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  1. Torvald

    Happy Birthday Dida!!

    Happy Birthday Aedsu
  2. Torvald

    Happy Birthday Riki!

    Happy Birthday Riki!
  3. Torvald

    Happy Birthday Silvia!!

    Happy birthday!
  4. Torvald

    Moving On

    Aww thanks for the well wishes Love you all.
  5. Torvald

    Moving On

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted you all to know that I have decided to leave and join friends in another FC. It's been a great 6 years and I never really imagined this day would come, but all things really do come to an end don't they. I will never forget the great times I had here. Let's definitely keep in touch! Please message me anytime here, in game, or on discord/steam! Take care and have (let's have) great times going forward as well! Torvald
  6. Torvald

    Tyrian Adventure League

    Cool that they asked.
  7. Torvald

    Tyrian Adventure League

    I did a yahoo search for TALE on a new computer and and active Tyrian Adventure League came up. Which was the name for our Guild Wars 2 branch. They even use the TALE acronym. http://tyrianadventureleague.enjin.com/
  8. Torvald

    A Wild Bryg Appears!

    Great to hear from you! Would be awesome to have you back around if life heads you this way.
  9. Torvald

    Patch 3.5 Notes (Preliminary)

    Highlights: - The location of It's Not Lupus has been adjusted, and Acubens' HP has been lowered.
  10. Torvald

    TALE Starlight Revelry Party


    Woo! I'll be there
  11. Torvald

    Black Desert Online

    I've been playing last couple of weeks and really enjoying it. Here is my older version of Torvald
  12. Torvald

    The Mug Shot Thread, found!

    I'm seeing a lot of text and no pictures here!
  13. Torvald

    Happy Birthday Ari!!

    Late happy birthday Ari!
  14. Torvald

    Happy Birthday, Midge!

    Happy Birthday Midge!
  15. Torvald

    Black Desert Online

    Congrats~! That seems like it must have taken quite a bit of time and effort.