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  1. Connor Stone

    Tis been a while

    I am doing good, i have been on the game here and there over the past couple days, trying to figure out how behind i am hehehe, hell just trying to figure everything out again
  2. Connor Stone

    Tis been a while

    Hello Long time no speak hows things going?
  3. Connor Stone

    Real Life Cid, Found it !

    I FOUND A REAL LIFE CID and he is a Formula 1 Ferrari Engineer so while making a Lewis Hamilton Vs Nico Rosberg video for the season so far (* see bottom) i think i found the real life version of Cid, what do you think? short hair? i know hiar and beard too short? i know what about this? trim Cids hair and put a set of cans on him (cans = headset) and i think it would be a decent match * Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are Formula 1 Mercedes AMG drivers and this year's season is down to the last race on who wins the championship in 1.5 weeks so i decided to make a video on all the races so far focusing on Lewis and Nico. tbh i am a Lewis Hamilton fan and i actually have £500 on Lewis to win the championship i also thought the vid would be abut 15 mins and after going through 5 races i am already at 22 mins of video, there been some great racing this season involving these 2 drivers though.
  4. Connor Stone

    Ember Conflict

    i been trying the alpha of Ember Conflict which launched lastnight and it has the potential to be a great game. its like an RTS meets MOBA ish i think. At the moment the Alpha is only on iPad but will be coming to Android Tablets too. another thing is that iPad and Android users will be able to play against each other. yay for cross compatibility Lastly it also works well on 3G Game Description Substantial Games' The Ember Conflict is a online-only real-time tactics game. Hand-pick your soldiers and execute your strategy, for each decision you make can turn the tide of battle. Lead your troops against real opponents from around the world and become the greatest commander in history. History In 2013, Substantial Games was founded to be a different kind of company. A company that respects its players and puts gameplay first. Their debut title, The Ember Conflict, brings deep competitive gaming to tablets. Not a port, a puzzle game, or a farm simulation. Just a game designed for how people actually play on their tablets in real life. The Ember Conflict reached Alpha in July 2014, launching on the Canadian App Store and landing on the iPads of thousands of players. Features Fight for supremacy in real-time 1v1 and 2v2 online PvP battles. Precise and Intuitive controls: No buttons! Draw lines to move your troops around. Explore the Ember Isles, rendered in real-time 3D graphics. Recruit ten different unit types, and customize your squad for maximum efficiency. Our soundtrack is entirely composed by Terry Devine-King, so it's obviously super-duper cool. here is some gameplay video's i made for it get access to early access here http://www.pockettactics.com/news/ios-news/pt-exclusive-get-early-access-ember-conflict-ipad/ (iPad only)
  5. Connor Stone

    FFXIV on Ubuntu 14.04 (Linux)

    Well some of you know i been messing with linux lately and i got FFXIV to play on Linux, i can login, move about etc but FPS is REALLY LOW me gots to do moar tinkering. NOTE: this is not a native client for Linux, just that its running the windows stuffs emulated
  6. first time ever i was scared to buy energy drink http://www.drinkstuff.com/productimg/40511_large.jpg

    1. M'hana Zhralyia

      M'hana Zhralyia

      It's bound to beg the question of just "who" made it...

    2. Lindelle


      I guess after "Bawls," this was the natural next step?

  7. MINECRAFT: The stronghold rail track now takes you directly to The End Portal

  8. TALEcraft Enderman Farm is now operational

  9. Connor Stone

    Big Huge birthday Bash

    This is just an RP thing for people to get together and hang out. if you look at the number of birthdays for February there are LOTS so lets all have a huge celebration party at the FC house
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=225671457 Please vote for this game, the Devs are making this game Free to Play, and not like any other MMO, IT IS NOT PAY TO WIN. Will this have a subscription fee? Gloria Victis upon full game release will be completely free to play. There is be an item shop offering only "ethical micro-transactions" cosmetic and quality of life items only that do not impact upon game mechanics. Gloria Victis is Free to Play and NOT Pay to Win It is a game developed by gamers, with gamers and for gamers and places gamer interests first. ethical microtransactions are things such as we custom designing a coat of arms for you to your specification to use and such. Currently there is away to get access to the game right now, the Pre-alpha and have to donate a min of $10. i have had access to the game for over a year and for a low to almost no budget team they have done really well. There is a possibility there could be RP support but no one knows yet
  11. Connor Stone

    Crystal Tower 24-Man TALE Run

    if space i can come along, PLD or BRD if needed, still to gets me BRD stuffs
  12. Connor Stone

    The Box

    we are actually over 70 mil now
  13. Connor Stone

    Game of Thrones by TelltaleGames

    I donno if this is gonna be good or bad as its game of thrones in the style of the walking dead game they made and i didn't think that the walking dead was that great tbh, felt to hold your hand and guide you through the game tbh
  14. Connor Stone

    SteamOS Beta is here

    More information here >>> http://store.steampowered.com/steamos/