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  1. Midge

    Happy Birthday Aveline!!

    Happy Birthday Ave!
  2. Midge

    What's for dinner?

    You are the burgermaster
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    Happy Birthday Ari!!

    Happy Birthday Ari!
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    Happy Birthday, D'a!

    Happy Birthday D'a!
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    Happy birthday Claus!

    Happy Birthday Claus!
  6. Midge

    Dungeons and Flagons: Think of the Children! Edition


  7. Midge

    Best weapon to go for first?

    Well back to your original question, because I double checked stuff! Get the antiquated gun with Esos then upgrade it with a machi farthing from void ark. (these aren't limited to weekly) then go for the potd weapon I'd say, unless you want to push for doing Nidhogg ex. You won't be able to get enough lore for the lore-based weapon till after the patch anyway at which point you can get if you want cause it'll be quicker to obtain with no lore cap.
  8. Midge

    Best weapon to go for first?

    If you're weapon is super poopy though, get the Esoteric one and upgrade it's ilvl. (wait there is an eso weapon right?)
  9. Midge

    Best weapon to go for first?

    Spend whatever you need to so you can get the ilvl to enter Alexander Midas. The fastest decent ilvl weapon upgrade you can get right now (because of the lore restrictions) is the potd weapon. So I'd say go for that. Get access to void ark and then weeping city and finish them this week so you can get 1 or 2 lore pieces and upgrade them. After that, save your esos, when 3.4 comes out, convert them to lore. Spend Lore post 3.4 towards you anima for the coolsauce-factor and for any in-between upgrades you need. If you need a very good weapon fast for raiding, look into purchasing the new crafted weapon, but ideally you'd want to get the new extreme primal weapon. I'm not sure if you should get it i230 lore weapon and then upgrade it to 240, your resources may be spent better elsewhere if you get the POTD i235 weapon. Also, double check machinist stat weights... I'm not sure if any weapons are less viable because of that despite weapon dmg being such a good stat
  10. Midge

    Happy Birthday Ozak!

    Happy Birthday Man!
  11. Midge

    Happy Birthday, Aveline!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Midge

    TALE-TALK (Teamspeak Voice Chat RP)

    Midge is hosting a Linkpearl based show In-Character for TALE Anniversary week! Come into teamspeak RP your character in voice! Midge will be hosting and asking various questions and guiding the discussion in voice-chat. Don't be afraid to take part and there is no need to try and /sound/ like your character unless you desire to. (I do a silly girl impression) IMPORTANT: If you would like Midge to ask your character specific questions during TALE-Talk, please message me here on the forums! This is a great opportunity to quickly answer and RP out various questions related to your characters!