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    * Character Lodestone link: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/15726135/ * Are you 18+? Yes. * We require that all members of TALE consider us their primary Free Company & we do not allow membership for alts-only. Do you confirm that you're interested in joining TALE on your primary character(s) that you predominantly play on in FFXIV? That is correct, Sylveret is my main character * What timezone do you play in? PST/MST, it depends on the time of year on account of AZ not changing clocks. * What is your general play schedule like? I'm usually online in the late evenings, 8:30 PM to about 1 AM PST in that range. It varies. * Have you been in any other Free Companies in FFXIV? If so, which ones? Primarily I was in Unfettered for the longest amount of time. Other than that mostly 2 week periods to try out free companies here and there over the years. Most recently I was in SW-RP but they are all east coast and rather small so it just wasn't a good fit. * What are you looking for in TALE/a Free Company? Looking for members and RP that varies into my play time as well as socialization and content running. * Do you have/are you able to use Discord? If you cannot or are uncomfortable using Discord, please explain below. No issues with discord. Syl#5093 if needed. //If this is a non-roleplaying app, no need to answer the rest of the questions. If you are a role-player, please continue! (assume that anything written below has been turned in to the League & reviewed by officers in character)// CHARACTER BASICS: Name/Nicknames: Sylveret Laquaint or Syl for short. Age: 22 Race/Clan: Duskwight Elezen Gender: Male Where are you from?: A small subterranean Duskwight Clan bordering The Black Shroud and Coerthas. Describe yourself for us (physically): Rather on the short side for an Elezen. Black ash skin and snow white hair. Wine colored eyes made more apparent by black sclera. What's your story, stranger? What brings you to the League? I recently had a run-in with a member of your company a few days back at the Quicksand. We chatted over drinks about a myriad of things. Beliefs, ideals, recent personal history and what have you. It was made apparent I'm a bit of an adventurer myself, albeit a wandering one, and that I could use a little more direction. If the rest of your ranks are as genuine as she is at least by half, well, that is something I would very much like to be apart of. Do you have a patron deity? What are your religious affiliations, if any? I am not presently religious or do I have a patron deity. If I had to claim one I suppose Oschon would be fitting. However, my clan did mostly worship Nald'thal. Do you have any mortal fears, severe allergies, or other... conditions that we should know about before we go exploring the world with you? Fear of death, to say the least. Or rather passing before my time. Then again, what sane person wouldn't fear death? No allergies but...I do have a condition. Some recent memory loss I am still recollecting. Some has been claimed but I am not whole yet. Are there any organizations seeking to kill, capture, or otherwise hunt you down? If so, is this going to be an issue for the League? None of note. I am not on the wrong side of the law or any sort of criminal organization that would wish ill of me. Would you risk your life to save a stranger in need? It would far be from the first time I have, so yes. What do you consider the greatest wrong that an adventurer can commit? To not see through a job once taken. True conviction is needed to be an adventurer, lack of it when its needed would be close to the greatest wrong they could commit. What would you describe as ‘true evil’? The actions of the corrupt against those of the oppressed. Please list two of your best strengths and two of your flaws: Two of my best strengths would be that I'm headstrong enough to rush in and help those in need, as well as how quick I am to learn. I only need to be shown a thing once or twice before I grasp the concept and am able to complete it myself. For flaws my biggest one would be my inability to read or write. This form itself is being filled out by a scribe I've paid to do so, although I have no way of knowing how well my words are being captured. Aside from that my being headstrong could also be considered a flaw, fools do rush in as well. Again, something I could use better direction in. The greatest deeds are often achieved with friends. How well do you work with a team? I've yet to make an enemy once I've known them. I get along with most, and have had very few negative interactions. The times I have had to work with others on the random adventuring work, I do well to support my team and ensure all make it home whole. This space left blank: View full TALE membership application