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  1. Jenice

    Crafting Q&A Session

    Got crafting questions? Need crafting help? Come to the FC House on Sunday! https://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5647-crafting-qa-at-3-pm-pst-on-may-28th/
  2. Jenice

    Private Service Day - Clear Corps

    Want to get through that last bit of story or that one last trial before Stormblood? Let's go do it! https://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5646-clear-corps-saturday-may-27th-at-6-pm-pst/
  3. Jenice

    Private Service Day

    Come get help with content and get ready for Stormblood! https://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5636-private-service-day/
  4. Jenice

    Jenice Linnea's Tour of Rooms, Part II

    Come tour FC members' rooms and show off your own! https://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5631-jenice-linneas-tour-of-rooms-part-ii/
  5. Jenice

    Crafting Q&A Session

    Come with your crafting questions to the Q&A session on March 25th at the Wanderer's Hope! http://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5604-crafting-qa-on-march-25th/
  6. On March 25th, starting at 6PM Pacific, I'll be hosting a Q&A session on crafting. I'll go over ways to level craft classes, some ways to make money, and a little bit on general crafting rotations as well. Since everyone's levels/gear are different, after this meeting, I'll also be opening appointments for one-on-one detailed crafting help. Please post here, PM me on Discord, or send me a tell ingame if you'd like to arrange a crafting session ^^
  7. Jenice

    Find Jenice!

    Come find Jenice and win 500k! http://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5594-find-jenice/
  8. Jenice

    Diadem Exploration mission


    I'm there!
  9. Jenice

    Jenice Linnea's Meldstravaganza!

    Come see me smash materia! http://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5580-jenice-linneas-meldstravaganza/
  10. Jenice

    Gatherer's Scrip

    I've done a lot of gathering lately to get Blue Gatherer's Scrip so I could get the gathering Folklore tomes you need to collect Seventh Heavens and Astral Moraines. Here's what I've found. There is a WEALTH of information available in this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/3cy4q4/gathering_collectables_for_scrips_a_rotation_and/ Condensed Notes on Scrip Gathering You don't need to have perfect gear to start gathering collectables, but 600 GP is the magic number to do the most effective rotations. i180 Miner/Botanist/Fisher gear is available in Idyllshire, purchased with Rowena's Token (Blue Gatherer's Scrip) and Counterfoils that you purchase with Red Scrip collectables specific to each class. So gathering scrip gets easier as you go along. Try to get just enough Collectability to qualify for the turn-in, it's better to have more collectables than one with maximum Collectability Always eat GP food, NQ Dzemael Gratin can be cheaply bought in The Pillars in Ishgard and gives 24 GP. For blue scrip, the best rotation needs 600 GP: Discerning Eye > Methodical Appraisal > Discerning Eye > Methodical Appraisal > Single Mind > Methodical Apprisal, then Collecting the item. For red scrip, I've used a couple of rotations, they both need 600 GP. The first one was done with i145 mainhand/offhand, i180 left side gear and Level 50 melded accessories: Discerning Eye > Methodical Appraisal > Discerning Eye > Methodical Appraisal > Utmost Care > Methodical Appraisal > Utmost Care > Methodical Appraisal The second was done with i190 mainhand/offhand, i180 left side gear, and Level 50 melded accessories: Discerning Eye > Impulsive Appraisal > Discerning Eye > Impulsive Appraisal > Discerning Eye > Methodical Appraisal Here're the schedules I used when gathering for scrip:
  11. Jenice

    Relive the Battle of Carteneau -- LIVE!

    We're there!
  12. Jenice

    Funny Pictures Thread!

  13. Jenice

    LBed by the Queue Boss

    I might as well laugh:
  14. Jenice

    FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Official Benchmark Live!

    I switched to a solid state drive and added a 2nd GTX 980.
  15. Jenice

    FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Official Benchmark Live!

    Updated scores after hardware changes: DX9, 1920x1200, Maximum: 13,609 DX11, 1920x1200, Maximum: 14,737