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  1. The Duke (Selphie)

    Murder on the Ishgardian Express

    Things have been eerily quiet since Antoinette last showed her face. Too quiet. All those who once felt her aetherial presence- her overwhelming hatred and eyes watching them- have found her to be gone. There was simply no trace to be found of the void witch whose last words were a threat of death to all. Until now. Pakiki has sent word to all TALE members that Lady Hatsu- the Duke's granddaughter- has contacted the company pearl with urgent news to share with everyone and announcing her arrival at the Hope- "Something terrible has happened. I have given word to all those in the House to not speak a word of it to Grandfather until I arrive to tell you all in person. While I have not made him aware the seriousness of the situation- I must tell all of you that it is quite clearly meant to punish Grandfather, and may very well be serving as bait to lure him. Please keep an eye on him- I have tried to keep this concealed from him in order to prevent any rash decisions but I am afraid that there may be limits to what I can do at the moment. I am most apologetic regarding the secretive nature of this missive- however I have every reason to believe it is dangerous to speak in any regards other than in person. I will arrive at the Hope soon. Please. Be careful. Do not be alone. Do not let Grandfather be alone." It with this message, that the members of TALE convene at the Hope to await Lady Hatsu's arrival- bringing their weapons and wits in anticipation of a fight. ((OOC Notes: This event will be taking place in two places! We will be meeting at The Hope first before going to the Mists, 6th Ward Topmast Apartment Room #4- the second half that will be taking place in the apartment will ICly be taking place in Ishgard! So dress warm There will be a combat sequence, however even if you cannot fight- healers will be needed/and or your character can opt out of the combat. :3 Any questions can be directed towards me on Discord - Selphie/The Duke#7705. Also to make things easier during the combat sequence, I'm going to be creating a group chat in discord with everyone. This is SOLELY to keep track of enemies and hp, so things don't get lost in-game. There may be interim filler RP between now and this event- but this will be the next major plot point in the overarching plot. Any questions can be directed towards me on Discord - Selphie/The Duke#7705. See you there!)
  2. The Duke (Selphie)

    Cake By The Ocean.

    A letter has found it's way to you- Dear ----- Things... things are hard right now, and... I cannot thank all of you enough for what you've done for me. How you've all put up your arms in order to... protect me, your friend. However I've realized what you've all said is correct- we must remain strong against adversity. I'd like to invite you all over to the Mists, for a picnic before it gets too cold. It's... not much, I know. But it is all I can do to offer my thanks for all that you have done, and... will do for me. The picnic will start at [12:30PMCST] on Sunday... I hope to see you all there. Please bring any refreshments you may desire. And... thank you again from the bottom of my heart. The Duke. While it seems a bit strange to be having a picnic now of all times, you feel a little bit reassured that perhaps the Duke has come to terms with what has happened with the reappearance of his wife Antoinette, and wishes to regroup for a battle plan. With that in mind- you make your way to the beaches near his home with a pep in your step. {OOC: This event will be taking place in the Mists, 6th Ward, down on the beach by the pier. If you RSVP to this event, please know this is NOT A COMBAT EVENT, and you agree to allow your character to be restrained by a villian (however said villian will NOT be injuring your character. if for some reason you do want to be injured in this roleplay... feel free to DM me and ask? but otherwise this is not meant to be a combat roleplay with fighting and or injuries!) This event is also earlier in the day to accommodate a UK player who will be joining us! If you've any questions, feel free to DM me on Discord- Selphie/The Duke#7705)
  3. The Duke (Selphie)

    A Fated Meeting

    A message was placed in the early morning at the Hope as follows: "It reeks of filth and unclean souls. How dare you use him for your lowly errands of sin. Halone shall smite you and I shall reclaim him." Left behind as well were two rosaries- old and ancient... clearly not from this century or... even the past few centuries. A hooded figure was seen leaving the Hope shortly after, and while she left the estate, her presence still lingered about- and there was talk of her accosting any who dared to enter or leave the Hope. Those poor souls who came across her were left with a single name, and a single warning as shadows crept up to clutch at their throats... "Stay away from him or there will be no chance for your salvation." While it is clear she is some manner of madwoman, it is also clear she has her eyes set on The Hope, and TALE for reasons yet unknown. A meeting has been called to discuss the threat, and the rosaries left behind alongside them. ((OOC notes: This is the start of a plot involving Duke! I have a Lucky Sparrow show Monday, but it's the early show- so I should be done about 30 minutes prior to the meeting starting, but in the off chance I may be late- feel free to start the discussion early! (But it's doubtful that I will be.) If you'd like to have a bit of a more in depth role in this plot, feel free to message me on Discord and we can work something out. Any questions about it, again feel free to message me!))
  4. The Duke (Selphie)

    Downtime Funtime

    Hey guys! Seeing as there's maintenance super early today (6pmPST-10pmPST!) I thought it might be fun to have a little watch party, and what better thing to watch than the super cool series, The Fall and Rise of FFXIV! If you haven't seen the series yet, it's an in progress series detailing the trials and tribulations FFXIV had as a MMO until it became the game we all play today. There's 7 episodes, about 20 minutes each so far. It's a great series for both 1.0 players to delve into some nostalgia and for new players who never got the chance to play to see how it was like. It's a pretty informative series, and pretty cool to watch. Once maintenance hits, I'll make a room on rabb.it and both old and new players alike can come together and.... enjoy the beautiful trainwreck that 1.0 was and see it become the game we love to play but also sometimes still seriously hate! :,D Thanks Yoshi-p! There's also a series done by the same guy called "Remnants of a Realm" that looks at specific features/locations in 1.0 that are still in the game today, and some that are not that we can also check out if we finish TFaR. see you there~
  5. The Duke (Selphie)

    The Curious Kidnapping of Dracyn Navarre

    Late at night, very nearly early morning - the Duke storms into the Hope, soaking wet from the rain, and looking enraged - he clearly has not slept at all. He makes his way over to the notice board- taking out a dagger and driving it through a piece of parchment - making sure it catches the eye of anyone who walks by. It reads: I have reason to believe Dracyn has been kidnapped- and judging from what scarce evidence I was able to gather- his kidnappers mean to see him dead unless I find them first. I am offering a substantial reward for anyone with information, and in the event of a rescue - a reward for anyone willing to help me put down the dogs that saw fit to cross me, and Dracyn's safe return. Contact me via linkpearl if you wish to help. ----------OOC Notes---------- Hey guys! So as you can tell from above, Dracyn has been kidnapped and Duke is PISSED. If you've ever wanted to get stabby with some pirates, NOWS YOUR CHANCE! This event will be split up into two parts. Starting at 2pmCST, there will be an investigation, leading to a dead-end/false rescue. Following that- there will be the proper actual rescue in which the Gang Beats Up Some Pirates! If you're looking for some combat rp, and you wanna fight- here's your chance! That being said, there is potential for injury, and whatnot- and this is a darker themed roleplay/event so please keep that in mind! If you've any questions, hit me (Duke) up on Discord! If you think you can't make it because of the 2pm start time, please be aware that that is just the start time for the investigation portion. The actual rescue will be happening later, early evening and such. We'll be meeting in the Mists, 6th Ward - Plot 11. Duke thanks you in advance.
  6. The Duke (Selphie)

    Trouble Comes in Threes! CT/Warring Triad Plot.

    I'm listed as going, but I may not be available for this first official bit due to house renovations and moving. (My guess is that I WILL be available, more than likely.) I am available for pre-event RP as Selphie though - if anyone wants to meet the person who we're helping.