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Devileye Character Sheet

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Name: Rook Devileye (Possible alias, unknown surname)
Race: Hyru, Highlander
Age: Unknown, appears middle age
Nameday: Claim the twentfifth Sun, of the fifth Umbral Moon
Height: 6'7"
Eye Color: Dark Green (right), Gold (left)
Hair Color: Auburn
Deity: Llymlaen, the Navigator
Occupation: Adventurer, Mercenary, Privateer/Corsair
Grand Company: Maelstrom
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Family: Deceased

Physical Description

Rook Devileye can be very much seen as an imposing figure as he stands tall even for a Highlander. Fair skinned and toned build, Rook uses all his given talents to aid his journey across Eorzea often working as sellsword, privateer, or just typical freelance adventurer. Rook generally keeps his hair shaggy and unkempt as he cares little for his own appearance other than the garb he wears or the weapon that he is brandishing. Can be found wearing large coats, dusters, and even heavy armored sets as he know to use a variety of weapons though namely a firearm and an axe. In terms of physical appearance Rook can be said to be more of a dirty scoundrel than a proper gentleman as he tends to dress with flair of a pirate or bard. Has some facial hair, mostly upon his chin but the more striking aspect of his appearance is the eyepatch that covers his left eye, which pulled aside reveals iris of dark gold. The eye is the source of the Devileye name which is not his surname, though he has never revealed it. His other eye being a darker shade of green but seen with both it can be quite unsettling. It is unknown if the eye is dead which is why he bares an eyepatch or if he covers it as a means to hide it.


Rook has a very deep and raspy voice that matches his physical nature. Fond of sarcasm and dry humor, which is often deeply coated in bitterness. Rook often always has something to say, either being an honest advice or just a snarky comment to make. Even in combat Rook has been known to make remarks aimed at his foes typically with taunts and other mockery. Yet Rook typically remains silent or distant, but when he has something to say he'll let his voice be heard and often times will then be unable to shut up.

Demeanor & Nature

Rook is a complex man, which one could easily describe him as a mercenary with a conscience. Being a fairly cynical towards the world and those who dwell in it, often believing that many are just motivated by self interest and seeking self preservation. Despite his negative view of the world itself, Rook has no problem speaking his mind or dealing with people; yet, often times prefers not to. He is honest with most travelers and fairly open, often time to time he will even embellish here and there for certain stories. However, stories that concern his origin and past often varies as Rook been known to conjure up a variety of back stories; he's the son of the Navigator making him a demi-god, another he claims to be the he is a bastard son of some noble house of Ishgard or second cousin of Hildibrand Manderville. Rook has no problem with risking his own life to defend and aid others. He does not do so for honor, glory, or fame. Often times will do so for the sake of doing something as well as his nagging conscience. Though for the most part its often because Rook lives for the thrill of battle and a good fight, though coin is always nice to have.

Rook's greatest strength is that of his resolve as he is utterly fearless in the face of threats that can strike fear into the most iron willed adventurers. For Rook it is merely another challenge. His stubbornness also adds to his strength, allowing him to stay in the fight longer than he possible should which can be seen as both strength and weakness as he does not like to run from a fight even if it means death. This often times suggest a death wish or little value of his own well being. Rook's shortsightedness and living in the moment is perhaps his greatest weakness as it often forces him to make bad judgement calls, while others should give up the chase, he'll continue which may lead to disastrous results. His vices get the better of him almost every time, his bad investment, and poor decision making had forced him to constantly abandon his dreams and ambitions, forcing him to create smaller and shorter goals, which trap him living the life of a mercenary and nothing more. Repair bills, easy women, cheap drinks, and countless other matters keep him on his feet seeking contracts. Often times Rook refused to take responsibility over his actions and will often time blames fate or luck over his own choices.

Personality Traits

  • Adventurous
  • Bold
  • Cynical
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Pessimistic
  • Stubborn


  • Adventure
  • Drinking
  • Gambling
  • Rain
  • Money
  • Women


  • The Twelve
  • Primals
  • People (Mainly pirates/bandits)
  • Beastmen Tribes
  • Rules & Authority

Public Backstory

Not much is really known about Rook Devileye. Many who have attempted to uncover his origins and history often discover conflicting stories, many of which are purely fabricated and outright outlandish though perhaps some truths lurk within these tall tales. Some of these speak of him as being apart of the Manderville family, another that he is a Garlean aristocrat, and yet another claiming to be some fabled pirate king. What is known is that he has spent a great deal of time out at sea as a privateer under Limsa command and has acquired a large sum of debt accumulating across all regions. Those who have cross his path have often spoken of his tendency to seek out a fight, whether it be out of self worth or simply battle lust is unknown, and also speak of his habit of helping other without much thought nor concern for his own well being. Rook Devileye has worked for numerous groups but has rarely stayed within their ranks for very long, excluding the Maelstrom and as of late has been rumored to posses close ties to the Skysteel Manufactory out of Ishgard. Known for his brutality on the battlefield, Rook is not one to be taken lightly even if he may appear apathetic as he does possess a sharp wit and sharper tongue to go with his wild temperament. Records belonging to the Grand Companies state that he was once posses a family, a wife and daughter, but later reports make no mention of a family. 

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