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  1. Noir Neko

    Happy Birthday, Hayden

    Happy Birthday
  2. Noir Neko

    Symbolic Links on Windows

    Always looking for things like this!
  3. Noir Neko

    Moving On

    <3 to you!
  4. Noir Neko

    Happy birthday Claus!

    Happy birthweek Claus!
  5. Noir Neko

    Dear Ones

    Hugs and love sugar cube!
  6. Noir Neko

    Happy Birthday Noir!!!

    Thank you! *hugs*
  7. Noir Neko

    Pokemon Go, go, go!

    Go Team Mystic!
  8. Noir Neko

    Minecraft's Combat Update Changes the Game in a Big Way

    The TALECraft Server is still on 1.8.9 (hopefully the upgrade will go smoothly. ). My son and I periodically pop on. I am working on building w mini crystal tower currently.
  9. Noir Neko

    IBM Is Making Sword Art Online for Real

    Darn it. I am not attuned to that aetheryte!
  10. Noir Neko

    IBM Is Making Sword Art Online for Real

    Very cool. I want to be a beater. ????
  11. Noir Neko

    3.2: Race-specific starter gear now dyeable

    Hurray! That is awesome.
  12. Noir Neko

    Pony Farming


    Thank you for Coordinating!
  13. Noir Neko

    Limited Time Minecraft Planning Documents

    Ocelot's are a fan favorite in my house! Babies happen! <3 (And ferrets as well!)
  14. Noir Neko

    Limited Time Minecraft Planning Documents

    Adorable! soon she will be fluent in Queen's English from watching non-stop YouTubers!
  15. http://www.dresslily.com/solid-color-stand-collar-faux-cappa-waisted-buckle-long-sleeves-coat-product530010.html