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  1. until
    By the time this event rolls around, Pyros will be out and let's all hope they nerf Pagos in the process! If you're thinking about trying to finally get around to slogging through the Eureka questline and are at least high enough level to enter Pagos, come join us because at least we can all be miserable together. If there is interest/success, this can be continued on future weekends.
  2. Talon

    Free-ish Summer DLC

    I actually think that is exactly what they'd do. I recall seeing a post on the reddit that subsequently disappeared but had a title to the effect of "watch out if you're getting codes from people because you can be banned if it's a sketchy code."
  3. Talon

    Patch 3.25 Notes

    Fenrirs. Fenrirs everywhere. Also, Torv: you better be getting that bennu mount for Bennu Friend.
  4. Talon

    Patch 3.2 Trailer!

    I know I say this every time they come out with a patch trailer but OH MAN SO STOKED. THE INSPECTOR IS BACK.
  5. Talon

    Pony Farming

    Hey guys I kinda want to half-assedly pony farm a little bit so you should join me. Details below. If there is more than enough interest (which I doubt), I'll take who I can depending on party composition but no guarantees you'll make it, even if you signed up first. We will be doing EXACTLY seven (successful) runs of each primal. No more, no less. This is not a "let's all run until everyone has one!" party. Don't ask me why I picked seven. Everything is free lot. NEED roll for ponies. Barring extenuating circumstances you MUST stay for ALL 7 runs of a given primal. If you need to check out in between primals that's fine, though it'd be nice if people stayed the whole time unless they already have a pony and want to swap someone in for that primal. If you are seriously holding the group back (ie. you have caused several wipes or are spending most of the fight on the floor every time) I will politely ask you to step out. This is intended to be a quick event. It's preferred if you've done the fights before. If you have NOT, I'll probably have you sit out the first one and then come in on the second or third ones as necessary, that way we maximize tome bonuses. Timing is...flexible. I could move this to Monday if necessary, or move it around in the day on either day. Let me know.
  6. Talon

    Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays everyone

    Merry Christmas, D'a. And like everyone else too, I guess!
  7. Talon



    Sadly the reigning champion will not be able to return to hide-and-seek as I'll still be at work for all of it. :[
  8. Talon


    Khyra has an unhealthy obsession with this game, so if you want to know about it, just bring it up with her and I'm sure she will be happy to tell you everything you could ever want to know.
  9. Talon

    Alexander Trailer

    brb rerolling nin for awesome hood armor
  10. Talon

    Happy Birthday Ayla!!

    Happy birthday, Aybutt!
  11. Talon

    Heavensward Launch Trailer

    dibs on being warrior of darkness
  12. Talon


    Zeth we gotta set up a time to play again sometime! Remind me, you only have it for Wii U right? Not 3DS?
  13. Kotaku Article Official Site TLDR: Ryu, Roy, and Lucas are now available as DLC! Also the old N64 Kirby's Dreamland stage and a new stage based on Street Fighter!
  14. Talon

    Happy Birthday Talon!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys.