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  1. Indelecio Wraith

    Tournament of Crimson Embers signups

    Well, it seems like there is some interest, but a few of the people interested have said basically the same thing: Saturday nights are bad for them. I am thinking about taking a poll to kinda guage when else I could even do it, but the problem is I can only guarantee Saturdays for my own participation.
  2. For those who have not heard, I am looking to organize an RP tournament of arms, hosted by Cyrillus wir Invictus, which will take place Saturday evenings spanning several weeks. The tournament will consist of teams of 4 fighting to win glory and honor in different locales around SB. Each event will be one match in which each team fights in four 1v1 duels. As such, teams will need to be registered before such a competition can begin. This post is for anyone to post their team roster. If you already have a team of four put together, please list your team's name and the members who will participate. If you would like to participate, but do NOT have a team put together already, you may also post here to be placed in a team. Furthermore, for the non-combatants who wish to watch the games we shall have entertainment such as refreshments and -potentially- gambling. I could use volunteers to oversee acting as entertainers for the crowd, as well as commentators for the matches. Hope we can get this going!