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  1. Bella Clark applies!

    I approved your app in game! Welcome to TALE! \o/
  2. Bella Clark applies!

    Hello Bella and welcome! I'll keep an eye out for you!
  3. Liliro Liro

    Hello & welcome! We have a very spacious fish tank that you can sleep in, once we empty all the water and fish!
  4. Kylaaa (Application)

    Hi Kyla~!
  5. Hasu(Mack attack!)

    Well HALLO! Welcome back!
  6. Happy Birthday Aveline!

    Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️ I love you guys!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving, team America!

  8. Happy Birthday Ari!

    Happy birthday Ari~!
  9. Happy Birthday Saitou!

    Haaapppyyyyy biiiirtthdaaaay!!
  10. Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy Claus day! Ozak took care of your cake, so here's a bunch of deluxe spicy chicken sandwiches!
  11. Happy birthday Noir!!

    Hope you have the best time ever!
  12. Happy birthday Aziza!

    \o/ Celebrate!
  13. Happy Birthday Kannadi

    Raugh happy birthday Kannadi! Belatedly! Glad you had lots of deliciousness
  14. Happy Birthday Bardam!!

    Happy Birthday Bardam!!