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    Basic Details Character Name: Ophelia Sage Main Jobs (If you have all jobs to max level, just pick one or two that you prefer to play the most): White Mage Crafting/Gathering classes played: I love mining Character Race: mi'qote Character Gender: female Character Age: 35 Lodestone Link: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/10660098/ In-Character Questions (Skip these if you are not a roleplayer) Physical Description: Please describe how you look so we might recognize you. Include a small headshot, if you can, for our records. Ophelia has very light almost white blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She's usually dressed in all white. Please provide names & contact information of any relatives or close friends we should contact for you, in case of emergency or unfortunate accidents: Are you closely tied to any particular deity? Please describe any religious affiliations: What is your interest in joining TALE? Were you referred to us by someone in particular? (( I am looking for an RP FC where I can experience RP in Final Fantasy. Been having a hard time finding RPers. )) Do you have any mortal fears, severe allergies, or other... conditions that we should know about before we go exploring the world with you? Not at this time, Ophelia's curiosity always has her out and about. Are there any organizations seeking to kill, capture, or otherwise incapacitate you? No. Would you risk your life to save a stranger in need? Of course. What do you consider the greatest wrong that an adventurer can commit? Betrayal What would you describe as ‘true evil’? What is your greatest flaw? The greatest deeds are often achieved with friends; do you work well with others? Yes I do. If accepted into TALE as a member, would you prefer to live in our headquarters or do you have a place of your own? I would probably live in the headquarters. Please tell us a little about yourself (whatever you would like to say): Out of Character Questions Are you over 18? Yes I am 35 What timezone do you play in and what is your general play schedule like during the week? Central and I usually play from 8:30pm and on. Have you been in any other Free Companies in FFXIV? If so, which ones? I have in the past but nothing exciting to remember. What do you hope to gain from joining TALE? I am hoping to find a tight knit FC that likes to do things together and is friendly. How would you describe good teamwork? Working together, making compromises in order for everyone to enjoy the experience. Have you played any other MMOs before? If so, which ones? EeverQuest, EverQuest2, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 11, Vanguard, Shadowbane, Elderscrolls Online I can't think of the rest atm haha. What sort of content do you prefer to take part in the most? (Roleplaying, Crafting, Raiding, Dungeons, Trials, Story Content, Etc.) I enjoy all of it. What is your favorite thing about Final Fantasy XIV? The story, always the story. Most of our communication during group events is done through Discord. A mic is not required, but it is very helpful. Will using Discord and/or a microphone be an issue for you if you join TALE? I do have Discord