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    • 21 February 2019 01:30 AM Until 03:30 AM
      Let's get some clears against snake boy! Please come prepared with at least an overview understanding of the fight via watching videos, reading guides, practicing in party finder, etc. We need two tanks, two healers, 4 DPS. Please state what role you are MOST comfortable playing/are geared strongest for. Please also come with a positive attitude and an easy-going approach. 
      Tank 1: Aveline (PLD)
      Tank 2:
      Healer 1: Saraune (SCH)
      Healer 2:
      DPS: Tater (DRG)
    • 01 March 2019 01:00 AM Until 03:00 AM
      It's been a long week of adventuring & beating the crap out of monsters. Time for a beer and a snack at our beloved Sticky Pickle Tavern! Hosted every other Thursday by Pae!
      Come take hold of fate at the Sticky Pickle - Shirogane Ward 14 Plot 9!
      Our stage is always open to wandering storytellers, dancers, bards, or other performers. Drinks on the house for those that grace our stage!
    • 08 April 2019
      Happy Rex Manning Day, the day 90s music changed forever. We will be streaming Empire Records
    • 28 June 2019
      Remember no spoilers!
    • 02 July 2019
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    • By Bells in Developer's Blog 1
      Those of you who are not developers or at least technically inclined may want to stop reading. HERE BE DRAGONS! ... kind of.

      As a developer, I'm always looking for ways to be lazy / efficient. Especially when hard drive space fills up fast and you want to reuse something in multiple projects, but then you have to manage multiple copies or versions in multiple places. This gets even more difficult if your thing doesn't have a package manager, repository, or build system of some kind to help save time and sanity. Recently, I've stumbled across Symbolic links, and they are working out pretty well. There is an article on TESTED that can explain it better than I could if you are curious:
    • By Bells in Developer's Blog 2
      Timezone differences. A number of us have gotten used to working with them since our group spans the United States and beyond!
      But still, some times we don't get it right. And when that happens, it can really ruin someones day if they are too early, or worse, too late!
      It isn't fancy, but I put together a little page that should make it easy to check where the time zones are at any given point in the year. It even accounts for those pesky cases where Daylight Savings does not apply.
      What do you think? Do you find it helpful? or are you the kind of person who won't end up using it? Does it no go far enough?
      For now, you have to be logged in to see it: http://www.tale-ffxiv.com/timezone-clocks.html/
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