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Trouble Comes in Threes! Part 4

Event details

After a much needed break, that EVERYONE needed, Nobi comes with a dire look on her face. It is time to face the trouble that is the Warring Triad! By the time the event begins, Nobi will have unlocked the gates. It is up to us all to take down the first of the obstacles, Sephirot the Demon. Will we come out of this unscathed? 

((This event will be run synched! A fair warning, so expect the hurt. Starting with 8, but if we get more, then we can do two separate teams running interference. The pre-requisite for Sophia is to beat Sephirot! So if both parties flub up their instance, next week will be back to Sephirot!! Add that sense of danger to our lives, y'know? 😉 Please look forward to it. ❤️ ))

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