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    You’re four drinks in to the night at a dusty roadside tavern, somewhere between the last unreasonably demanding moogle and the next adventurer’s guild. Looking into the bottom of your glass, something catches your eye. Not the beer, that’s for sure—no, something beneath the glass. The screaming face of a dragon, inked onto a worn poster that’s been repurposed as a placemat. You move your glass aside to see the rest: a fierce miqo’te woman rides the dragon into battle. Her windblown hair frames eyes that seem to stare right into your heart: the beating heart of one of the best godsdamned adventurers this realm has ever seen. Below her are the words: The Adventure League of Eorzea. Your friends against doom! Hop on and let’s ride.

    Below that are slightly smaller, somewhat blurrier words: “Dragon-steed not provided. Multiple airships available, however. Infinitely more comfortable.”

    Two weeks later, you’re running through the streets of Ul’dah. Running from what? That’s a question only you can answer, my friend. You round a corner, deftly leaping over the prone form of yet another drunk former gambler who’s just lost everything at the Gold Saucer when you see it, plastered to the wall. It’s been partially ripped away, but those eyes are unforgettable: that dragon-riding miqo’te again! This time she’s pointing her lance directly at you. “THE ADVENTURE LEAGUE OF EORZEA. YOUR FRIENDS AGAINST DOOM.” The sign reads. “YOUR TRUE PATH AWAITS.”

    Again, smaller handwriting follows: “All members also receive a 10% discount at our tavern in Shirogane, the Swaggering Angel! Stop by for a drink and a new future!”

    And below that: “Sign up at the Wanderer’s Hope, Goblet Ward 1 Plot 5 or at the Swaggering Angel, Shirogane Ward 11 Apt. 51”

    Your next move seems clear enough…


    The Adventure League of Eorzea is a solid, low-drama, well-established guild on Balmung that has been around since the pre-launch days of FFXIV. We are an open, friendly bunch led by two badass ladies. We are accepting of all our members' tastes, quirks, and interesting dark secrets and pride ourselves on being inclusive and extremely pro-joy. As a group we place a lot of value on teamwork, the trust of friends, and a good sense of humor.

    Our interests in game events run the gamut--we're looking for roleplayers, explorers, dungeoners, PVPers, Palace of the Dead addicts, those whose souls are forever lost to Eureka, and everything in between. We are especially interested in forming one or two more groups for regular weekly advanced content runs. Most of our members have multiple jobs at max level, so don't worry about what it is you play--we have the flexibility to have a spot for a friend no matter what. 

    While we have members all over North America & across the Atlantic as well, most of our members tend to play primarily afternoons through the evening into late nights on weekdays and weekends.

    Read more about us on our
    About page & post an app! If you have questions, contact: Aveline Blue, Aedida Aldricht, Ozak Kuzak, Fhiliht Merlhaemrwyn, or Lazin O'Lehto in game.



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