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Coil clears


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Coil clears! Let's get these out of the way in time for Stormblood. 
This is specifically to get clears, not farming.

The focus is on regular coil 1-12, not savage difficulty 6-9. 

Those who need clears so far:

If you can make it, we would love your assistance.
Party finder will be used to gather extra people as we go for quick progression. As folks drop out, we can pick you up. If it goes fast enough, we can always return to earlier fights. 
If you would like more clears for coil in the future at a later time/certain day of the week please let me know so we can work something out! 

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I will do my best to be there! Don't need clears so I am happy to give my place to someone who does, but if you need help I'm there :)

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I never got around to clearing all of Coil, I don't think I've actually cleared any of them. So I'm actually pretty interested in this.

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