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  1. Lazin

    Meet and greet with Lazin

    A note is hastily scrubbed on the board in the Hope: ”Hey everyone! I’m finally done with my duties in Doma and am returning home to TALE! I looked at the membership listing and either some of you have worser writing than me or there are a lot of new names I don’t recognize. I’ll be at the Sticky Pickle all day tomorrow, if you don’t know me, come by and say hello!” (So little personal information, I really haven’t played FFXIV very much at all since Stormblood’s release. At the time I had just started my year overnight at work that I have to do every 2-3 years. I had so little energy I didn’t feel up to play anything at all. I came back to days last month but I still felt like garbage so I saw my doctor and figured out what the problem really was, Type 2 Diabetes. After I got over the initial fear of hearing that and started taking new medicine and changing my diet, I feel better than I’ve felt in years. So I want to get caught up to speed on what’s been happening in TALE and who all you lovely new people are IC. I’ll be parking Lazin in the Sticky Pickle all day, just poke your head in and say hi. Give me your 30 second elevator pitch or your life story, whichever you like. If I do know you IC but you’ve had some major things change in the past year, come by too! I’ll keep Lazin parked at the Pickle but I might be away from the keyboard, if I’m not responding then send me a tell.)
  2. Lazin

    Treasure Time

    I'll be there. If I'm not on when this starts, ping me on Discord.
  3. Lazin

    IC dungeon runs

    Doing IC dungeon runs in Othard! RP at 8 central in WH, dungeon runs start at 9.
  4. Lazin

    Secret of Mana Remake (Seiken Densetsu 2)

    Needs more Seiken Sensetsu 3.
  5. Lazin

    Happy birthday Lindelle!

    Happy more belated birthday!
  6. Lazin

    Bochador Racing


    I close that night or I would love to come to this!!
  7. until
    This will be an IC RP run of the twisted tunnels on the other side of the portal discovered in the spriggan dig! We will use the Palace of the Dead levels 51-100 so please set aside some time for the dungeon to play out. The Undead's tunnels are structured chaotically and that will be reflected in the player's grouping, in between sets of 10 floors the parties will reshuffle so the people you enter 51-60 with won't be the same you go from 61-70 with! Each group will have an officer leading it with their own unique script for what will happen on their floors, as people shift and move between different groups, everyone will get a unique perspective of the Ashkin's plans! Because groups will be somewhat randomly formed, party builds could be different from the standard lineup. Every effort will be made to keep parties well balanced and to help with that, I'm asking anyone planning to attend to list what jobs they are comfortable going as. Each officer/party leader has 99/99 POTD gear and has a healer job ready so every single group will have at least one OP healer on duty!
  8. Lazin

    Happy Birthday Fhylie!!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Lazin

    The Spriggin's Deep Dig (of DOOM!) part 2


    Storyline thread link added to original post!
  10. Lazin

    The Spriggin's Deep Dig (of DOOM!) part 2


    Yes. I was going to write it up last night but I had a long day and just wanted to play a bit
  11. until
    The next part of the Spriggan storyline will happen at this time. Like before this will be a spontaneous event that we know is going to happen at this time OoCly. Storyline thread: https://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5622-spriggans-deep-dig-of-doom-storyline-thread/
  12. Lazin

    The Spriggins' Deep Dig (of DOOOOOM)


    This will not be a dungeon RP. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that not being combat ready won't be a problem.
  13. Lazin

    Hatching Tide

    Is that an egg that spawns baby Chocobos?! I'M GETTING A DOZEN!!
  14. Lazin

    Random Video Thread

    Maybe one day I'll catch up on my gaming backlog and I'll be ready to diggy diggy hole again...
  15. Lazin

    Random Video Thread

    You're making me want to dig...