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  1. Bardam Qestir

    The Mysterious Mirror Armour

    A simple piece of paper in pinned to the Wandering Hope's noticeboard, upon which is written in careful handwriting: "Adventurers of TALE, as I mentioned at the last meeting, I am in possession of a piece of armour, a cuirass, that has a mirror sheen, yet it does not reflect the room around it. Instead, it seems to show what the wearer is thinking about, including all the good and all the bad associated with it. I would very much like to learn more about how it works and its origins, so I wish to pay either the Great Gubal Library, or the isle of Eureka a visit, as either of these places are likely to have some form of text on it. Any that wish to come, please let me know, and of any preferences. Obviously, this would also be a good opportunity to look for any scripture that you are interested in as well." OOC: RP dungeon run! Number of folk may dictate where we go, if there's enough interest!
  2. Bardam Qestir

    TALE Kitty Murder Party


    I can go as BLM/NIN, but don't mind dropping out to make space for someone that wants to go and hasn't cleared or got any weapons yet.
  3. Bardam Qestir

    TALE Kitty Murder Party


    I can go as Black Mage (OBVIOUSLY), but if we're hurting for a bit of party synergy, I can go as NIN too. Either or.
  4. Bardam Qestir

    Short Notice First TALE Endgame Run


    It's me, Bardam (BLM)
  5. Bardam Qestir

    Battle Training [RP/Combat]


    I'd like to go, but don't need the emote. Can step out if there's folk that really want it.
  6. Bardam Qestir

    Happy Birthday Aveline!

    Happy birthday, yo!
  7. Bardam Qestir

    The Azim Steppe

    Having some free time on his hands, Bardam has put up a notice stating that he is keen to show folk around the Steppe, on a sort of cross between a guided tour and a camping trip. There is no set itinerary, the group would just explore the land according to their whims. Although the stated date is the first day of it, with the benefits of aetheryte technology, Bardam would be more than willing to go along with folk on practically any day, any time. ((Basically, this is just an impromptu, ongoing event that I just came up with. Although the stated date (tomorrow, at the time of this post) would be when I'm hoping a few of us can all go as a group, this is basically a continuous invitation to stop being a bunch of basement-dwellers, get away from all the trappings of 'civilisation' and come and hang out at the stunningly beautiful Azim Steppe. So don't worry if you can't make it tomorrow (as I know it is short notice): any time, just message me, in some shape of form, and we'll go hang out. Come and enjoy the great outdoors, in video game form!))
  8. Bardam Qestir

    Bird Hunt: Sophia's Lanner


    Friday is raid night, so I probably can't come, but if it happens to get cancelled, then I'll be free.
  9. Bardam Qestir

    Happy Birthday Ari!

    Happy birthday, Afro Cat!
  10. Bardam Qestir

    Artifact Hunting 2.0


    I'm a Black Mage!
  11. Bardam Qestir

    Bardam's Mettle

    A notice is posted on the board in the main hall, inviting one and all to test their mettle in...Bardam's Mettle. A gauntlet of sorts situated in The Azim Steppe, Xaela warriors would traditionally make the attempt to make it from one end to the other. Upon successfully completely the trial, victorious warriors would emerge with the respect of all tribes, and the right to take a yol, a mighty bird native to the Steppe, as a loyal mount. Bardam Qestir is keen to show others this trial, to give them an opportunity to test their strength, spirit and guile in ways they may never have experienced before. It is also an opportunity for his Eorzean comrades to experience another side of the Xaela culture, as well as to gain a new ally in the yol. Aetheryte attunement to the crystal in Reunion is required. Hello, one and all! I would like to invite you all to experience Bardam's Mettle! No relation! These would be IC dungeon runs (lvl 65 or above), as many as needed to get folk through. If you think your character would be interested, then please, RSVP!
  12. Bardam Qestir

    Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Happy birthday! Holy shit, you're only a few days younger than me! Mine was the 4th!
  13. Bardam Qestir

    Happy Birthday Bardam!!

    Ta very much, guvna!
  14. Bardam Qestir

    Happy Birthday Bardam!!

    Birthman Cakeater. My thanks!
  15. Bardam Qestir

    Happy Birthday Bardam!!

    Ta very much! \o/