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  4. Happy Birthday Volkai!

    Happy Birthday Volkai!! Hope it is an awesome and positive day!! @Volkai
  5. Happy Birthday Hollow!

    Happy birthday! Here's to a hundred more.
  6. Happy Birthday Hollow!

    Happy Birthday Hollow! Hope it is an awesome one!! ^^ <3 @Hollow Thorn
  7. Happy Birthday Ari!

    Thanks, amigos! ^,..,^
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, team America!

  9. Happy Birthday Ari!

  10. Happy Birthday Ari!

    Happy birthday Ari~!
  11. Happy Birthday Ari!

    Happy birthday, Afro Cat!
  12. Happy Birthday Ari!

    Happy Birthday Ari!! Hope its an awesome and positive day!! ^,..,^
  13. Yay the site is back!! <3

  14. Happy Birthday Saitou!

    Haaapppyyyyy biiiirtthdaaaay!!
  15. Happy Birthday Saitou!

    Thanks Ozak, greatly appreciate the wishes.
  16. Happy Birthday Saitou!

    Happy Birthday Saitou! Hope it was an amazing one!! You get a coloring book cake!! :D @Saitou/Jeanette
  17. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Thank you! Its apple crisp this year instead of cake (one day... it will be all crisp... all heart attack... all crisp), but now I find myself wanting spicy chicken.
  18. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy birthday! 34's a good year.
  19. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy Claus day! Ozak took care of your cake, so here's a bunch of deluxe spicy chicken sandwiches!
  20. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy Birthday Claus!! Hope its an awesome and positive day!!
  21. Happy birthday Noir!!

    Happy Birthday Noir!! ^^ *hugs*
  22. Happy birthday Noir!!

    Hope you have the best time ever!
  23. Happy birthday Aziza!

    Happy birthday!! ^^ <3
  24. Happy birthday Aziza!

    \o/ Celebrate!
  25. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    Well... The Nintendo switch isn't region locked so... technically.... I hope you can read Japanese.
  26. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    Needs more Seiken Sensetsu 3.
  27. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    I am so excited!
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