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    • Rook

      Seeing how early access is this weekend and Stormblood is around the corner, I expect Balmung to be broken on and off for a week or two (maybe more with how crowded our server is). ARR was horrible and Heavensward was better but still a headache.
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    • Bells

      What do you think, did I go too far with this one? http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/325977-Legacy-Chocobo-Combat-Quest
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    • Rook

      The hype for Samurai continues. I'm liking a lot of the changes to the classes, really looking forward to and interested in all the changes in Stormblood. 
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    • Popoko Poko

      Darbii Rue has now become... Popoko Poko! Just so you know, so you're not confused or sumfin'. 
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    • Popoko Poko

      Officially my first day back in TALE!
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