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  1. Kahooli

    Any updates about login queues?

    Thanks for putting up with my venting, everyone. Yesterday was a very long day at work and the queue was kind of the last straw. I do hope it gets better soon! The lack of communication from SE has been the frustrating part. Fortunately today is my day off and I was able to log in this morning and I was FINALLY able to finish the 3.0 MSQ!
  2. Kahooli

    Any updates about login queues?

    That's unfortunate to hear...I may need to cancel my subscription for a time if that's the case. I don't want to be paying for a game that I can't play. Update: Got into the game after a two hour queue, played about 15 minutes, then got kicked out. Tried to log back in and was greeted with a 4,011 queue. No thanks.
  3. Kahooli

    Any updates about login queues?

    Hi guys, I wish I could play! I work a lot of hours and just got home, only to find a login queue over 4000. There's no way I'll be able to get in the game tonight, yet again. I wasn't able to get in last night either. I was able to log in for a little while during the day on Saturday and Sunday, but I just don't have enough free time to still play after being in a queue for two hours or longer. All I see on the forums/lodestone is "please use the world transfer service." It's very frustrating to not get any updates from the devs about this. Has anyone heard anything else? World transfer is not an option for me because I like it here so much :). Was Heavensward this bad when it launched? Hopefully I'll get in game sometime! I'm very close to finishing the MSQ for 3.0, and hope to be able to participate in more stuff with you guys as a result.
  4. Kahooli

    The Paths to Come and the Paths We Took


    IF I manage to finish the MSQ (and that's a big IF), I may stop by for at least part of the time. This sounds like fun!