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  1. Dashegen

    Joint Sparring Exercises

    A piece of parchment is attached to the noticeboard: "With the threat of war looming on the horizon, The Adventure League and it's allies need to be prepared for what is to come. To help meet these preparations, I've decided to host a joint sparring session between members of The League, it's allies, and anyone else whom wishes to hone their skills before the days ahead. Rules, location, and method of the sparring exercises will be shared upon the day of said exercises. They will also depend on if we have a healer or two on hand or not. If you are interested, please write your names on the parchment below." - Dashegen
  2. Dashegen

    Mount Farm Fun time


    I'm DEFINITELY all for this, ESPECIALLY if we go after doggos.
  3. Created a monster, obviously.
  4. Insert maniacal laughter here.
  5. Dashegen

    TALE Kitty Murder Party


    This time I should be able to make it for sure as a Dark Knight!
  6. Dashegen

    TALE Kitty Murder Party


    Dark Knight as either Main Tank or Off-Tank, preferably Main-Tank. Hopefully this time I wont wake up sick. EDIT: Didn't notice this was on monday, woops! Cross me off the list, please!
  7. Dashegen

    Short Notice First TALE Endgame Run


    I'd prefer to go as main tank since that's what I've managed to clear Byakko on. Don't have any other roles for secondary options, sadly. EDIT: If we have more than two people wanting tank slots, I can volunteer to bow out for this one. EDIT 2: Going to be backing out of today's hard content, sadly. I woke up feeling really sick and don't think I'd be able to get in the right mindset for this. Apologies.
  8. Dashegen

    Happy Birthday Aveline!

    Happy day of birth, Aveline! You are now one year closer to doom level higher!
  9. Dashegen

    The Paths to Come and the Paths We Took


    Definitely gonna try to join for this!