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  1. Saitou/Jeanette

    Happy Birthday Saitou!

    Thanks Ozak, greatly appreciate the wishes.
  2. Saitou/Jeanette

    Tank Mounts Spirit Quest


    Jean will be there~
  3. Saitou/Jeanette

    (RP Event) Kings at the Bar (Late Night TALE)


    Sadly I'll have to miss it as it's my weekend to work
  4. Saitou/Jeanette

    Letter from the Producer LIVE - Special Edition Digest

    Already expecting the NA store to have the same issues as the EU one is having. Decided to test things out and register with the online store, and having the issue of placing things in the shopping cart, but as soon as you click check out nothing is in it. Tried this even with the music dvds and delivery moogle.
  5. Saitou/Jeanette

    Last Light (part 3)

    Will sadly have to miss this one
  6. Saitou/Jeanette

    Who plays Super Smash?

    OH I might need to play you then if that's the case
  7. Saitou/Jeanette

    Before the Fall - Patch 2.5 Trailer

    Awww but I promise to love it, and feed it, and cle... well maybe clean up after it... and besides think of the great security it'll provide~
  8. Saitou/Jeanette

    Before the Fall - Patch 2.5 Trailer

    All I could think when the trailer showed the Golden Saucer is "Look at all the games D'a will probably break on her first visit." Also can Saitou bring Cerberus home with him?
  9. Saitou/Jeanette

    Riki's Christmas Present

    is it a staff made of coal?
  10. Saitou/Jeanette

    Eternal Bond Ceremony Trailer (Spoilers?)

    T_T Sai needs a love in his life~ Waaaahhhhh
  11. Saitou/Jeanette

    Guiding Light, Part 1

    I should be able to attend
  12. Bah! 3 finally got me it seems. I admit, I have been slipping up lately due to shifts wearing me out that I end up passing out without logging out. Though now I'll have to be even more careful... also.... REVENGE SHALL BE MINE
  13. Saitou/Jeanette


    Pffft McRib, It got nothin on Taco Bell's Beefy Crunch Burrito (*continues to hold out hope for its return*)
  14. Saitou/Jeanette

    All Saints' Wake – Frightful Delights and a Haunting Good Time

    After farming this for Sai and my alts, I gotta say I really like the small touches they did to the outfit and adore the pumpkin earrings. Best feature though is the chocobo barding imo, probably the best one there yet. Though also will give a tip for any having issues with getting gold on the FATE. Go to the UI and turn off PC names, it'll make things a lot easier to see with the crowd in the city.
  15. Still wont get one of me when away! Mwahaha