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  1. The Duke (Selphie)

    The Curious Kidnapping of Dracyn Navarre

    Late at night, very nearly early morning - the Duke storms into the Hope, soaking wet from the rain, and looking enraged - he clearly has not slept at all. He makes his way over to the notice board- taking out a dagger and driving it through a piece of parchment - making sure it catches the eye of anyone who walks by. It reads: I have reason to believe Dracyn has been kidnapped- and judging from what scarce evidence I was able to gather- his kidnappers mean to see him dead unless I find them first. I am offering a substantial reward for anyone with information, and in the event of a rescue - a reward for anyone willing to help me put down the dogs that saw fit to cross me, and Dracyn's safe return. Contact me via linkpearl if you wish to help. ----------OOC Notes---------- Hey guys! So as you can tell from above, Dracyn has been kidnapped and Duke is PISSED. If you've ever wanted to get stabby with some pirates, NOWS YOUR CHANCE! This event will be split up into two parts. Starting at 2pmCST, there will be an investigation, leading to a dead-end/false rescue. Following that- there will be the proper actual rescue in which the Gang Beats Up Some Pirates! If you're looking for some combat rp, and you wanna fight- here's your chance! That being said, there is potential for injury, and whatnot- and this is a darker themed roleplay/event so please keep that in mind! If you've any questions, hit me (Duke) up on Discord! If you think you can't make it because of the 2pm start time, please be aware that that is just the start time for the investigation portion. The actual rescue will be happening later, early evening and such. We'll be meeting in the Mists, 6th Ward - Plot 11. Duke thanks you in advance.
  2. The Duke (Selphie)

    Trouble Comes in Threes! CT/Warring Triad Plot.

    I'm listed as going, but I may not be available for this first official bit due to house renovations and moving. (My guess is that I WILL be available, more than likely.) I am available for pre-event RP as Selphie though - if anyone wants to meet the person who we're helping.