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    I decided to write a parody guide for new RPers because... Because. I was bored? I'll probably put it in my journal when it's finished but it feels like it ought to be a bit longer and I'm out of ideas right at the moment. I'll probably back burner it for a while and add stuff as inspiration whacks me upside the head with croquet mallets, but for now, here it is in its incomplete form. I might post this on the RPC at some point just as a joke troll to see how many people freak out over "OMG HE'S SINGLING ME OUT WTF!" To which I'll respond "Hi! Who are you again? :D" --- How 2 Arrpee Gewdz (Liek Vurrince) A guide for the discerning roleplayer There are many little pitfalls and traps for the unwary in a task as daunting as first breaking into roleplay. How does one carefully balance the all-encompassing badassitude that is character with their stunning good looks, copious material wealth, and widespread popularity? How do they approach a rich and vibrant setting in a way that will best catapult their character into instant fame, fortune, and the adulation of the masses as they heroically save the day? Fear not, because this guide is intended to not only ensure you steal the spotlight, but remain firmly fixed in center stage for the rest of your roleplay career! First, consider your character's backstory. A little tragedy never hurt anyone, and can add pizzazz and interest to any farmboy's life! Having one's small, nameless, off-the-map hamlet burned to the ground by marauding orcs and escaping the flames as a sole survivor is a popular and timeless choice. You will without doubt be among fine company should you choose this backstory element! Alternatively, consider the sole heir to a wealthy noble family who becomes disillusioned with the trappings of wealth and escapes to pursue a life of adventure, at every turn attempting to quash rumors of their high birth and flee the privileges that money and social standing bring. Above all, remember that the primary goal of backstory is to establish your character as a unique and special individual as possible. Leave ordinary to the NPCs and embrace flamboyance! Divine lineage, royal blood, exotic crossbreeds, high government officials - the ways to distinguish yourself are nearly limitless. Also consider being from a wholly original place not listed anywhere in game lore to truly set yourself apart! Being from a mysterious oriental country to the east much like Japan is a popular choice, and affords you the opportunity to use names that might otherwise be looked askance were they from a less exotic locale. Never fear if other characters from the East present differing views of what it's like; who's to say what such an undefined place is like? There's enough room for everyone's interpretation! While on the subject of the East, don't be afraid to adopt names, mannerisms, plot elements, and even wholecloth character personalities from your favorite anime for your character! Anime enjoys more popularity in the west now than it ever did, and you're certain to encounter roleplayers who will appreciate and enjoy your clever references. Don't stop there though - novels, TV series, movies, comics, all are excellent sources of ideas to plug into or even base your character on. Just be sure not to change too much, so other fans of your chosen material will be able to recognize and enjoy it as much as you do! Most fantasy MMO settings have a strongly established religion that shapes the culture and many aspects of peoples' lives. However, keep in mind that your goal is not to be a mindless sheep, but to break the mold. Any forward-thinking, metropolitan adventurer by necessity eschews cultural norms, so be sure to work in a little atheism and disregard or even ignorance of the culture in which the character was raised. Doing so insures that your character has the proper mindset for one of their position and life experience - after all, if they believed everything the NPCs did, wouldn't they be an NPC themselves? Once you've worked out your character's history, don't hesitate to share it with everyone, far and wide. People love learning more about other characters, and what better way to get to know each other than relating the entirety of your character's past? No situation is inappropriate for such an epic tale, be it a fireside, a tavern, or even a street corner. Get out there and make some friends! Don't shy away from the other side of the coin though; lone wolves are a staple of any story and an excellent choice for a new roleplayer. Their dialogue practically writes itself! A few stern reprimands and cold glares and you are free from the stress of continually having to come up with things to say to other characters and better able to enjoy the ambiance of the roleplay all around you. Don't be discouraged if no one will talk to you though; a little known fact about roleplaying characters is that they are actually all mildly telepathic! Be sure to make liberal use of emotes to inform everyone of what your character is thinking, how they are feeling, and all the reasons for the things they do. This insures everyone is on the same page and eliminates the possibility of messy misunderstandings that can steal precious in-character time from accomplishing vital personal storyline goals. Your first goal as a new roleplayer ought to be to establish a romantic relationship with another character. Don't worry if things seem rushed or shallow, you can always fill in minor details later by chatting with the player of your character's amour or, even better, writing romantic fiction then posting it on community forums to share with everyone! Sometimes the key to good roleplaying is method acting, so don't hesitate to fully experience your character's emotions, even when chatting with their lover's player. Every RPer loves to see romance blossom, so don't be shy about RPing it any old place. Once you've established solid relationships with other characters, it's time for the next logical step: ERP! ERP, short for "Erotic Role Play", is a natural extension of the character development that occurs over the course of a roleplayed relationship. While some may look down their noses at ERP, they fail to realize the wealth of character development opportunities it provides. After all, you can never truly know a person until you 'know' a person. This holds for RP as well, but not just ERP! Every habit, idiosyncracy, and bodily function strengthens your concept of your character. Feel free to RP bathing, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, and personal grooming. After eating a spicy meal, consider how much gastrointestinal distress your character may experience. Advanced roleplayers may wish to roll 1d20 and emote flatulence after a number of minutes equal to the roll, continuing the rolls until they feel they have sufficiently vented their characterization. Everyone will laud the depth such detail brings to your RP as your character frantically attempts to pass it off on the dog!
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    The game of cosplay has been won forever.
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    Everyone reading this probably knows that the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival recently was a thing. A lot of people reading this probably know that I was there, as were several other members of TALE. A decent number of people reading this probably know that I have a flair for the dramatic and the sentimental. I'm willing to bet that very few people reading this know that I was accepted into TALE as an azab three years ago today. I myself had to verify it by dipping into the application archives and looking for that vaguely Chinese-sounding name that used to be my character's. In light of all of these cute little factoids, I thought I'd take a moment to open up to the Free Company as a whole a little bit and make sure everyone knows just how much TALE has come to mean to me. I'm not exactly the most social of people and I never have been. I'm extremely talkative (as anyone who's been on TeamSpeak with me will attest), but I'm really uncomfortable in groups or crowds or, really, company of most types. This has a lot to do with an overarching school of thought that I don't really fit in much of anywhere, and as a result, I've always felt like the people who interact with me don't know "who I really am," whatever that means. My entire perception of myself and the way people view me was thrown for a loop at the festival. I was surrounded on all sides by what unmistakably qualified as "my people," folks with whom I could strike up a conversation in a four-hour merchandise line about all manner of topics beyond the one that brought us all there. I didn't mind the lines at all when I figured that out. I just wish I'd figured it out in time to do the three challenges I missed, haha. I also met multiple members of TALE there; the first was Diyne, followed by Midge, Claus, Tahrara, Edward, Ari, Aegyl, and Jinx (I think that's the proper order). At least one other person has expressed this sentiment before, but the interactions that all nine of us had seemed to pan out exactly the way they do on TeamSpeak, except with more high-fives, hugs, and sharing of alcohol (never drinking again, by the way). By the time Saturday's events had wrapped up, I realized that those who knew me from TeamSpeak and from TALE activities in general absolutely did know who I really am, and it showed in the familiarity of the way in which I and everyone else addressed each other. The people who knew me really knew me, and I knew them, and everyone loved each other, even if they had to say up front that they were only going to quote a Kevin Smith line once for the whole weekend. I ended up dropping another one on Sunday, by the way, and I'm sorry for that. I'm also sorry for screaming right in Midge's ear. I've spent my entire life (admittedly, twenty-six is not a lot of years, but perspective) feeling like I don't belong anywhere, but my experience at the Fan Festival showed me that as of today, I have belonged in at least one place for three years. I'm not much of a social person, but TALE is the best social circle that I've ever had and composed of many of the nicest people it has ever been my pleasure to know. Three years are behind me, and I look forward to many, many more. I love you all. --Maria/Shienne
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    The League has discovered that their long-lost secretary, Pakiki, and their vault guardian, Looming Tower, managed to survive the Calamity and the destruction of TALE HQ along with several other associates of TALE. However, after no word for five years and the mind-muddling effects of the Big Spell, Pakiki and L.T. are not quite convinced that they're dealing with the REAL Adventure League. What will happen when the Vault Crew confronts the reformed TALE? Find out this Thursday in an RP event that will officially kick off our 2.0 guild storyline! When: Thursday, October 17th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern Where: Over the linkpearl to begin, then in-person location TBD An ongoing storyline summary will be posted in the Notice Board following this event, updated after key moments in the storyline, to keep everyone up-to-date on what's going on so that anyone can jump in, even if they miss one of the events.
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    Okay I love to cook and I cook quite often. I thought it would be cool for some of us to share with each other on some of the things we cook. So feel free to post any pics of any meals you're proud of. As my status says tonight I cooked Stuff Jalapeno's (cream cheese wrapped with bacon), fried pork chop, rice, baked potato and garlic bread. Washed it down with a nice cold beer. So like I said feel free to post any meals you guys cook. And please leave comments of what you think. Also if you like the meal posted hit that LIKE button on the right side. I would appreciate it!! Thank you!! ^^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
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    How I read all of Bryg's posts.
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    5 years, holy smokes! Happy birthday to the best guild in the universe.
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    I think Thiji is a pretty cool guy. ... get it?
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    But FATEs are the newest most awesome thing ever invented! No game has ever done anything like them ever!
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    Bryg is... The Lore Cop! Stay within the lore... or else. You have been warned.
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    Mods and Admins, if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry in advance >_> Okay, in the past few weeks those of you who have ventured into TALE's Teamspeak have heard me vaguely kicking around an idea for a project. In this project I would have players of Final Fantasy XIV sing the title song Answers and compile our voices together and then place it on YouTube or wherever on the internet for the enjoyment of us and other fans of the game and the song. I understand that this is a large and ambitious project that would require talent, and time. I myself have limited knowledge of sound programs on the computer but, I am willing to learn and take suggestions from my peers. I also know that a lot of us cannot carry a tune in a bucket, but I would try to find a way to include all who want to participate in this project. This will not be an all TALE endeavor but I, as a member of TALE want this project to start with you guys =D I have already gotten a beautiful vocal sample and he inspired me to get off my butt and post about what I wanted to do. The first question is about interest. If you are interested in this project let me know below. Let me know if you have any sort of vocal talents, like I said before, if you don't we will figure something out together. Feel free to sent me vocal samples, it can be any song, or even spoken word (Just use your best voice) Any questions? Either comment or PM me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbuto9wfEHE
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    As FFXIV’s relaunch draws nearer, many roleplayers are busily drafting backstories for their new characters, or considering taking the opportunity to reboot existing ones. There have been loads of great story ideas and some not-so-wonderful ones, like with any creative process. Today let’s talk about a particular character backstory that you might want to rethink if you’re planning on using it: the rape victim. On the scale of commonality, I won’t say that the rape victim character backstory is as popular as say, the war orphan or the street urchin, but it’s definitely one of the louder backstory options. It tends to stick out. When someone uses this in their character’s biography, it is almost always an attention-getter: a front-and-center defining trait of that character. They were raped by enemy soldiers, by beastmen, by bandits, whatever. The point is, it rarely is used as a trauma that the character gets over naturally and is in almost every incident used as the turning point for why a player’s character is now a vicious killer with an obsessive grudge against all members of Insert Group Here. Before we continue, let’s first consider this: RAPE IS A SERIOUS THING THAT HAPPENS TO REAL PEOPLE AND SOME OF THOSE REAL PEOPLE PLAY MMO’S, TOO. They might not like the idea of having their trauma turned into a form of entertainment by a roleplayer who thinks they are adding a level of depth and personal growth to their character via sexual assault. If you choose to play a character in this situation, you may very well find it instructive to imagine that someone somewhere in the vicinity of your chat is a victim of this same assault in real life and can also read every word of what you are typing. Moving on! Now, some who are reading this might be thinking: Yes, well, we’re playing a game where people are murdered and tortured and where our character’s livelihoods depend upon us stabbing things to death for money and fame. Some have made the argument that a little rape is probably natural in this cruel and brutal world our characters dwell in, so why sugarcoat it? Fair enough, but ask yourself this: does raping your character in their backstory contribute absolutely anything to their personal development that could not have been developed in some other way? Being raped does not make a person suddenly stronger. It does not make them a survivor. It does not make them fiercer or more driven. All of those qualities were already within them before they were assaulted. Rape is something that happens to people, it isn’t something that people become. Furthermore, the use of rape in a character’s backstory is in almost all cases used as a plot device for why a character now acts in an outlandishly aggressive fashion. You may want to sit down for this next revelation, but rape victims do not all snap and become psychotic serial killers bent on wiping out every man (or woman) on the planet. They do not suddenly become ice queens who never want to be touched by another person again. They do not become the opposite: sexually depraved wanton women who were driven out of their home by the ‘shame’ of what happened to them. If you use rape in your backstory as a way to implement any of the above character traits, please stop reading and go delete your entire backstory immediately. Then rewrite and omit the rape. Is it possible to include rape at all in a character’s backstory without coming across as needlessly vulgar, insensitive, cliché, and unoriginal? I’m inclined to say [i]no[/i]. I have yet to see a roleplayer’s backstory that featured rape where the act was not a gratuitous and unnecessary add-on. The question when adding any sort of assault or trauma to a character’s backstory never should be “how much extreme stuff should my character have to overcome before s/he is properly badass enough” but rather: “does this trauma really need to be included in my character’s story?” If so, why?
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    I think the chief problem here is, as Silvia pointed out, 9/10 times men don't want to make chatty small talk with people they don't know and don't have any personal investment in, so they basically go into "say as little as possible and hope they leave me alone" mode. Except this isn't really a male-exclusive thing at all. I guess the real problem is expecting random strangers to want to chat with you because obviously you have such witty and interesting things to enlighten their day with. Hello, stranger! Feed my flagging self-worth by legitimizing my inane observations with urbane conversation! Wow, I am really grumpy today, aren't I...
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    Ee! I didn't know there was a pet thread! :D Here, have rats! This is Elly, our little blondie rat that's very shy! She's also a scaredy poop baby over everything. She likes to curl up in elbows and tummies and shoulders, and likes to snuggle and nap. And this is Emmy! Cute little splotch on her face, likes to skitter around and climb and ADVENCHUR and nibbles cheese. She often offers cheese to Marke when they're hanging out. She's brave and a bit of a derp and likes to get into the couch cushions. And here they are in their cage all snuggle-wuggled and oh god instead of a crazy cat lady i'm going to be a crazy rat lady what is my life
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    So long as it isn't bray to win I'm in.
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    Today's patch 2.3 preview offers a peek into private chambers, a new way of adding a personal touch to free company estates. Requirements for Private Chambers Before purchasing private chambers, players must first attain level 50 with at least one class. Furthermore, players must have attained the rank of second lieutenant in the Maelstrom, the Order of the Twin Adder, or the Immortal Flames. * The size of private chambers is the same regardless of estate size. * All estates are allowed up to 512 private chambers. Pricing for Private Chambers 300,000gil Settings for Private Chambers Just like with estate settings, players will have the option to change their room name, edit the greeting for their room, and grant access to other players. Interior Decorating Players can customize the interior walls, flooring, and ceiling light of their private chambers. Furnishings Players can place up to 50 furnishings in private chambers, with the ability to choose from among all furnishings available in the estate. Placing a furnishing in private chambers will bind it to you, preventing future trade or sale to other players. Moreover, certain furnishings cannot be retrieved once placed, and will be permanently discarded upon removal. * Certain furnishings including vendor NPCs and crafting facilities can only be used by the private chamber's owner. * Depending on server conditions, the number of furnishings permitted in private chambers may be adjusted in a future update. Vacating Private Chambers Players must be on free company property in order to vacate their private chambers. Moreover, private chambers must be vacated in order to leave a free company. * Gil used to purchase private chambers will not be refunded. * All furnishings must be removed before vacating private chambers.
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    It looks as though she has an orchid and a phoenix on this arm. Both symbols of rebirth through adversity. I think she would look nice with another flower and mythical creature on the other arm. Perhaps a spider lily and a Kitsune, would look nice, hmm?
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    For those of you who don't know; I'm a woman.
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    By popular demand, I present everyone a small session of playing the most foul and horrible (yet lovable) instrument invented, the violin. Which sounds like a screaming cat. The music selection will follow shortly.
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    In every role-playing game, or RPG, you control the actions of a character, whether that character is a human, a pixie, or a robot tank. The game developers created a world for your character to inhabit, and a story for your character to follow. While you progress through the game, you learn more of the story… but it’s always their characters, and their story. Your options are always fixed, even if you get to choose whether to go left or right, to talk to the man in black or disintegrate him. You can’t decide to go get a cup of coffee instead. Roleplaying, in short, is the act of stepping into your game character’s shoes and behaving as that character would. It’s not so much “let’s pretend” as it is improvisational acting. The developers created the world, but *you* create the story. You decide, in real-time, how you want your character to react. Roleplaying is at its best when lots of people, each with their own characters, interact with each other. Together, you create a super-story, a grand construction of character interactions with its own subplots, secrets, and startling revelations. Over time, you can be a part of a tale that rivals any book or game out there. And the best part about roleplaying is that it is [i]your story[/i]. You’re Tolkien, or Heinlein, or Asimov, or Martin. There’s a part of that story that wouldn’t even exist without you. And every part makes the super-story just that much better. [b]What RP Isn’t[/b] There are, of course, some misperceptions that have developed around roleplaying over the years. Some of these have grown so pervasive that occasional people will go out of their way to troll RPers for no apparent reason. Roleplayers are not all geeks bereft of social skills that live in their parents’ basement. I’ve been to conventions and met these people. In fact, most of them are ordinary people like you and me, with a day job and a family and everything. What brings them together is a love for the games they play, and a love for the stories that they create through their characters. (It is also possible that there is a shared appreciation for Monty Python and/or Settlers of Catan.) Roleplayers are also not all sexual deviants who enact their demented cyber-fantasies vicariously through their characters. Make no mistake, that sort of person *is* out there and there are people who are interested in that sort of thing… but the vast majority of roleplayers despise them for tarnishing an otherwise good reputation. Finally, roleplayers are not always terrible at the games they play. There are people who are happy playing a level-one character, sitting around town and talking. Those people are actually in the minority. Roleplayers, for the most part, want to advance their characters and get the rare items just as much as anyone else. Most are well aware that it is not acceptable to stop fighting the giant boss monster for thirty seconds so they can carry on an RP conversation while the tank is being destroyed. Those that aren’t learn pretty quickly when they get kicked out of parties. There’s plenty of time for RP during the downtime between fights. [b]How to Deal with RPers[/b] Roleplayers as a whole are pretty respectful of non-roleplayers. After all, we’re all here to play the game and enjoy it in whatever way we like. If roleplaying isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. Just follow the Golden Rule: do unto them as you’d like them to do unto you. As far as having RPers as party members, treat them like you would anyone else. They have to pull their weight in your party too. If they are putting your group in danger by stopping to RP every few seconds, tell them to cut it out! Your time is valuable, too, and nobody wants to have to run all the way back out from the respawn point or wait for the consequences of death to wear off. (On a related note, for RPers everywhere… please, please, do not put flavor text in your macros. Non-RPers can see that you are casting Blizzard. You do not need to tell them how you’re invoking the freezing wrath of the ice goddess, in the exact same manner, every fifteen seconds when you cast it. It will only make them want to kill you.) [b]Breaking Immersion[/b] There are people who just don’t like to hear RP. They are offended when roleplayers are talking in a public place on a public channel in-character. They might be surprised to learn that there’s someone on the opposite side of that line: the really “hard-core” roleplayers who are offended when people say out-of-character stuff in public channels. It’s called “breaking immersion”. There are enough people who prefer to be immersed in out-of-character, or OOC, chat that there is considerable debate among roleplayers whether or not it’s okay to speak in-character, or IC, on public channels. On the one hand, you don’t want to annoy people; on the other hand, how are roleplayers ever going to find each other if they don’t RP in public? One way to deal with people who break your immersion, whether it’s in-character or out-of-character chat you prefer to be immersed in, is to move their chat so you don’t see it. Most RPGs have a chat window with tabs, or multiple windows, that can be assigned to different types of chat. If it’s the area-broadcast messages giving you headaches, move them to a different chat tab where you can safely ignore them. Alternatively, if your game supports it, you can blacklist the offenders so their chat doesn’t even appear on your screen. However, there will be times when you need more people in order to go do something. If you blacklisted somebody a year ago for something stupid they said in chat one day, you won’t see their messages asking to join your party. So be judicious with your blacklist. Go through it occasionally and see if you can remember why you blacklisted everyone on the list. If you can’t remember, consider giving them another chance. Another way to deal with immersion-breakers is to politely send them a tell letting them know that you’d like them to stop doing whatever it is they’re doing that’s breaking your immersion. There will be people who will laugh at you in response. That’s okay. They’re having fun their way, which clearly isn’t your way, so blacklist them and move on. [b]How to Start[/b] If you’re interested in becoming a roleplayer, one of the best things to do is join a roleplaying group or guild. Most of them advertise when they’re recruiting, or at least have some sort of internet presence. You don’t need to have every little detail figured out about your character. You don’t even have to roleplay at first. Just listen to everyone else. Get a handle on what it’s like and what sort of character you’d like to play. Most roleplayers are really helpful to new roleplayers – even the ones that play not-so-nice characters. They all started out at some point, too, and many will go out of their way to make you feel more comfortable. Once you have some basic ideas about your character, you can start chiming in on guild chat in-character, and see how the others react. I’ve found that the best way to learn how your character would react in a situation is to put your character in that situation. If someone asks an in-character question about your character’s background and you don’t know the answer (“Did you grow up around here?”), just take what you know so far about the character and make something up on the spot, then make a note of your answer. Every time you do this, your character is a little more defined, a little more “real”. Eventually, your character can almost take on a life of its own. Don’t be afraid to talk to your fellow roleplayers out-of-character! Get to know the players behind the screens, too. This is especially important with the people who play less-than-friendly characters. You might just find that they are a lot less prickly once you get to know them. So come on and join us. We’d love to count you as one of us, and we look forward to seeing what you have to bring to the wondrous tale that is our shared story. [hr] [i]About the author: Chris is an avid roleplayer. He has been playing tabletop RPGs since the original Dungeons and Dragons Red Box Basic Set. He has roleplayed dozens of different characters and played MMOs for many years, starting in AOL's Neverwinter Nights in 1992. Other MMOs he has played include GemStone III (now IV), EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. In the real world, he is a mild-mannered store manager and member of Mensa who would love to make a career out of gaming. You should definitely hire him. In Final Fantasy XIV, Rikitiki Tavatiki is a book-hoarding lalafell black mage with a penchant for fire. He also serves as second-in-command of the Adventure League of Eorzea. As a service to FFXIV roleplayers everywhere, Riki fields your in-character questions at askriki@adventureleague.net.[/i]
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    Is it day five? We've been trying to keep track of the bells, but are uncertain of anything down here in the dark. Some time ago, we heard a tremendous crashing and booming--so loud it seemed to split the very air. The ground shook, and for a moment I thought the basement would come crashing down around us, but the ceiling held. After that, we heard no more noise from above. LT tried to open the door to find out what happened, but it seems our attempts to hide from the Garleans have gotten the better of us--the door is jammed shut and won't open for anything, not even Looming Tower's meatslab of a shoulder. We gathered and held a vote: stay near the supplies and pray for a rescue, or take what we can and try to find another way out. We know there must be some other way--there were mentions in Professor Greenbolt's diary about a hidden escape route, and the ghost of that wretched hobo once said he must have found a way in somehow (though he couldn't remember where or how). Calico, too, I suddenly recall--they found her mucking about in the vaults but she refused to tell how she got in. The vote was unanimous to move forward, though there were concerns about what to do with Fifa and K'hallu, Mihana's pet apkallu. Gods above, when we get through this I am implementing a strict no pets rule! Still, it gives Z'ahra something to occupy herself with. Looming Tower found a scrap of cloth with a star sewed onto it and dubbed the little kit "Protector of Beasts." Everyone grabbed a knapsack and we gathered what we could. *The next page is written in a less hurried hand, in ledger lines* List of party members follows: Pakiki Merakiki Looming Tower R'nohlm L'niya Z'ahra Fifa - P K'hallu - P 5 knapsacks acquisitioned from Lesser Vault List of goods acquisitioned follows: *Here there is a lengthy list of items taken from the vaults, including weapons, armor, food, a portable cooking station, some potions, a sewing kit, ink, and several quill pens. The next page resumes a more flowing script.* The ghost, Dormouse, has not shown himself today. I wonder if he has finally left this plane? Z'ahra made a little leash for K'hallu to keep him from wandering off, but Fifa refuses any similar treatment, the willful thing! At least the kitten has the good sense to stay with the group. She's made herself useful by finding her own food and keeping the rats out of ours. Journeyed through the toymaker's lab today. We had hoped the aetheryte hidden away down there might be turned on somehow, but found it completely shattered by some mysterious force. Nothing much found in any of the abandoned offices down here yet--just some papers and old clothes. There are two paths to chose from, and none of us know which (if either) will lead us out. We've made temporary camp in one of the larger offices for now, and tomorrow we vote on it.
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    High Flame Commander Jakys has. via linkpearl, ordered all functioning small forces to return to Ul'dah at once. Our unit leader looked at all of us, I had never seen him so pale. The forty or so left of us out of one hundred and twenty, the group that had fought through Garleans, creatures rising from the darkest of places, and said goodbye to our fallen comrades watched as he said we are all free from our duties then rode off on chocobo. Many gathered their things and ran like marmots to hide. Pardon my language... fucking cowards. Nine of us stayed, nine people quietly watched our entire unit turn tail and run. Only nine chose to return home together and do what was right, to fight and protect. I haven't lost complete faith in the Twelve because of these eight. Even as I write this entry, I can hear fighting and yelling in the distance. No messengers have managed to get through all the fighting that has ensued outside and inside Ul'dah's walls, I only know of this because of the link pearl. The eight with me have a unified belief, that there is a far bigger picture than simply fearing for one's life. People need us, so we must go. I know these men and women, they have fought beside me for quite some time now. We all have our reasoning. Jack's daughter lives in Ul'dah. Tagi runs a small wine stand with her husband, he opted to stay while she returned to the Immortal Flames. Yash is returning home for her own group, I hear her talking to them on her linkpearl. I could go on about the remaining members, but surely you get the idea? A bigger picture, someone or something more meaningful than themselves. For me that is TALE, I've come a long way since the first day I stepped into that warehouse. A group that seemed beyond ridiculous til one realized that things in life can't be so serious, that although people may be with you one moment then gone the next, you must make the most of what is given to you. I am coming home to aid them; and keep my vow to Silvia. I will protect Ozak. One of our members, Cleis, has returned from scouting. Travel through Mor Dhona is as dangerous as speculated. I did not know that Eorzea contained such Menacing demons. This must be the influence of Dalamud's fall. Everything seems to be falling apart as it gets closer. I can't fall prey to a darkened mind, not now. We will use Aether travel directly into Ul'dah, surely death is waiting for us, but I must protect what is most important to me. I can only hope that Ozak has not lost faith in me after not seeing or hearing from me. Your protector is coming home. I know you have come a long way in your abilities, I know you can handle yourself. Honestly, this isn't a vow to Silvia anymore, its how I feel. If I can simply see you again then I will see through with protecting you, for both of us to go forward together into whatever lies ahead. I pray I am not too late. There is a deep burn mark on the bottom right hand corner of the page.