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  1. Aveline


    This is finally it... a TALE adventure into the cyberpunk landscape of Seattle 2072: Shadowrun. See the Shadowrun channel in our Discord for more details on how to create a character. More details to follow, this text is more of a placeholder and to get a head count.
  2. It's All Saint's Wake and a sexy werewolf has infiltrated Wanderer's Hope! BETTER FIND THEM QUICK, BEFORE WE ARE ALL SEDUCED TO DEATH*! Come in costume for TALE's All Saints' Wake party, where we will eat, drink, and find out which among us is the deadly werewolf. Prizes for either the werewolf who devours everyone or the person(s) who figure out who it is first and saves us all. This is a private League party, but you are more than welcome to invite friends from other Companies if you like. Refreshments and socializing for the first hour. Then the hunt begins! *The werewolf is just a normal werewolf & it will eat you to death, no seducing. Unless you're into that vore stuff, I guess. -------------------------- OOC: We will be playing this game! This is one of my absolute favorite party games and it should be even more fun in character!
  3. Aveline

    POSTPONED - Rabanastre Raid & RP

    This event has been postponed due to illness, sorry T_T Please forgive We WILL be going into Rabanastre in character to look for Lady Tetevo's much-coveted ancient device, so please have the raid unlocked. We will be RPing through the linkpearl during the raid, and in person before & after. Meet up at Wanderer's Hope!
  4. Aveline

    Mount Farm Fun time


  5. Aveline

    Make It Rain 2018 Campaign

    Trouble in Paradise A patron recently come from the Gold Saucer claims it to be haunted. What brave soul will help Godbert Manderville rid his gilded halls of this phantom menace? More details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2018/the_make_it_rain_campaign/ uirementLevel 15 Players must first complete one of the following main scenario quests: "The Gridanian Envoy," "The Ul'dahn Envoy," or "The Lominsan Envoy." Must be level 15+
  6. Aveline

    Officer Meet-Up & Adventuring

    Start around 5-ish Pacific? Whenever we can all get on. Then let's get our RP going \o/ This event is officers-only
  7. Aveline

    All-Hands June Meeting

    This All-Hands meeting is not to be missed! We have a special guest, Lady Tetevo Tevo, stopping by the Wanderer's Hope to go over the details of a job of utmost importance. Additionally, the officers have several announcements to make, both in character and OOC. Please try to make it if you can.
  8. Aveline

    [RP] Ridorana Lighthouse Exploration

    [IC] The scholarly demon, Ixivious, appears to have awoken from a moons-long nap & is urgently requesting the League set forth for the Ridorana Cataract at once. Why? He's.. hedgy about that. But no doubt many interesting and high-priced items lay waiting for brave adventurers to come pick them up and dust off centuries of neglect! Since the L'exi is commissioned indefinitely for transport to Val, we will be flying aboard the Vessel of Inquiry to our destination. Meet up at Wanderer's Hope in the workshop and bring some supplies. [OOC] We will be running the new 24-man instance so please have it unlocked ahead of time! Due to time constraints, we will not be able to wait and will be setting out at about 6:15, after a little preliminary RP in the house. Once we are in the instance, all RP will be done over our linkpearl until the duty is complete. After that, we can stick around if people like to take screenshots and do any final Lighthouse RP until the instance kicks us out. This is part of TALE's ongoing storyline! We'll be taking pictures and video and posting snippets from the event on our Tumblr. Please RSVP!
  9. Aveline

    Treasure Time

    I'm in!
  10. Aveline

    Storytime Outing


    I'm telling a story! (PS--no need to go into details here; if you want to tell a story at the event, just comment like this!)
  11. Aveline

    Storytime Outing

    It's mid-spring and the weather is getting warmer. What better time to gather with friends under blossoming trees and share a few stories picked up along the road during our adventures? Please post here if you would like to tell a story & we'll set up a storyteller order during the event. Feel free to come early or stay later for more before and after social RP! Friends are welcome to come along. We will gather up at the Plum Spring in Yanxia--if you cannot fly in that zone yet, we will fly you up. Coordinates are approximately: ( 36.1 , 24.5 ) Z: 1.7
  12. Aveline

    May All-Hands Meeting!

    It's the May All Hands! \o/
  13. Aveline

    April All-Hands Meeting!

    The last weekend of April still counts as April! Sorry for the delay, but here at last is our April All-Hands meeting. Please login & join us if your schedule allows. All-Hands meetings in TALE are a chance for everyone in the group to come together, get to know each other, share ideas, thoughts, and upcoming events. Please do not be shy, if you have something to say or something you want to do! This is what these meetings are for. Hope to see you all there!
  14. Aveline

    Royalty Night at the Swaggering Angel


    Rules taken from the last game! Royals~ Rules and terms Hand: The person to the right of the Royal. After being 'used’ by a roll of 2 the position of Hand moves one spot over. It is reset when there is a regime change. The hand also determines what flavour the jelly bean is. The Royal may decide to keep their hand the same each round however, deferring decrees and the like to them as they desire. Decrees: The royal can also choose to steal a clothing item from those who roll a decree. Royal: First determined by highest roller (d1000) or whoever rolled 0 last If you refuse to do the decree you forfeit ALL clothing (unless most agree it was too extreme or super gross, let's keep it fun guys!). If nude? A smack on the tush from everyone! If you remain the Royal until your turn comes around again there is a revolt and a new Royal is randomly determined as above (The Royal doesn't get to roll this time) On any odd roll: take a sip from your drink On any even roll: Eat a mystery jellybean. Maybe it tastes like popped corn. Maybe it tastes like dirt! 1 Royal Jewels: The Royal strips and flashes! What they remove or expose is determined by the roller. 2 Royal Alchemist: Drink one potion selected at random from the crate. 3 Usurper flogged! The roller removes an article of clothing and is flogged by item of the Royal's choice. Leek provided. 4 Kneel before your liege: Take a shot from however the Royal desires you to. (A wooden, tube shaped container will be provided) 5 Decree! Do as your Lord commands. 6 Decree! Do as your Lord commands 7 Decree! Do as your Lord commands. 8 Dirty little secrets… answer a question posed to you. 9 Thief! Lose a limb. Obviously we're not doing surgery in the middle of a room but I have these handy leather bags with drawstrings.. 0 Pitchforks and torches! The regime changes to the roller. The previous royal is flogged or stripped of an item, at the new Royal’s choice.
  15. Aveline

    Royalty Night at the Swaggering Angel

    KINGS & QUEENS at THE SWAGGERING ANGEL Tavern & Adventurehouse From 6:30pm Pacific and until we're sick of the whole thing Come down to the Swaggering Angel & bring your friends for a night of cheap liquor and royal proclamationsing! King or Queen gets a free shot from the bar during their reign. Shirogane Ward 11 Apartment #51!