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Out of the Dark

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Coming home from a long day's work of adventuring you feel it at the back of your neck - the wind, a whisper - a sharp gaze.
Ha! Or have you just had one too many drinks ,or spent a bell too long in the sun? 

Time and again adventurers of the League feel an unsettling presence. Perhaps it is the liquor, or the summer Thanalan heat.

You brush it off as nothing. Paranoia. A lot of that going on, what with the whispers in your ears and rumours floating about on the regular. Names you haven't heard before, uncertainty in yourself and your future? 
Too much time spent in the Company of Voidkin assisting in the Duke's efforts to restore his friends, in deep dungeons collecting loot for a mysterious collector - or perhaps you have been reading one too many thrillers in the dead of the night. 

One thing you can be certain of is that in sharing your fears jokingly with others you learn that... You are not alone. 

Something, something is watching us. 




This event will run from the June 11th to the 16th.
Since late Sunday the 10th you can feel something you from the Gates of the Hope to the entrance of the Goblet - all the way through the city streets of Ul'dah.
You as a player or a group of adventurers can investigate, set guards and traps - ask your friends for ideas, and look around the Goblet for clues.
Saturday - we strike. This cannot continue. 




Levels of success hinge on participation and sharing your findings with your friends. Will you find something you wish to keep secret, or will you share it with the group? 

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