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  1. Happy birthday Ozak!

    Happy birthday, @Ozak Kuzak! I hope today is super for you! Have a treasure map cake.
  2. Killing Floor 2

    Yep, own it. Liking it more than KF1 so far, particularly due to the leveling changes. Only played a Commando so far, but I played a ton of Support and Demolitions (sadly not implemented yet) in the original. My Steam ID is "Cyresea"
  3. Happy Birthday Farah!

    Fisting a birthday cake? Sure. Happy birthday!
  4. At 1920x1080 Borderless Windowed: DX9 Maximum: 8579, "Extremely High" Average FPS: 71.274 Total Loading Time: 39.559 seconds DX11 Maximum: 6482, "Very High" Average FPS: 50.817 Total Loading Time: 41.868 seconds. Running on an SSD, with an i5 2500k and a GTX 670. I did have a livestream running in the background, and did a little Redditing, but those are normal conditions for my PC.

    So, Yda OP?
  6. Darkest Dungeon

    I picked it up back when it first hit Early Access. Really neat little game. And an example of Early Access done right: Lots of content, very playable, quite fun even in its unfinished state. I've shelved it since then though (after putting in about 14 hours). Didn't want to get burnt out on the unfinished version. Waiting for the proper release before I revisit it.
  7. Total War: WARHAMMER

    Wish it were 40k, but Fantasy works too. I just hope CA doesn't mess it up...
  8. Happy Birthday Frylie!

    Happy birthday Fhylie!
  9. As someone who doesn't care about Final Fantasy at all... additional crossover content doesn't matter to me in the slightest. Cool for people who like it though, assuming it's done well. Not sure I like the idea of mod support. I'm not really fond of what heavy modding did to WoW, between various quest helpers, boss mods, elitism resulting from damage meters and gearscore... And it's not like FFXIV's interface is terrible as it is.
  10. Lots of beautiful gear I'll no doubt be glamouring right away. Especially if it can't be dyed. Heh.
  11. Gold Saucer Congestion

    Seems to be clearing up. I tried to enter the Saucer about four times yesterday throughout the evening, and got in on the first try every time. Was still packed, but not "full".
  12. Jinx's Get Well Album

    Get better soon, Jinxy. We miss you!
  13. London Fanfest Keynote Bullet Points

    Wonder what they mean here. More minions and glamour sets for the cash shop? That should go without saying. Found a way to leech more money from players? Obviously you'll want to take advantage of that. But on the other hand, if they mean more free minions and glamour sets, particularly high-quality ones... I might actually not have a big issue with the cash shop in that case. I'll be shocked if that's what ends up happening though. Too easy to do a cash shop badly (intentionally or not). And honestly, Square-Enix doesn't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to these sorts of things. I'd gamble I'm alone, but I'm not really happy to hear this. Flying mounts were a cool novelty when they were introduced way back when in WoW. But I found they made the world feel significantly smaller, and made it harder to appreciate the world design. The world felt cool, alive, detailed initially, and then as soon as you got your flying mount, you didn't really see that anymore. You'd just fly above all the detail. And a zone that felt massive initially, would suddenly shrink down to a minuscule size. Apparently there's a lot of controversy about this. I didn't play FFXI, so the complaints about "It's supposed to be DPS, not a tank!" seem strange to me. Looking forward to it though. A Dark Knight makes a heck of a lot more sense for tanky-Rhoe than a Paladin of all things. I don't know if the "Vanu Vanu" are standard race in the Final Fantasy games. Regardless, as a semi-loyal member of the Vanu Sovereignty, I really hope they go with a different name!
  14. Portable 3DS Kinda FF14 Sort Of Thing

    Been following it for a little while. I definitely think it looks cool, and I am certainly going to pick it up at some point. Pity it's coming out the same day as Bayonetta 2 and Civ: Beyond Earth though.
  15. Archeage Beta Likes and Dislikes

    Archeage does look cool. It's been way too long since we've had a good, ground-based (sorry EVE) sandbox MMO. And the game certainly sounds like it's got a lot of variety in it. A lot of stuff to do, as opposed to the normal "Rush to the level cap and start raiding" system so many other games employ these days. I'm definitely not a fan of the PvP focus. I hate PvP (I've done Frontlines exactly once). However, their system doesn't sound... terrible. I found this after a quick web search. There's some variety there, rather than just blanket PvP rules like other MMOs do. And I'm glad there's a sort of punishment for indiscriminate killing of your own faction members. That's a nice twist. Though... I suppose "punishment" might not be the right word there. The F2P model is another thing that concerns me though. The whole Labor system kinda sounds like it was extracted from a mobile phone game. Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds... Would hate to see a game like this flop due to the F2P restrictions / design.