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  1. Silvia


    Probably my favorite day in history of ever.....damn I miss that jacket....
  2. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    there is currently a seven day free trial for Black Desert should anyone wish to come Visit. All servers have been changed to a channel system so create a character anyplace, it doesn't matter. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/tryforfree My name for the game is: Risila Wenn . You can whisper either Risila or Wenn, either name will find me ^^
  3. Silvia

    Happy Birthday Hayden!

    oh my gosh happy birthday!!
  4. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    #2 on the server.....So close !
  5. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    Black Desert Online is on Sale for $4.99 for a black Friday weekend sale (till the 28th } If anyone had been interested, there is no monthly fee . So it's a great game to pair with FFxiv. Server is "Uno" , though all servers will merge on the 30th , instead they will be adding channels that you can freely switch between.
  6. Silvia

    Funny Pictures Thread!

    Despite the frosty air there are some wonderful creatures here, this lil one was curious about me this evening:
  7. Silvia

    Happy Birthday Ari!!

    Happy Birthday dear one!!
  8. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    Yes Mijo , it's important to have goals that's for sure, it's easy to get pulled in so many directions.
  9. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    it was ALOT of running horses around.....lol
  10. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    Of course ^^, send me a PM and we can set it up! Also in other news.....I finally made top 30 on the server for training {animal training and breeding}
  11. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    Yes they really are, though many of the shots I have them turned up beyond a playable frame rate, those shots my pc hovers around 6 fps lol, in this shot of Risila below is at a lower setting that you can play and do combat , but for larger 40-100 man world boss fights etc youd have set far lower or buy a pc from the future of 2099 to keep it from crashing. If you'd like to visit some time I have a few week long guest passes.
  12. Silvia

    Black Desert Online

    Some super fun holiday decor items for house decor in BDO:
  13. Silvia

    Happy Birthday, D'a!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Silvia

    The Good news thread!!!!

    Of course Aveline That was my intent to do as you ask. Though it appears I may have done the opposite. I apologize I am not familiar with what politics are there, and to anyone that may have been upset. Please remove the offending marital, and thank you for bringing it to my attention.
  15. Silvia

    The Good news thread!!!!

    Dear ones, In light of some conversations at our all hands meeting, I was very shook. I did not go to my meetings, I spent the entire day praying. I wished to start this good new thread, so that you may know many of the wonderful things that are going on in the world, in an effort to help you feel that: though there is darkness upon you, there are many of us and others out here shining a light for you, and we love you so very much. We are fighting with you, we are fighting for you. Please be strong and have faith. As Always , you are all in my, and many others prayers. Do not fear, you are loved by many, everyone is routing for you. Your Closest Friends Russia have faith in you, your strongest Allies: Great Britain. Trust them, and each other. Do not allow yourselves to be divided. One can divide and conqueror, or unite and win. It is a simple choice between fear, and love. With all the love I possess, Silvy edit: further cleanup of not needed extra