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  1. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Saddle Up!

    Alright folks! First night in what is set to be another static event, much like Ozak's maps on Tuesday! Every night we're going to run a different EX fight. Once a week, we'll key in on a certain mount and grind our time away to get it for any and everyone who wants it! This week, we're starting pretty simple with the ARR primals! Please look forward to it~ The goal is obviously a full party. If we don't fill up, no biggie. If we do, we can easily switch in when someone gets a mount! If by chance the RSVP pool is full, throw me a private message and I'll add you to the sub list!
  2. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Friday Night Maps!

    YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. MAPS IS GOING HARD. This is for the folks who can't quite make Ozak's posse on Tuesdays! Let's see if we can't make some gat-damn gil, yeh?! Leftist life best life and all that!
  3. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Trouble Comes in Threes! Part 4

    After a much needed break, that EVERYONE needed, Nobi comes with a dire look on her face. It is time to face the trouble that is the Warring Triad! By the time the event begins, Nobi will have unlocked the gates. It is up to us all to take down the first of the obstacles, Sephirot the Demon. Will we come out of this unscathed? ((This event will be run synched! A fair warning, so expect the hurt. Starting with 8, but if we get more, then we can do two separate teams running interference. The pre-requisite for Sophia is to beat Sephirot! So if both parties flub up their instance, next week will be back to Sephirot!! Add that sense of danger to our lives, y'know? Please look forward to it. ))
  4. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Trouble Comes in Threes! Part 3

    Syrcus Tower has been conquered! And just in time. Along with the data that was possibly needed, the motley crew of ragtags managed to stop another Allagan bred cataclysm and deactivated the Tower from reactivating. Got some pretty loot, a tomestone, aaaaand... Loads of mental anguish. Upon defeating the re-re-re(?)-incarnated Emperor Xande, prying his stave from his grubby hands, and deactivating the tower, Selphie made a surprise appearance!! Much to everyone's shock, she began to walk across the platform with little care, spewing nonsense that was heard from a holographic face that spoke cryptic words. Though, before anyone took notice or could stop her, a Void Tear opened up. Wriggling tendrils shot out and grabbed Selphie! Aea went to her rescue, and the two of them were pulled in. Before an impromptu rescue could be mounted, every person heard the same words, along the lines of "This portal will reopen in a weeks time, come challenge our might." Huh, convenient! The catch, however, is that everyone heard it spoken from a different voice. And everyone's mental constitution seemed shaken at events' end. Went their separate ways to recover. You can ask anyone who attended, they may or may not be willing to divulge! Will you be brave enough to stand up and save Selphie, save Aea? With the risk of something that left even Fhylie shaken? Well, we do hope so! Your attendance is appreciated and very much needed! ((This is the conclusion to the Crystal Tower portion of things, and will deal with us going into the World of Darkness!! All bosses being (sort of) tweaked to suit our plot, and will hopefully be ominous and fulfilling to each and every one of you! May it also lead to excellent development opportunities in how your character literally faces their fears!))
  5. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Trouble Comes in Threes! Part 2

    Nobi, Selphie, and Aea managed to get the team together, however lacking in numbers, and get to the Crystal Tower unscathed. Using Selphie and Aea's unique quirks, the way forward was open, though at the cost of Selphie going into a sort of hibernation due to low aether reserves. The team overall took to the Labyrinth of the Ancients to find that the monstrosities that the Warrior of Light previously fought were reborn! However, it was seemingly recent, as the group of thirteen powered through without breaking so much of a sweat. At the end of the Labyrinth, the Allagan experts managed to squeeze out some raw data from a teleportation node. Data logs from way back when, speaking of a portion of the answers that were needed. The team from there took Selphie to a safe place, and sought to reconvene once gathering our wits. This next chapter will take us through the bulk of Syrcus Tower, where G'raha was thought to have sealed himself away. Will they find the same monstrosities returned to life to keep them from continuing on? Only time will tell, but anyone able to assist is urged to meet at the same time as last week, only this time in the Seventh Heaven in Revenant's Toll. ((This is the second installment of a chain event, it will begin with a simple segue into the Tower, where things may or may not start to get a little bit more complicated for our motley crew!))
  6. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Trouble Comes in Threes! CT/Warring Triad Plot.

    Confirmed on standby via our external additions: Aea Taharka Naomi Mitsuki Kogoeru Naosiene Dracyn Navarre
  7. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Trouble Comes in Threes! CT/Warring Triad Plot.

    Nobi, Selphie, and Aea have had their share of troubles under Naih'a's care. One such instance occurred in Azys Lla, where it set about a chain reaction of chaos. While Nobi and Co. had found a way to maintain the problem for the time being, it came back to nip them in the bud, and now Eorzea could be in danger! Having brought the Warring Triad to Aveline's attention, they sought to fix what they so haphazardly tucked under the metaphorical bed some time ago. Only, recently, Selphie seems to be having troubles processing and functioning. With Selphie being a key to dealing with the Triad, Nobi needs all available bodies to accompany her to the Crystal Tower so that they may find a cure, mend whatever ails Selphie, and get back to the more catastrophic matters at hand! ((This is the first of a chain event, and it's a simple convening, catching everyone up to speed, and then tackling the Labyrinth of Ancients! Accompanying us will be Aea Taharka and members of the Free Company, the Wayward Star! Please look forward to it.))
  8. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Storytime Outing


    I'll tell a story!
  9. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    TALE Kitty Murder Party


  10. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Gazelleskin Maps?!

    Ozak said he had something going on irl, but why stop that sweet and steady flow of gil? Let's get this train rolling!!!! Scheduled 30 minutes later than usual to accommodate for Farah. As per usual, first 8 are guaranteed a spot, and any overflow can maybe be used to form a second party? Or serve as a rep in the event that someone has to drop..
  11. Nobi // Naih'a // Erissa

    Coil Savage Title Blitz!

    Have you been keen on being known as the Melusine Mauler? Rafflesia Reaper? Maybe you want to be the next Avatar! Well, we're all level 70(at least most of us, no shame if not), let's take advantage of that and show that old content who is boss!! This expedition will be led by your knight in the most reluctantly shining armor, Erissa Oaks, and we shall be going for completion! A few things to take into account: We can and will accomodate to composition should more than 8 be interested. Hells, I'll rerun it all with you if we're short a few hands. Level 70 is NOT required, but 50 definitely is. 70 just makes it easier. Also, end time is subject to change, based on how much time we do or do not need!