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  1. Jynx_Veritas

    Let's Get Stuff Done


    If im on and you need a filler dps let me know Ozak
  2. easy pickings... though I fear revenge may be swift
  3. apparently Claus was having none of our manderville shenanigans (in actuality he just stopped first)
  4. Thanks to Jenice and M'hana, this thread is getting revived... also further tormenting of plot 11 ward 8 of the mists
  5. She runs the house. Even the big one lets her have her way. Shes literally a criminal mastermind
  6. One of my axolotls. He was extra photogenic today. Couldnt resist And then theres these two nerds. Luna (destroyer of worlds) the low content wolf dog rescue and moxie the jack russel mix from hell.