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  2. Tatalexu Momolexu

    Seiryu EX Bashin' Time!


    DRG! Don't worry, i'll tank the floor SO HARD you guys. Might be able to AST as well if needed.
  3. Guest

    Seiryu EX Bashin' Time!


    Healer. SCH. Fo Sho'
  4. Aveline

    Seiryu EX Bashin' Time!

    Let's get some clears against snake boy! Please come prepared with at least an overview understanding of the fight via watching videos, reading guides, practicing in party finder, etc. We need two tanks, two healers, 4 DPS. Please state what role you are MOST comfortable playing/are geared strongest for. Please also come with a positive attitude and an easy-going approach. Tank 1: Aveline (PLD) Tank 2: Healer 1: Saraune (SCH) Healer 2: DPS: Tater (DRG) DPS: DPS: DPS:
  5. Aveline

    Shadowbringers 5.0

  6. Aveline

    Shadowbringers Early Access Begins

    Remember no spoilers!
  7. Aveline

    Requiem For Heroes Patch 4.55

    Hidden Gorge and Hydatos here we come!
  8. Guest

    Sara’ treasured times

    Hey all! Looking for 7 victi- *ahem* volunteers, to do some treasure hunting on Wednesday! To sweeten the deal, there will be a special reward for the holder of the Map that brings in the most... well, Treasure! (Item or items of winners choice from the mog station equaling $15 or less will be awarded to the person whos Map brings in the most Gil, a tie will split the prize.) Standard rules apply - loot is free for all (other than thieves maps which go to the map holder), bring 3 timeworn gazelle maps and prepare for fun! Should we not get the numbers by Monday, February 11th at 5:30 PM EST, the $15 mogstation prize will go to a random participant at the Slumber Party! Look forward to seeing you all there!
  9. Aveline

    TALE's 10th Anniversary Jamboree

    Watch this space for more information and scheduling!
  10. Aveline

    Rex Manning Day

    Happy Rex Manning Day, the day 90s music changed forever. We will be streaming Empire Records
  11. Aveline

    Shirogane Ninja Parade

    Where: Outside of the Sticky Pickle Tavern & Alchemy Shop Who can come: Everyone! Grab a drink and hang out in the lovely beer garden at the Sticky Pickle as Kugane's famous ninjas prance past us down the street in the 3rd annual Ninja Parade! The Sticky Pickle has some of the best seats in the neighborhood for a spectacle you're not going to want to miss. Drink and food specials to mark the occasion will be available for purchase.
  12. A note is posted on the Notice Board, sketched around the edges with red and pink hearts: Attention all adventurers and associates of the Free Company! In honor of Valentione's Day, we are throwing a slumber party in the basement! Come dressed in your best PJs or otherwise comfy attire and join us for donuts and sparkling wine, spiked coffee, pancakes, dumb party games, pillow forts, and snuggly secrets galore! [OOC: This is meant to be a low-key, light and fun RP event. PLEASE leave any heavy drama RP or serious stuff that might derail the evening at the door. And while there will likely be flirtations and maybe some snogging in the makeout closet, please also be respectful of everyone's boundaries and make your own clear. If someone isn't interested, do not push them.]
  13. Guest

    Tuesday Treasures!

    I'll be hosting another treasure event this tuesday - the rules are simple! Bring 3 Timeworn Gazelleskin maps, we will meet up at the Hope, and head out to wherever has the most maps throughout the party. Loot will be free for all - save thieves maps which will go to the person who opened the map. See you there fellow treasure hunters!
  14. Aveline

    Tuesday night maps!

    Hosted by Saraune! \o/ Bring 3 maps each. Loot is free for all, except for thief's maps. We do thief maps as soon as we get 'em! RSVP to reserve a spot
  15. Eleanor

    [App]Eleanor Lazard

    * Character Lodestone link: Go to https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/ and login. Copy/paste the link to your character's page here. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/10698241/ * Are you 18+? Yes. * We require that all members of TALE consider us their primary Free Company & we do not allow membership for alts-only. Do you confirm that you're interested in joining TALE on your primary character(s) that you predominantly play on in FFXIV? Yes. I have only this character and a trash alt on Balmung. * What timezone do you play in? Central * What is your general play schedule like? I'm usually on mid afternoons for a few hours, then evenings around 7 or 8. I'm usually free on the weekends and can plan around events. * Have you been in any other Free Companies in FFXIV? If so, which ones? In the entire time I've played, yes, but not recently nor do I remember the names of the ones from before my hiatus of a couple years. Ran an RP FC called the Quiet Raven most recent before I took a break. I joined SUN briefly since I've returned, but I've been holding out hunting an RP group :). * What are you looking for in TALE/a Free Company? I am looking for a place to role-play and a group to enjoy my elf game with. I love to role-play more than anything else, but enjoy the gameplay in measures, especially for the real endgame content of mounts and pretty clothes. * Do you have/are you able to use Discord? If you cannot or are uncomfortable using Discord, please explain below. I love to Discord and am generally available on it throughout the day. My handle is Aefrei#8001. I struggle with large voice chat groups due to an anxiety disorder. I struggle with massive groups in general due to flat stimulus overload: Just can't quite keep up. But I'm happy to do what I can to make up for shortcomings and love to get to know people. //If this is a non-roleplaying app, no need to answer the rest of the questions. If you are a role-player, please continue! (assume that anything written below has been turned in to the League & reviewed by officers in character)// CHARACTER BASICS: Name/Nicknames: Eleanor Lazard, Ellie, Elle. Age: 34 Race/Clan: Highlander Gender: Female Where are you from?: The Shroud/Gridania Describe yourself for us (physically): I'm six fulms, two ilms, suppose rather tall for my kind, but being in the company of elezens most days, it certainly doesn't feel it. My hair is dark where it hasn't been bleached by the sun; I spend a lot of time outside, or I did, so my skin reflects the same. I've worked hard to be quite muscled, taking pride in my ability to stalk and run for long periods of time. I've got...too many scars to count, branches and general life taking its toll. Some of my bones are a bit crooked from healing after taking careless spills out of trees while learning my craft. I enjoy tattoos and add them as the impulse strikes, so I have quite the collection over my legs and torso. Clothing that is simple to move in, is my preference, muted tones of the forest with patterns that disguise among leaves and branches. What's your story, stranger? What brings you to the League? I've recently retired from my position as a ranger in the God's Quiver. I was told it was time after near a decade of choosing to be in the outer reaches of the Shroud, watching for poachers and keeping an eye on lost travelers and the like. Frankly, if I do not find something to do, I'll go quite mad. As mad as they were worried about me becoming in isolation for so long. Adventuring seems right up my alley and I've been told that making friends and having companions is a healthy thing to do. Jury is still out on that. Your group caught my attention when I visited your estate. My friend Vehn....small miqo male....brought you lot to my attention. Do you have a patron deity? What are your religious affiliations, if any? I follow the Matron, Nophica....as well as hold well to the guidance of the Seedseers. Do you have any mortal fears, severe allergies, or other... conditions that we should know about before we go exploring the world with you? None of which I am aware. I've been told I have an unhealthy drive for adventure and a difficulty turning down a challenge. Not terribly fond of heights. Yes, I know. Ironic being a ranger in the woods but....there are heights and then there are heights. Magical platforms suspended over drops into what appears to be nothing til the center of the world is in the latter category. Cliffs and trees are fine. I just...prefer something solid under my feet that I know isn't going to blink out suddenly. Are there any organizations seeking to kill, capture, or otherwise hunt you down? If so, is this going to be an issue for the League? None of which I am aware. I hope not. Would you risk your life to save a stranger in need? Of course. It was part of my job description prior....don't see any reason to get out of the habit. What do you consider the greatest wrong that an adventurer can commit? There is nothing more pitiable than dispassionate cynicism: a lack of hope and excuses for a lack of conviction in themselves and their beliefs. What would you describe as ‘true evil’? The absence of hope, empathy, kindness and justice. Void. Please list two of your best strengths and two of your flaws: I have a tendency to speak my mind, which is not always well received, and I have difficulty curbing my tongue even in times when it would be better to do so. I am....awkward..in dealing with others, ill practiced in it. I like to believe I am loyal and worthy of trust, and I sincerely want the best for others in my company, sometimes even against their own regard for themselves. The greatest deeds are often achieved with friends. How well do you work with a team? I believe those that branch out on fools errands ignoring the efforts of those that would assist and make them stronger are contemptible. We may be strong individually but it is only in blending our skills and strengths that we become truly powerful. While I struggle with idle and friendly bonding with others, I know what it is to take orders and function in tandem while carrying out my duties. This space left blank: View full TALE membership application
  16. Kannadi Albedo

    Blue Magic Study (below-50)

    Kannadi has reached a breakthrough in an old field of interest, a hypothesized form of magic used by monsters which she called Aetheric Zoological Universally Reproducible Expertise, or "AZURE." After much long study, she has independently proven that such a form exists and can be used by sapient mortals. To her unbelievable consternation, her revelation of this new school of magic has been quashed. A New World tribe's cultural spellcraft has been doing for generations what she sought to do for years. Worse yet, a man named Martyn has effectively stolen this cultural treasure and popularized it almost overnight via soul crystals, to great personal profit. Kannadi isn't in it for gil. She requires field study to discern what if any differences exist between Whalaqee and Azure forms of Blue Magic. Come with her to run roughshod over Eorzean wildlife until everyone expands their repertoire. (This event is to fight specific monsters, run specific dungeons, and grind for EXP, all to make participants into better Blue Mages. The participation cap is at 4 because of dungeon limitations, but more will be accepted for overworld grinding.) (Fight like it's 1.0 again! ... 'Cause without dungeon EXP it might as well be.)
  17. Bryg

    Sephirot Clear

    To reiterate some points from my planning thread... Duration: This is for the clear only. Potential to do more content together afterward depending on interest. Sync? Yes. I would prefer to do the fight "for real", so come expecting to potentially fail a couple times. Experience Levels: All! Whether this would be your 1st or 50th clear I'd be glad to have you along. Just come prepared with having watched/read a strat and having all the pre-reqs out of the way before the start time. Other: I wouldn't need a full TALE group for this to proceed, but I would like at least 50%.
  18. Guest

    Bird/Dog Farm

    I would like to go, is there a list of EX trials I should have unlocked? I need to unlock Titan and Ifrit, but I guess I need to do Garuda first?
  19. Guest

    Bird/Dog Farm

    As was requested, for anyone who wants/needs a bird or Dog; or the Extreme trial associated cleared. Had to adjust the date as I have too many commitments on the 21st.
  20. Guest

    Gazelleskin Map Treasure Hunting!

    Thanks! More I think on it, I should be available at 8p. So, I went ahead and RSVPed. See you all tonight!
  21. Aveline

    Gazelleskin Map Treasure Hunting!

    Yes, please join us! We'd love to have you along
  22. Guest

    Gazelleskin Map Treasure Hunting!

    I'd be interested, but I'm not a member, just an applicant. More importantly I need to handle my kids' bedtimes, and wouldn't be available until closer to 9p EST. But, once the kids are in bed, if you're not full up and if you're willing to have me, I'd love to join you all!
  23. Guest

    [App]Xvehn'a Kytira

    Looking forward to it myself! If not today, I should definately have some free time the next several nights. Happy Patch Day, time to go bury myself in story.
  24. Aveline

    Nameday Treasure Hunting!

    It's Aveline's nameday (well, the 12th was) and she's looking to spend it with friends sharing a few pints, eating some cake, and getting dat booty. Treasure booty! The event is in character and we will be going on a standard level 70s maps run: Everyone bring a couple of maps and all lots are free for all.
  25. Aveline

    [App]Xvehn'a Kytira

    Hey Vehn! Glad to see your app. Looking forward to meeting you in game. Happy Patch Day
  26. Kannadi Albedo

    Gazelleskin Map Treasure Hunting!

    New patch, new treasures, same maps. They'll never be more rewarding than they are now, so let's get hunting! Event starts at 7:00 CST (8:00 EST). Bring at least one Timeworn Gazelleskin Map, preferably two! Loot is free-for-all, but any Timeworn Thief's Maps that fall should go to whoever's map is being done at the time. Please RSVP -- only the first eight are guaranteed in. See you there!
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