope and tossing it toward the bin. "Does anybody know what happened? I know it's been rainin', but I've never seen a rock slide that massive b'fore."

    Bernini opened his mouth dumbly, the words not coming out. Then again. And again. But all he could manage were tears.


    The sounds of the door opening woke Bernini from his daze. He stuffs the picture under his shirt and quickly snuffs out his cigar. But the haste is all for naught, as the late night visitor heads straight for the stairs to bed. He properly puts the portrait away, but not before giving it one last, longing look. He heads for the dorms himself, Mayrah's jar of Hag's Brew under arm.

    But before he clicks the cactuar lamp out, he scratches one note into his new journal, before stuffing it in his back with the others.

    It's not the Twelve who won't forgive me. It's myself.

  9. I got bored and decided to look at feasible gear sets that I would like. This combines for me aspects of both looks and effectiveness because that's all I really strive for, while not BiS I am just as effective. I know BiS is the greatest tier, but I'm not as full on focused or time devoted to get to that level most of the time, so I go for the best possible that is feasible. Incidentally, I used this for deciding things on this list. Very useful.


    Weapon: Sphairai Zenith

    Head: Allagan Visor of Striking

    Body: Melee Cyclas

    Hands: Melee Gloves

    Waist: Allagan Tassets of Striking

    Legs: Allagan Trousers of Striking

    Feet: Melee Boots

    Neck: Allagan Choker of Maiming

    Ears: Allagan Earrings of Maiming

    Wrist: Allagan Bracelets of Striking

    Ring: Allagan Ring of Striking

    Ring: Allagan Ring of Maiming

    Strength: 486

    Accuracy: 471

    Critical HIt: 443

    Determination: 267

    Skill Speed: 467

    Vitality: 378


    Weapon: Artemis Bow Zenith

    Head: Allagan Visor of Aiming

    Body: Bard's Shirt

    Hands: Bard's Ringbands

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Aiming

    Legs: Bard's Tights

    Feet: Bard's Sandals

    Neck: Darklight Choker of Aiming

    Ears: Allagan Earrings of Aiming

    Wrist: Darklight Bracelet of Aiming

    Ring: Darklight Ring of Aiming

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Aiming

    Dexterity: 485

    Accuracy: 462

    Critical Hit: 521

    Determination: 249

    Skill Speed: 404

    Vitality: 378


    Weapon: Thyrus Zenith

    Head: Vanya Hat of Healing HQ - (Critical Hit +4, Determination +11)

    Body: Royal Vest

    Hands: Allagan Gloves of Healing

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Healing

    Legs: Cleric's Culottes

    Feet: Royal Shoes

    Neck: Hero's Necklace of Healing

    Ears: Hero's Earrings of Healing

    Wrist: Hero's Bracelet of Healing

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Healing

    Ring: Darklight Band of Healing

    Mind: 477

    Critical Hit: 454

    Determination: 256

    Spell Speed: 406

    Vitality: 347

    Piety: 379


    Weapon: Omnilex Zenith

    Head: Vanya Hat of Healing HQ - (Critical Hit +4, Determination +11)

    Body: Argute Gown

    Hands: Allagan Gloves of Healing

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Healing

    Legs: Argute Culottes

    Feet: Royal Shoes

    Neck: Hero's Necklace of Healing

    Ears: Hero's Earrings of Healing

    Wrist: Hero's Bracelet of Healing

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Healing

    Ring: Darklight Band of Healing

    Mind: 469

    Critical Hit: 502

    Determination: 231

    Spell Speed: 387

    Vitality: 351

    Piety: 390


    Weapon: Stardust Rod Zenith

    Head: Allagan Circlet of Casting

    Body: Crimson Vest

    Hands: Crimson Celestial Gloves

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Casting

    Legs: Crimson Breeches

    Feet: Allagan Boots of Casting

    Neck: Hero's Necklace of Casting

    Ears: Hero's Earring of Casting

    Wrist: Hero's Bracelet of Casting

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Casting

    Ring: Allagan Ring of Casting

    Intelligence: 482

    Accuracy: 414

    Critical Hit: 459

    Determination: 280

    Spell Speed: 471

    Vitality: 349

    Piety: 242


    Weapon: Curtana Zenith

    Shield: Holy Shield Zenith

    Head: Crown of Light

    Body: Armor of Light

    Hands: Valor Gauntlets

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Fending

    Legs: Valor Cuisses

    Feet: Valor Sollerets

    Neck: Darklight Chocker of Fending

    Ears: Darklight Earrings of Fending

    Wrist: Darklight Bracelet of Fending

    Ring: Darklight Ring of Fending

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Fending

    Strength: 352

    Accuracy: 474

    Critical Hit: 377

    Determination: 225

    Skill Speed: 348

    Vitality: 486

    Parry: 545


    Weapon: Bravura Zenith

    Head: Crown of Light

    Body: Armor of Light

    Hands: Warrior's Gauntlets

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Fending

    Legs: Warrior's Breeches

    Feet: Warrior's Jackboots

    Neck: Darklight Chocker of Fending

    Ears: Darklight Earrings of Fending

    Wrist: Darklight Bracelet of Fending

    Ring: Darklight Ring of Fending

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Fending

    Strength: 362

    Accuracy: 445

    Critical Hit: 362

    Determination: 249

    Skill Speed: 367

    Vitality: 486

    Parry: 535


    Weapon: Veil of Wiyu Zenith

    Head: Allagan Circlet of Casting

    Body: Crimson Vest

    Hands: Crimson Celestial Gloves

    Waist: Hero's Belt of Casting

    Legs: Crimson Breeches

    Feet: Allagan Boots of Casting

    Neck: Hero's Necklace of Casting

    Ears: Hero's Earring of Casting

    Wrist: Hero's Bracelet of Casting

    Ring: Hero's Ring of Casting

    Ring: Allagan Ring of Casting

    Intelligence: 484

    Accuracy: 414

    Critical Hit: 459

    Determination: 280

    Spell Speed: 452

    Vitality: 349

    Piety: 212


    Weapon: Gae Bolg Zenith

    Head: Wrym's Armet

    Body: Allagan Cuirass of Maiming

    Hands: Allagan Gauntlets of Maiming

    Waist: Allagan Tassets of Maiming

    Legs: Allagan Trousers of Maiming

    Feet: Wyrm's Greaves

    Neck: Allagan Choker of Maiming

    Ears: Allagan Earrings of Maiming

    Wrist: Allagan Bracelets of Striking

    Ring: Allagan Ring of Striking

    Ring: Allagan Ring of Maiming

    Strength: 496

    Accuracy: 533

    Critical Hit: 389

    Determination: 289

    Skill Speed: 428

    Vitality: 388

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    Ayla Thatcher
    Latest Entry

    She knew once she joined the Twin Adders, she'd eventually have access to something she'd always wanted when she was growing up. Working up the Seals to buy her issuance was no trouble at all, in fact, Ayla enjoyed every step of the way. The trouble happened after.

    With a smile, the hyur walked up to the quartermaster, a stack of seals in hand. As she handed them over and the man counted them, he peered down at her curiously and asked a simple question.

    "Ever ridden a chocobo before?"

    Ayla blinked and shook her head. The little pang of dread in her chest might have been visible in her expression, but she tried her best to cover it up, "Well uh... aside from the rentals, no."

    The quartermaster assessed the archer, narrowing his eyes, "...You seem a little young yet. Maybe we should have the stablemaster give you some lessons before you get your issuance."

    Ayla's eyes widened in a panic, "Wha-?! But I'm sure I can handle it!"

    The elezen man just sighed, "Just a few lessons. So you don't get trampled." He plucked a sheet of paper and an ink pen from the nearby registration counter and wrote something quickly, "Here, present that to the stablemaster. He'll teach you how to control your bird, and once he deems you fit to ride, come back. I'll give you your issuance and you may have your own company chocobo."

    With sad eyes and a dejected sigh, Ayla took the handwritten note around the corner to the stablemaster. And training had begun...

    The first hour was riddled with mishaps. The squeak from Ayla's boots spooked the poor chocobo the stablemaster pulled from the group, and it tried to circle around behind the stablehand in protection. Once the chocobo seemed used to the strange noise, Ayla hopped onto its back carefully... only to be unceremoniously dumped off in a panic. The next few tries were similar, and with a rub to the back of her head, Ayla frowned at the stablemaster.

    "Did you pick the most skittish chocobo for this?" Ayla asked, looking a little discouraged. The stablemaster just shrugged his shoulders, not answering one way or another. With another sigh, Ayla tried again and managed to nudge the chocobo into moving forward.

    Unfortunately the little nudge prompted a dead sprint... that Ayla wasn't ready for. She flew off the back of the chocobo and tumbled; one squeak of panic later, and the two Serpents were off chasing the chocobo and trying to herd it back.

    It took several hours of coaching and practice, but Ayla finally settled the spooked bird down enough to get it to listen to her. The bird trembled a bit still, and Ayla could feel it, but the two seemed to work together well after all the practice. She finally received the 'ok' from the stablemaster and handed him her new chocobo issuance.

    "Since you two seem to like each other well enough now, I figure you may as well keep him," the stablemaster stated, as he outfitted the skittish chocobo in Adder regalia, "I feel like eventually, he'll stop being so frightened. And you've been pretty patient so far. Just keep at it, and you two will be the best of friends in no time. Now I'll need a name..."

    After much deliberation, Ayla was cleared to leave with her new chocobo friend, Kwehton.

  10. blog-0525057001383008230.jpg

    After reaching the the peak of what my natural abilities can be when it comes to the art of Conjury, I find it appropriate to reflect on the time that has passed. With roughly two or three moons, I have found myself battered, wounded, outright in dire straits come the end of my study. That said, while I have found myself in uncomfortable positions, I do not envy the positions that Warriors and Paladins take up.

    Healing is an art that requires a careful balance. While some may argue it is simple, there are nuances that those who have not practiced will run afoul in the worst of times. While I do not wish harm upon my allies, it is best not to return them to fully fit as immediately as possible. Reserving what energy you may tap into tends to do better in the long run than to simply ensure your allies are as fit as a new alembic. This is to say that waiting at the start of mortal combat is not a good idea either. While my offensive capabilities are not the best considering the priorities placed upon me, it is important to cause what damage I can if just to reduce the risk to my allies while offering a chance for my aetheric energies to return whilst I wait for an injury to be sustained that requires my attention.

    Regardless, with my natural abilities at their peak, it comes down to finding the best equipment I can to even better augment what comes naturally to mind. While the initial investment to begin the search for better arms has yielded naught as of yet, I have a suspicion that with enough attention it shall provide for something stronger than what the Immortal Flames can provide me.

    Members of The Adventure League of Eorzea have seen fit to assist me in the early steps of tracking these pieces of equipment down. So much so as to aid my hunt for rarer materials that even I would not be able to secure on my own. While I feel somewhat isolated from their more active circles at the moment, I am grateful for their guidance and the men-at-arms who came to secure what I was hunting for.

    There is still work to be done, but all of which still requires additional men-at-arms to complete, which means I must call upon either random sellswords, or bring myself to call for aid once again from The Adventure League. It will come to a point where I must reciprocate the assistance I have received, as I am no doubt indebted to a number of them at this point, even if they are not oft to claim for it.

    Despite all this, my financial situation is growing worrisome. I am not desperate for coin, I can feed and still house myself, I am concerned that the investments into new equipment are adding up and showing a slow return. I must see to finding some market that can bolster my liquid assets and generate a steady return. It is high time I return to studying geology and return precious metals for sale on the market-- should I find something worthwhile.

    Rorohiju Momohiju

    28th Day of the Fourth Umbral Moon

  11. From the archives:

    We're long overdue for another edition of Ask Riki, in which I, your benevolent bibliognost, do my best to solve the mysteries that plague you.

    Our first question is a two-parter:

    Why has it been so long since another Ask Riki article has been released, and is it wrong for me to be outraged at such a development?

    Why, that's easy. Much as I prefer not to keep people waiting for an answer, I generally wait until I have at least three questions to answer before taking quill to page. And for the last eight moons, no one has asked me anything.

    It's terribly difficult being a fountain of knowledge when nobody wants to know anything. I'm positively overflowing with useful tidbits about all sorts of things, yet no one can be bothered to ask. Hrmph.

    As for outrage, you need direct it no further than yourself! Or perhaps upon your ignorant fellow-travelers, who have not the heart to seek the answer to that which troubles them. As always, you have but to ask, and I shall answer.

    The next question is quasi-mathematical. I think.

    What does the number 42 mean to you?

    Well, apart from the obvious, like "the number that's after 41 and before 43", I once had a mammet tell me my fortune. It claimed to be doing all these calculations and processing ley lines and all sorts of other drivel. It then pronounced my fortune to be "42".

    Some fortune. How am I supposed to act on that? Take 42 steps and turn left to find the treasure chest? Something good will happen on my 42nd birthday? Hrmph. More likely I'll smash the foolish little automaton into 42 pieces.

    It is possible, I suppose, that the number does have some mystic significance. If so, I have not yet grasped it. I shall certainly ponder the matter further.

    And finally, a question of taste:

    Do you have a good party appetizer recipe in your books anywhere? It needs to really impress!

    While cooking is not what I'm best at, there are in fact a few cookbooks in the Librarium. While some of the dishes described therein do sound delicious, they are not quite as... stunning, as I believe your situation requires.

    So naturally I shall play to my strengths and give you something that involves setting something on fire. Behold, from Cooking a la Strange, "Devil's Eggs"!


    1 dozen dodo eggs (apkallu eggs are also eggceptable)

    2 teaspoons Ala Mhigan mustard

    1/3 cup mayonnaise

    3 teaspoons minced highland parsley

    1 teaspoon vinegar

    Paprika to taste

    Alcoholic beverage (the more alcohol content, the better)

    Hard-boil the eggs. Cover the hard-boiled eggs with at least one inch of water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water, along with a pinch of salt. Bring the water to a boil, cover, and remove from heat. Let sit covered for a quarter-bell. Drain hot water from pan; run cold water over the eggs. Let the eggs sit in the cold water a few ticks.

    Peel the eggs. Using a sharp knife, slice the eggs in half. Remove the yolk halves, and place them in a small mixing bowl. Arrange the egg white halves on a serving platter.

    Using a fork, mash the yolks. Add mustard, mayonnaise, and parsley, along with a dash of salt and pepper. Spoon egg yolk mixture into the egg white halves.

    Pour a thin layer of your alcoholic beverage of choice slowly and gently over the eggs. Sprinkle with paprika.

    Just before placing the dish before your guests, light the eggs with a long match. Your eggs will burn with a light-blue flame! With any luck, your guests will not touch them until the alcohol burns off.

    Yields 24 devil's eggs.

    And that is all for now. Do continue to send me your questions, and I shall do my best to answer. And should anyone happen upon this missive who is not a member of TALE, by all means, send in your questions as well.

    Yours truly,

    ~~Rikitiki Tavatiki~~


    The Adventure League of Eorzea


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    For the record, when most people talk about a macro for MNK, they're not talking about:

    /ac "Bootshine"

    /wait 2.5

    /ac "True Strike"

    /wait 2.5

    /ac "Snap Punch"

    They're usually talking about something like:

    /ac "Haymaker"

    /ac "Snap Punch"

    /ac "True Strike"

    /ac "Bootshine"

    The first macro executes them in the order presented, but the second macro will use them in reverse. This is because it will fail to use the first three, then successfully use the first move in the basic rotation (bootshine). It will then move on to True Strike the next time you press it, because it's above Bootshine; this will successfully perform your basic rotation (with haymaker whenever available) with only one button.

    I have a naga and I love using the aforementioned macro.

    I have one with my "rear" attacks and one with my "flank" attacks.

    It doesn't take the thinking out of the rotation, since I still need to know where I am in the rotation so I can move to the right place and push either "flank" or "rear" (my 3rd bar has a raptor skill and a coeurl skill on it so I can visually see which stance I'm in, based on the dotted outline).

  12. Bells
    Latest Entry

    My mouse is overdue for a replacement. I have the WoW Mouse (Lich King version.) I have never really been happy with it. I would go back to using my previous (Logitech G5) mouse, except it is busted from loaning it out.

    My brother owes me a gaming mouse :3 I just need to figure out which one I want. Easier said than done.

    1. ASUS GX1000 Eagle Eye (Silver or Black, $60)
    2. Logitech G700s Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse ($99)

    Thoughts? Should I go with some third option I have yet to consider?

  13. I found this sitting on my Lodestone blog so... Whatever, here you go!

    Wrote the below as a clarification to an app to AETHER some time back before realizing I'd misread the app and it wasn't actually relevant! I sort of liked it though, so I saved it - Every so often I see a I MUST MASTER ALL TEH MAGICS or MASTER ALL TEH MARTIAL ARTS character, but thinking in terms of the setting... How often do you meet I MUST MASTER ALL TEH ATHLETICS people IRL?

    One generally does not seek to master a field simply for its own sake - how many people practice running simply because they want to be a good sprinter? Generally they have some other goal, such as an Olympic gold medal, love of the sport, or at the very least physical fitness, which motivates them. The acquisition of skills tends to be a mean to an end. Further consider that the ability to draw upon aetheric energies is not really an arcane and mysterious science in Eorzea - everyone has the ability, naturally. That ability is refined and developed through study and practice, of course, much as a marathon runner will easily outpace a sedentary bank teller, but that bank teller has the innate ability to catch up to the marathon runner's level given simple time and effort.

    The act of mastering magic, from an Eorzean perspective, is in and of itself probably not terribly mysterious or alluring. Now, granted, the roles of a conjurer of the Fane or thaumaturge of the Ossuary hold a certain mystique, but this is as much due to their social station and duties as the magic they wield. After all, nearly anyone can toss a cure spell, but very few can hear the whispers of the elementals!

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    Thanalan - Added some quick-and-dirty text as an excuse to have links to the Amalj'aa and Ul'dah pages, in case people want to search by geography. This page probably needs a full write-up later.

    Limsa Lominsa (Bethels section) - Minor phrasing tweak to avert the assumption of common knowledge on something that is probably not common knowledge.

    Pages Created:

    Limsa pages

    Astalicia ©

    Bismarck ©

    Coral Tower ©

    Drowning Wench ©

    Fisherman's Bottom ©

    Naldiq & Vymelli's © (E)

    Bearded Rock (E)

    Gridania pages

    Gridania ©

    Atelier Fen-Yll ©

    Carline Canopy ©

    Oak Atrium ©

    Quiver's Hold ©

    Stillglade Fane ©

    Wailing Barracks ©

    Miscellaneous pages

    Auroch (O)

    Brass Blades (E)


    The Bismarck text makes it sound like a Bismarck-published pamphlet, not an impartial article. Perhaps some creative soul (or me later, if I'm bored enough) can find some way to make it fit in better, like insert a note that it's actually Bismarck propaganda or somesuch.

    For Discussion:

    It might be helpful to have a handful of template tags to make it clear how a page fits into the grand scheme of things. I don't think an IC tag is necessary since I'd imagine the majority of pages on the wiki would be "IC info", but an OOC tag might be useful.

    Furthermore we might want to use tags to 'rank' canonicity just as a quick at-a-glance thing, maybe "Canon: This page is entirely comprised of information directly from Square-Enix.", "Expanded: This page contains material based upon lore presented by Square-Enix.", and "Original: This page contains material created by the TALE roleplaying community." just so people know how 'stable' the information is, as it were.

    All of the pages with text ripped straight from NPC dialogue and the SE website would be Canon, such as Gridania. Pages such as Bearded Rock would be Expanded - They are written in the words of the article's author, but all the information on the page is directly lifted from official sources (such as NPC dialogue, levequest text, and dev posts). Auroch would be an example of an Original page, since the only evidence they even exist is that the word crops up a few times in NPC dialogue. Above pages have been marked with ©, (E), or (O) to show the source. Multiple tags means it contains both.


    It would probably be easiest to merge the city articles into the category page for said city to avoid confusion and extra clicks. I'll poke around at some point and see if I can put together a nice bottom-of-page navigation table so we don't lose at-a-glance category-wide browsing capability.

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    Is it day five? We've been trying to keep track of the bells, but are uncertain of anything down here in the dark. Some time ago, we heard a tremendous crashing and booming--so loud it seemed to split the very air. The ground shook, and for a moment I thought the basement would come crashing down around us, but the ceiling held. After that, we heard no more noise from above. LT tried to open the door to find out what happened, but it seems our attempts to hide from the Garleans have gotten the better of us--the door is jammed shut and won't open for anything, not even Looming Tower's meatslab of a shoulder.

    We gathered and held a vote: stay near the supplies and pray for a rescue, or take what we can and try to find another way out. We know there must be some other way--there were mentions in Professor Greenbolt's diary about a hidden escape route, and the ghost of that wretched hobo once said he must have found a way in somehow (though he couldn't remember where or how). Calico, too, I suddenly recall--they found her mucking about in the vaults but she refused to tell how she got in.

    The vote was unanimous to move forward, though there were concerns about what to do with Fifa and K'hallu, Mihana's pet apkallu. Gods above, when we get through this I am implementing a strict no pets rule! Still, it gives Z'ahra something to occupy herself with. Looming Tower found a scrap of cloth with a star sewed onto it and dubbed the little kit "Protector of Beasts."

    Everyone grabbed a knapsack and we gathered what we could.

    *The next page is written in a less hurried hand, in ledger lines*

    List of party members follows:

    Pakiki Merakiki

    Looming Tower




    Fifa - P

    K'hallu - P

    5 knapsacks acquisitioned from Lesser Vault

    List of goods acquisitioned follows:

    *Here there is a lengthy list of items taken from the vaults, including weapons, armor, food, a portable cooking station, some potions, a sewing kit, ink, and several quill pens. The next page resumes a more flowing script.*

    The ghost, Dormouse, has not shown himself today. I wonder if he has finally left this plane? Z'ahra made a little leash for K'hallu to keep him from wandering off, but Fifa refuses any similar treatment, the willful thing! At least the kitten has the good sense to stay with the group. She's made herself useful by finding her own food and keeping the rats out of ours.

    Journeyed through the toymaker's lab today. We had hoped the aetheryte hidden away down there might be turned on somehow, but found it completely shattered by some mysterious force. Nothing much found in any of the abandoned offices down here yet--just some papers and old clothes. There are two paths to chose from, and none of us know which (if either) will lead us out. We've made temporary camp in one of the larger offices for now, and tomorrow we vote on it.

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    By Guest,

    Name: Darby Rue

    Race: Asura

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Necromancer

    Born: Metrica Province

    Current Residence: Rata Sum

    College: College of Synergetics

    Tyrian Organization: Priory Member

    Advisor: Canni

    Emergency Contact: Kaetti

    Religion: Eternal Alchemy

    Age: 22 human-based years

    Physical: Darby is a short-statured Asuran, in fact most of her family tends to be on the shorter side of things. True to her family line, she also shares their light orange eyes.

    Her skin is grayish-brown and though it is very clear she possesses a mole underneath her left eye.

    She has extremely long reddish-brown hair that she keeps tired high on her head with long gray ribbons. She learned the hard way that long hair and flamethrowers don’t mix.

    Personality: Darby can, at times, be quite feisty. She likes getting things done in a quick but organized fashion. Many of the other races believe most, if not all, Asurans to be snooty and arrogant but Darby doesn’t believe she has those issues. She is often eager to please but she does like to be in charge.

    She thinks of herself as quite friendly, but will usually admit to being hot-headed and easily annoyed when things don’t go according to her plan. Thankfully she does operate well under pressure.

    History: Darby is the youngest of three girls. She was born to Vekk and Naari Rue, in Metrica Province.

    Her family, being a rather eccentric bunch, took on the last name of Rue many years ago to distinguish themselves from other “lesser” Asura.

    A largely scientific race, Darby is no different. Early on in her studies she showed great promise in the field of gadget creation.

    First Experiment: Darby’s first experiment, the one that secured her place among other progeny in the college of dynamics, were a pair of rocket-powered boots.

    Of course, these had already been invented but her goal was to make them easier to control through a series of toggles and switches located on the left boot. You could control the height at which you traveled, the speed and the velocity. These improvements were heralded and all RPB’s come equipped with these options as standard today.

  15. Journal Entry 95 - The End of an Era, FINALE


    (DISCLAIMER: Please watch the trailer first if you have not, this entry contains spoilers to the final era.)

    Dalamud loomed ever closer in the final bell, the battle between the forces of the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire had begun in full swing. Blades clashed, fireballs hurtled through the air from both mage and machinery, and shots rang out from the monstrous magitek hellspawns the empire controlled. A sea of bodies waged war across the land in an endless bloodbath. Amongst them all one fiery-haired Miqo'te was trying her best amongst her comrades and her friends.

    "Watch yourrr flank!" She shouted. In response the soldier spun around just in time to deflect a Garlean's blade with his shield.

    Mihana nocked an arrow drawing the bowstring taut and released her shot into the enemy's face. It struck true lodging itself into his eye with a sickening thunk, piercing through. The imperial soldier fell to the blood-stained earth motionless just as an imperial lancer charged forward seeking revenge for her fallen comrade, thrusting her lance straight foward. Narrowly Mihana weaved to the right and flanked her countering it with her bow. One swift swing and the tip of her Serpent Lieutenant's Bow connected to the soldier's abdomen sending her to the ground. Mihana stood over her and nocked another arrow aiming for her face.

    "Behind you!"

    She had little time to react, blade came down across the Miqo'te's back causing her to stumble several steps ahead. The damage was minimal as just before it could pierce her a wall of stone erupted from the ground protecting her. Someone had chanted a spell of Stoneskin upon her just before, deflecting the blade. The imperial cursed under his breath and readied to attack once more when sword erupted through her attacker's chest from behind bursting through his armor. She looked behind her to see a highlander wearing the colors of the Maelstrom, with blade piercing through the imperial's chest. The man planted a foot squarely on the soldier's back and pulled his sword from the body, leaving him to crumple to the ground.

    "Thank you." Mihana breathed out heavily. The highlander smirked at her. "Save your thanks for when we win this fight." She nodded. "Yeah, we've got to give it ou-"

    From above a thunderous roar bellowed tearing her attention towards Dalamud. Crimson flames spewed forth from the blood red moon scattering in every direction overhead. They soared to the farthest reaches of the realm lighting the horizon in a burning glow. Immediately her face grew pale as the dreaded realization hit her.

    Oh gods, no... It-it's like my dream...

    Flashes of the nightmare came back to her, Aysun laying on the ground, bodies scattered around her in a horrifying scene. Dalamud fell hurtling meteorites upon the battlegrounds charring both Garlean and Alliance members alike. Her sister begged for her help, and she responded by running away for her life.

    "Aysun!" Mihana screamed out in hysteria as she snapped back to reality. Her emerald eyes darted across the battlefield in a panic, praying that she may see her amongst the fray. But she wasn't anywhere to be seen, rather, she couldn't see her or anyone that seemed familiar amongst the chaos. "Aysun!" She pleaded aloud. "If you hearrr me please resp-NNNGH!"

    From the crowd an imperial had spotted her, foolishly she had drawn too much attention to herself and dropped her guard. A blast from a magitek cannon struck her side shattering the stone barrier that had been cast upon her throwing her to the ground with force. The entire left side of her body throbbed with a sharp, burning pain from the impact. The once proud Twin Adder colors she wore now stained with her own blood, were tattered and singed.

    Mihana struggled to sit up as she gripped her arm tightly through numbing pain sensations. She hadn't lost any limbs, only entire use of her arm. She tried to curl her fingers, nothing. Not even a twitch. Another thundering roar echoed across the skies from Dalamud ejecting one of its metallic spines out with immense force down towards the realm. It pierced the ground killing those beneath it and throwing those nearby from the place of impact several feet in a flurry of dust and earth. Mihana tumbled head over tail before coming to rest on her back. Wearily she glanced up through a blurred vision to what almost appeared to be a massive jagged metal sheet which struck the ground, it emitting an errie blue glow.

    Around her all fighting ceased as all eyes were now upon the swelled moon. Its surface cracked threatening to implode upon itself. Instead it shattered and from the surface erupted what she couldn't believe. Massive wings unfurled from within the moon and a monstrous dragon rose up. Screams in unison filled the very heavens themselves only to be drowned by the roar of a massive dragon engulfed in fiery hells. Suddenly the very moon itself exploded from the dragon's breath and flames bombarded the land unlike anything she could comprehend.

    One fragment hurtled down towards her location crashing down into the ground with such force it flung her away like a ragged doll. Mihana slammed her back into the cliff-side behind her before slumping to the ground. Every nerve felt as if it was on fire, every limb was now numb. She could swear it felt as if something in her chest had even broken. As she watched the destruction unfold before her Mihana's eyes welled up in tears. This was it, the reality was finally happening. Her family was to die, her friends. She was going to die along with them all.

    No, I don't want to die! I can't die... please, no. Oschon! Nald! Thal! Nymeia! Rhalgr! Anyone! Please... Save us...

    Her blurring vision grew worse but in it all she could make out a barrier forming around a large radius of the field attempting to shield them from the flames that streaked across the sky. It shattered under the barrage only to be formed again, and crushed once more. Mihana's pulse was weakening. This would be her final moments, she knew. Fear claimed every fiber of her being trying to refuse this fate. Meanwhile the struggle waged on. Pillars of immense light shot forth from all over the realm. Stones dedicated to the Twelve were resonating with the prayers Eorzeans everywhere. Over the field beams of concentrated light took shape and flung themselves at the dragon and a barrier engulfed the beast. A construct began to take form around the barrier as runic symbols appeared in the skies above Mor Dhona. It sealed the great wyrm in and one by one the very symbols of the Twelve appeared.

    It wasn't enough.

    The seal weakened and exploded in an inferno leaving only the beast. The battle was lost and so was their realm. Mihana could no longer endure, she was fading away to the realm of Thal. Did such a realm exist? Would it still exist? Thoughts bombarded her mind with questions and uncertainties running rampant. The last thing Mihana could hear was the roar of the beast that had been trapped within Dalamud and the destruction it brought to her home. At last she slowly succumbed to the cold darkness that had come to claim her.

    I don't want to die... It can't...


    ... What?


    Who is...


    A warmth touched her skin and everything faded into a white light.

  16. Hayden
    Latest Entry

    Admittedly I do not write in this book nearly as often as I should, but I feel this to be an event worth writing down. It is not every day, one's prayers are answered.

    I had given in to despair...it pains me to admit, but its true. Perhaps Halone will judge me when my reckoning day comes, and I will get nothing less than I deserve no doubt, what ever the punishment may be. But no more! My head is held high and my hopes have been rekindled!

    I awoke this morning, it had not exactly felt as if I had slept at all really...the last few days have felt like one long nightmare. There is no sun, there is no night...only Dalamud. I rubbed my eyes, to exhausted the night before to even change out of my uniform. My company issue Claws were mangled and destroyed beyond repair...but I would find something to punch with...my bare hands if need be. When I suddenly felt the uncontrollable notion to check under my bunk. Divine inspiration perhaps, foolish as it may be...who checks under their bed anyhow right? Well to my complete suprise under me bed sat a pair of Fists that could only have come from the twelve themselves. Gold and black lion with teeth sharp as knives. A gift from Halone!

    It felt strange...every rational bone in my body wanted to believe someone else had placed them there. The moon is falling, the Ghost of our dear leader is haunting our link pearls, and Nael Van Darnus is teleporting around Ul'dah leaving waves of unfathomable beast's in his wake...really...was this so hard to believe?

    "Halone, today give me strength..." I whispered in solemn prayer. And for the first time in all my life...I felt as if my prayer had been answered. A feeling of strength came over me, new vigor! My tattered uniform, my broken claws would be placed aside this day, replaced by my seldom touched Monk Garbs. A gift given to me on the final day of my training so many moons ago. It was mostly for show...but somehow I felt today was the right day to look my best!

    Nothing could have prepared me for what I would see, when I ran out of our HQ...to the streets of Ul'dah. No longer could I keep my emotions so easily hidden...tears ran down my face as I saw before my very eyes...droves of adventurers..each inspired with new hope, vigor...strength from above! The front lines had moved...progress had been made. The great beasts, the golems and the devils...the Garlean...all of them were falling back...their lines breaking. Everyone in Ul'dah fought like each of us were a hundred men! Shimmering weapons...swords and shields, staffs and lances from the Gods themselves!

    I spotted a small group of my companions! Dralid, the hulking Roegadyn Bryg, Diyne, Ozak and a few others taking down a great beast that had broken through the walls! I would join them, and we would win the day. We fought off an entire forest of Marbol at the Gates.

    The lesser moon shall fall...and we will stand ready. No longer will I give into desperation. Miss Blue we won;t let this city fall!

  17. High Flame Commander Jakys has. via linkpearl, ordered all functioning small forces to return to Ul'dah at once. Our unit leader looked at all of us, I had never seen him so pale. The forty or so left of us out of one hundred and twenty, the group that had fought through Garleans, creatures rising from the darkest of places, and said goodbye to our fallen comrades watched as he said we are all free from our duties then rode off on chocobo. Many gathered their things and ran like marmots to hide. Pardon my language... fucking cowards. Nine of us stayed, nine people quietly watched our entire unit turn tail and run. Only nine chose to return home together and do what was right, to fight and protect.

    I haven't lost complete faith in the Twelve because of these eight. Even as I write this entry, I can hear fighting and yelling in the distance. No messengers have managed to get through all the fighting that has ensued outside and inside Ul'dah's walls, I only know of this because of the link pearl.

    The eight with me have a unified belief, that there is a far bigger picture than simply fearing for one's life. People need us, so we must go. I know these men and women, they have fought beside me for quite some time now. We all have our reasoning.

    Jack's daughter lives in Ul'dah. Tagi runs a small wine stand with her husband, he opted to stay while she returned to the Immortal Flames. Yash is returning home for her own group, I hear her talking to them on her linkpearl. I could go on about the remaining members, but surely you get the idea? A bigger picture, someone or something more meaningful than themselves.

    For me that is TALE, I've come a long way since the first day I stepped into that warehouse. A group that seemed beyond ridiculous til one realized that things in life can't be so serious, that although people may be with you one moment then gone the next, you must make the most of what is given to you. I am coming home to aid them; and keep my vow to Silvia. I will protect Ozak.

    One of our members, Cleis, has returned from scouting. Travel through Mor Dhona is as dangerous as speculated. I did not know that Eorzea contained such Menacing demons. This must be the influence of Dalamud's fall. Everything seems to be falling apart as it gets closer. I can't fall prey to a darkened mind, not now.

    We will use Aether travel directly into Ul'dah, surely death is waiting for us, but I must protect what is most important to me. I can only hope that Ozak has not lost faith in me after not seeing or hearing from me. Your protector is coming home. I know you have come a long way in your abilities, I know you can handle yourself. Honestly, this isn't a vow to Silvia anymore, its how I feel. If I can simply see you again then I will see through with protecting you, for both of us to go forward together into whatever lies ahead. I pray I am not too late.

    There is a deep burn mark on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

  18. blog-0943124001351173209.jpg

    This journal isn't written in any normal hand, but in the language of the Miqo'te dialect long forgotten by most.

    Paper-thing very bad things are happening, more frequently than ever now. Big angry Dal-ah-mood does not stop growing bigger. Everywhere I look or go there is a lot of bad things happening. In my tribe family at the place of tails they fare no better. They've been worried, scared too about it. I wish I could help them but I don't understand what's happening. All I see is Mother's children thirsting for blood and death.

    No, saying they are Mother's children is an insult to my tribe and our beliefs. They're abominations. I'm not sure if I really mean it either. At least not about the ones that are good, the rest of them, are. Worse is the warrior tribe of Ul'dah found me. They were very mad when they found me, they say I cannot leave the tribe even if I told them I have. There was a lot of yelling. I don't like these beasts. This big beast, he was a very tall, bigger than the othes I have seen. He wore all this heavy metal and I think he is tribe leader.

    He said I should be put in this very bad place they put people who do bad things, then killed! Why does he want to kill me?! I didn't do anything wrong! I think he said it was because of tree-sun? What does that mean paper-thing? He won't though if I go on this big battle to fight their enemies, but I don't want to. A bunch of the warrior tribe is going to this place to hurt others. Many will die. I have given up trying to reason with these savage beasts, these creatures set on a path of ruin. If they want to be beasts then that is what I will call them for now on.

    The past few days here I have been working with the warrior tribe again, but they've been keeping a close watch on me. They want to be sure I won't try to leave again. But I won't leave until I can find a way back home. I am lucky was allowed to visit Limsa Lominsa where I am now writing in you now. But I don't know why I come to the Astalicia anymore. There's nothing here. I hope maybe if I come back I will find this is a bad dream and I'll wake up. I'll wake up and Nanami will be there smiling at me like she used to. Eye-soon will be there too being her always moody self. And I'll be happy again. No angry Dal-ah-mood, no warrior tribe, and no fighting.

    But no matter how often I come back here they're never here. I miss them. Nobody I knew comes here anymore paper-thing, they are all gone. The comfy room inside where I used to meet them in has nothing but pirates drinking their poison. They just speak their angry words at me and tell me to go. At least I can say this much, these pirates don't scare me anymore. They're just abominations.

    I'm going to stay here a little bit longer and rest before I head back to my tribe family.

    - C.G.