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  1. Been gone for a bit, but... we're back! :ohmy:  Now with an all new lalafell flavouring! :wub:

    1. Aveline


      Mmmm delicious lalaflavor!

    2. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      Yay! ^^

  2. Darbii Rue has now become... Popoko Poko! Just so you know, so you're not confused or sumfin'. :?:

  3. Officially my first day back in TALE!

    1. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      Yay!! ^^

    2. Darbii Rue

      Darbii Rue

      Won't be on tonight, sadly. Almost bedtime and working on this wedding guest list thing. Meh.

    3. Aveline


      Woo! /confetti