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  1. Aveline

    TALE's 10th Anniversary Jamboree

    Watch this space for more information and scheduling!
  2. Aveline

    Seiryu EX Bashin' Time!

    Let's get some clears against snake boy! Please come prepared with at least an overview understanding of the fight via watching videos, reading guides, practicing in party finder, etc. We need two tanks, two healers, 4 DPS. Please state what role you are MOST comfortable playing/are geared strongest for. Please also come with a positive attitude and an easy-going approach. Tank 1: Aveline (PLD) Tank 2: Healer 1: Saraune (SCH) Healer 2: DPS: Tater (DRG) DPS: DPS: DPS:
  3. Aveline

    Shadowbringers 5.0

  4. Aveline

    Shadowbringers Early Access Begins

    Remember no spoilers!
  5. Aveline

    Requiem For Heroes Patch 4.55

    Hidden Gorge and Hydatos here we come!
  6. Aveline

    Rex Manning Day

    Happy Rex Manning Day, the day 90s music changed forever. We will be streaming Empire Records
  7. Aveline

    Shirogane Ninja Parade

    Where: Outside of the Sticky Pickle Tavern & Alchemy Shop Who can come: Everyone! Grab a drink and hang out in the lovely beer garden at the Sticky Pickle as Kugane's famous ninjas prance past us down the street in the 3rd annual Ninja Parade! The Sticky Pickle has some of the best seats in the neighborhood for a spectacle you're not going to want to miss. Drink and food specials to mark the occasion will be available for purchase.
  8. A note is posted on the Notice Board, sketched around the edges with red and pink hearts: Attention all adventurers and associates of the Free Company! In honor of Valentione's Day, we are throwing a slumber party in the basement! Come dressed in your best PJs or otherwise comfy attire and join us for donuts and sparkling wine, spiked coffee, pancakes, dumb party games, pillow forts, and snuggly secrets galore! [OOC: This is meant to be a low-key, light and fun RP event. PLEASE leave any heavy drama RP or serious stuff that might derail the evening at the door. And while there will likely be flirtations and maybe some snogging in the makeout closet, please also be respectful of everyone's boundaries and make your own clear. If someone isn't interested, do not push them.]
  9. Aveline

    Tuesday night maps!

    Hosted by Saraune! \o/ Bring 3 maps each. Loot is free for all, except for thief's maps. We do thief maps as soon as we get 'em! RSVP to reserve a spot
  10. Aveline

    Gazelleskin Map Treasure Hunting!

    Yes, please join us! We'd love to have you along
  11. Aveline

    Nameday Treasure Hunting!

    It's Aveline's nameday (well, the 12th was) and she's looking to spend it with friends sharing a few pints, eating some cake, and getting dat booty. Treasure booty! The event is in character and we will be going on a standard level 70s maps run: Everyone bring a couple of maps and all lots are free for all.
  12. Aveline

    [App]Xvehn'a Kytira

    Hey Vehn! Glad to see your app. Looking forward to meeting you in game. Happy Patch Day
  13. Aveline

    TALE's Starlight Ball!

    Dancing! Punch! Selfie wall! Wheeeee! Invite all your friends.
  14. Aveline

    Winter Salon

    Placeholder for event details, theme, and speaker info
  15. Aveline

    Sticky Pickle Thursday!

    It's been a long week of adventuring & beating the crap out of monsters. Time for a beer and a snack at our beloved Sticky Pickle Tavern! Hosted every other Thursday by Pae! Come take hold of fate at the Sticky Pickle - Shirogane Ward 14 Plot 9! Our stage is always open to wandering storytellers, dancers, bards, or other performers. Drinks on the house for those that grace our stage!
  16. Aveline

    Important All-Hands Meeting!

    Starts at 7:00pm Pacific/10:00pm Eastern! We have some Really Big News to share with the League and we hope as many people as possible can make this meeting. The meeting will be mostly IC, though there will be time for OOC Q&As at the end. Please make it if you can!
  17. Aveline


    This is finally it... a TALE adventure into the cyberpunk landscape of Seattle 2072: Shadowrun. See the Shadowrun channel in our Discord for more details on how to create a character. More details to follow, this text is more of a placeholder and to get a head count. We will be playing using 4th Edition Shadowrun rules using the 20th Anniversary book: 4th Edition 20th Anniversary Handbook: http://torsjoha.tihlde.org/rpg/SR/Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Corebook.pdf Helpful list of Shadowrun slang: http://shadowrun.wikia.com/wiki/Slang
  18. It's All Saint's Wake and a sexy werewolf has infiltrated Wanderer's Hope! BETTER FIND THEM QUICK, BEFORE WE ARE ALL SEDUCED TO DEATH*! Come in costume for TALE's All Saints' Wake party, where we will eat, drink, and find out which among us is the deadly werewolf. Prizes for either the werewolf who devours everyone or the person(s) who figure out who it is first and saves us all. This is a private League party, but you are more than welcome to invite friends from other Companies if you like. Refreshments and socializing for the first hour. Then the hunt begins! *The werewolf is just a normal werewolf & it will eat you to death, no seducing. Unless you're into that vore stuff, I guess. -------------------------- OOC: We will be playing this game! This is one of my absolute favorite party games and it should be even more fun in character!
  19. Aveline

    POSTPONED - Rabanastre Raid & RP

    This event has been postponed due to illness, sorry T_T Please forgive We WILL be going into Rabanastre in character to look for Lady Tetevo's much-coveted ancient device, so please have the raid unlocked. We will be RPing through the linkpearl during the raid, and in person before & after. Meet up at Wanderer's Hope!
  20. Aveline

    Mount Farm Fun time


  21. Aveline

    Make It Rain 2018 Campaign

    Trouble in Paradise A patron recently come from the Gold Saucer claims it to be haunted. What brave soul will help Godbert Manderville rid his gilded halls of this phantom menace? More details: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2018/the_make_it_rain_campaign/ uirementLevel 15 Players must first complete one of the following main scenario quests: "The Gridanian Envoy," "The Ul'dahn Envoy," or "The Lominsan Envoy." Must be level 15+
  22. Aveline

    Officer Meet-Up & Adventuring

    Start around 5-ish Pacific? Whenever we can all get on. Then let's get our RP going \o/ This event is officers-only
  23. Aveline

    All-Hands June Meeting

    This All-Hands meeting is not to be missed! We have a special guest, Lady Tetevo Tevo, stopping by the Wanderer's Hope to go over the details of a job of utmost importance. Additionally, the officers have several announcements to make, both in character and OOC. Please try to make it if you can.
  24. Aveline

    [RP] Ridorana Lighthouse Exploration

    [IC] The scholarly demon, Ixivious, appears to have awoken from a moons-long nap & is urgently requesting the League set forth for the Ridorana Cataract at once. Why? He's.. hedgy about that. But no doubt many interesting and high-priced items lay waiting for brave adventurers to come pick them up and dust off centuries of neglect! Since the L'exi is commissioned indefinitely for transport to Val, we will be flying aboard the Vessel of Inquiry to our destination. Meet up at Wanderer's Hope in the workshop and bring some supplies. [OOC] We will be running the new 24-man instance so please have it unlocked ahead of time! Due to time constraints, we will not be able to wait and will be setting out at about 6:15, after a little preliminary RP in the house. Once we are in the instance, all RP will be done over our linkpearl until the duty is complete. After that, we can stick around if people like to take screenshots and do any final Lighthouse RP until the instance kicks us out. This is part of TALE's ongoing storyline! We'll be taking pictures and video and posting snippets from the event on our Tumblr. Please RSVP!
  25. Aveline

    Treasure Time

    I'm in!