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  1. Volkai

    Connor Stone is Becoming a Reality

    Okay this is amazing.
  2. Volkai

    Hardware assistance - building a new box

    5.5 years later... I could use some help with upgrading the CPU as the mobo apparently can’t handle the latest stuff and replacing the mobo is “build a new box” time.
  3. Volkai

    TALE's 10th Anniversary Jamboree

    Well crap, for some reason I thought this was Saturday, not Sunday. So I'm double-booked with D&D >.<
  4. Volkai

    Happy Birthday Aveline!

    Happy Birthday Ave!
  5. Volkai

    March All-Hands Meeting


    Weather being what it is, no way I'll be making it tonight, sorry. (D&D still ongoing and snow on the roads.)
  6. Volkai

    March All-Hands Meeting


    I've got D&D until probably 10pm, so if I make it, I'll be late. And to think, I figured quitting my day job and driving for Lyft full time would let me make these meetings! Ha!
  7. Volkai

    Happy Birthday Dida!!

    Hope your birthday was a good one!
  8. Volkai

    Happy Birthday Aveline!!

    Happy birthday!
  9. Volkai

    TALE Starlight Revelry Party


    I might be able to make it!
  10. Volkai

    Happy Birthday, Volkai!

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Volkai

    PS4 Upgrade Campaign

    Just, uh, if you have and play on a PS3, but don't have a PS4 yet, wait to do the upgrade until you have the PS4, because just like last time it consumes your PS3 license to activate your PS4 license with the upgrade campaign -- so if you do it before you have your PS4, you'll be out of luck to play until you get the PS4. Friend of mine found this out the hard way :/
  12. Volkai


    It's not Ala Mhigo, but a hamlet where the Ala Mhigan resistance is based. We will be seeing proper Garlean architecture, but that hasn't been displayed yet.
  13. Volkai

    Happy birthday Claus!

    Hope you had a great birthday!
  14. Volkai

    SURPRISE! True Final Coil Chance before MSQ!


    Cuuurses I will be out of town until the 29th.
  15. Volkai

    Final Chance Coil


    If I can, I will be there.