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  1. Dyne

    Other New Recent Images.

    This gear looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic Russian nuclear fallout story. Like Metro or Stalker or something. I hope the tank gear is on that lalafell.
  2. Dyne

    Happy Birthday, Midge!

    Happy birthday to you, nerd.
  3. until
    I have been informed that there is a Tournament event going on! If anyone is interested, it's on September 9th. If anyone is interested in participating, the details are here!
  4. Dyne

    Happy Birthday Ozak!

    Hey man! Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a great one!
  5. Dyne

    TALE Anniversary Ball 2016

    We will be celebrating our annual TALE Anniversary week with a Ball and Meet-Up at the TALE HQ this Friday in the Goblet, Ward 1, Plot 5. Music will be DJ'd by Dyne Ikapine through the Orchestrion. Music will be played for a periodic amount of time, and then changed. If anyone has a request for a song, just ask the DJ, and it will be added to the list of songs coming up! (Sorry, no Shuffle feature yet!) Event Schedule Raffle Numbers will be given upon entry to the party. Keep those numbers handy! Costume Contest Sign Up: If you are interested in signing up for the Costume/Cosplay contest, please speak with Dyne Ikapine, who will be taking down names of entrants into the Costume Contest. As well, you will be asked any nick names and such you may have for this Costume. Meet and Greet: Food and Drink will be provided. Adventurer's Speech: By Rikitiki Tavatiki Intermission Hangout Costume Contest Intermission Hangout Raffle Announcement End Note
  6. Dyne

    Dyne and Tahrara's (IC) Wedding

    Everyone in TALE is invited to celebrate the bonding between Tahrara Kivenera and Dyne Ikapine. This is an informal 'bonding ceremony' that is in character. (though you may come out of character.) It will not be held at the Sanctum due to previous engagements, and is more of a personal thing. Dress Code We ask that those attending dress nicely. No bathing suits please. If you need a formal or at least somewhat formal outfit, please ask Tahrara or Dyne and they will accommodate you. Fancy armor is allowed. (Paladin AF or pleasantly colored Adamantite are acceptable, for example. But we would prefer no DRK, DRG, or WAR AF.) Also no weapons. Please refrain from metallic dye colors or black. We will be meeting to set up and organize at Yainu-Par (X:10, Y: 14) in Lavender Beds Ward 7 at 4:30 PM PDT, and hopefully get the show rolling by 5 PM. The reception will, of course, be open bar in the TALE HQ.
  7. Dyne

    TALEiversary Triple-Triad Tournament

    To start off the TALE-anniversary week, I will be hosting a Triple Triad tournament for all members! Rules: Players will announce how many cards they own, so that we know how many cards of each star level will be allowed in their decks. Less than 30 bracket 30+ but Less than 60 bracket 60+ bracket Players will be separated into these 3 categories. Players within their respective bracket will play against one another. Once there is only one person within each bracket left, they will play against the remaining player in each other bracket. Players with a higher tier level of cards MUST make decks of cards to play fairly against the brackets that have less cards. (ie: If you have 30+ but less than 60 cards and are playing against someone with less than 30 cards, you must make a deck of 5 1 star cards and 1 2 star+) You can make your decks beforehand, so that you have a less than 30, 30+, and 60+ deck if you like. The actual game rules will be Sudden Death. Otherwise, it will be a standard game. Best 3 out of 5 wins the round and advances. The winner will get a picture of a custom, fan-made Triple Triad card of their character! Some limitations apply to stats, but we'll work those out when we get to that point! Come along, and let's have some fun!
  8. Dyne

    Dyne's Bachelor Party!

    Gonna be hosting Dyne's Bachelor Party this Monday, starting at 6 PM PDT. Will be hosting it in the TALE HQ, in the nerd/game/meditation room. Guys only! Girls are welcome to come spy, or be part of the entertainment.
  9. Dyne

    Tahrara's Bachelorette Party!

    Tahrara's bachelorette party! Meet at the TALE HQ (Ward 1, Plot 5) at 6 PM PDT. We will be moving according to the organizer, Riven, afterward. Ladies only! Guys are welcome to come and spy (or be part of the show).
  10. Dyne

    Funny Pictures Thread!

    Out of context, I'm not sure what that comic pertains to. Girl geeks? Cosplayers? Also, do you have a source for that comic? I wouldnt mind looking at a few more of that strip. Usually the artist will mark the bottom corner with their website or name, but whoever reblogged the image originally took it out! (Why do people do that??) Found it! It was a Dorkly comic.
  11. Dyne

    Happy Birthday Riven!

    Happy Birthday to you, Riven! I don't have an entire cake, but I do have: Book cupcakes!
  12. Dyne

    Vigil for a Good Friend

    Heavensward Spoilers for The Vault within this event. You may not wish to come if you have not gotten this far in the story. For the one year anniversary of Heavensward's release, as well as TALE's foray into the North, we will be holding a meetup and small vigil for a dear friend to adventurers across the realm this Sunday. We'll be meeting at Camp Dragonhead at 5PM PDT. Bring your Black Chocobo, and anything else you wish to bring to pay your respects.
  13. Dyne

    So Fluffy!

    I'm glad it's not going to just be car ride everywhere haha. And yeah Ozak, I'm excited for Kingdom Hearts: All I ever wanted out of it edition.
  14. Dyne

    Dark Souls shenanigans

    ._. I undead hunter charmed them all.
  15. Dyne

    Ground Control To Major Tom

    As a note for who this fellow is: I am glad though that they made this reference considering recent happenings.