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  4. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Thank you! Its apple crisp this year instead of cake (one day... it will be all crisp... all heart attack... all crisp), but now I find myself wanting spicy chicken.
  5. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy birthday! 34's a good year.
  6. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy Claus day! Ozak took care of your cake, so here's a bunch of deluxe spicy chicken sandwiches!
  7. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy Birthday Claus!! Hope its an awesome and positive day!!
  8. Happy birthday Noir!!

    Happy Birthday Noir!! ^^ *hugs*
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  10. Happy birthday Noir!!

    Hope you have the best time ever!
  11. Happy birthday Aziza!

    Happy birthday!! ^^ <3
  12. Happy birthday Aziza!

    \o/ Celebrate!
  13. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    Well... The Nintendo switch isn't region locked so... technically.... I hope you can read Japanese.
  14. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    Needs more Seiken Sensetsu 3.
  15. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    I am so excited!
  16. Happy Birthday Kannadi

    Raugh happy birthday Kannadi! Belatedly! Glad you had lots of deliciousness
  17. Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    Can Not Wait. Give It To Me!
  18. Happy Birthday Kannadi

    Those are the best kinds of birthdays! ^^
  19. Happy Birthday Kannadi

    Thank you! I did. It involved unhealthy food.
  20. Happy Birthday Kannadi

    Happy Birthday Kannadi!! Hope you have an awesome day!!
  21. Happy birthday Ozak!

    That is an awesome cake!! Thank you so much!! <3
  22. Happy birthday Ozak!

    Happy birthday, @Ozak Kuzak! I hope today is super for you! Have a treasure map cake.
  23. Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes, the past few days have been amazing!
  24. Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Ojala lo pasaste muy bien, amigoche!
  25. Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Happy Birthing Day! I found a cake for you, but it may or may not contain traces of Miqo'te...
  26. Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Happy birthday! Holy shit, you're only a few days younger than me! Mine was the 4th!
  27. Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Happy Birthday @Talulah!! Hope you have an awesome and positive day!! ^^
  28. Happy Birthday Bardam!!

    Ta very much, guvna!
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