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Day at the springs!


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Sasha Urshka

Event details

I've been planing a rather simple day at the springs, I've seen how everyone is always busy and working hard so I figured a nice relaxing time on the springs was overdue!

If you want to relax drop in and I'll be serving drinks, the establishment doesn't allow food however, but drinks are okay! Please keep in mind I will not take care of your personal tabs on the local bar!

This is the first event, or social event I've ever done in my life, so forgive me if I do or say something wrong.

The springs are located at Camp Bronze Lake and payment is not required to the local springs owner, just please don't dump trash around and don't pee in the springs!

I'd appreciate it if whoever comes does so with a swimsuit and not naked since it's a public place. Hope I'm not forgetting any details! Hope you're able to relax in the springs!

*The note ends with a small drawing of a springs with awfully drawn people relaxing in them.*

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I'll def try to make it, but work may get in the way!

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