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  1. ZethLyons

    Custom Battle Night

    Welcome! Welcome everyone! Gather round! The Feast is about to begin. As most of you know, last patch, Custom Battles in the Feast were introduced. No more getting into parties and waiting and waiting for the queue to pop because people are different ranks. We can just form two parties and GO! Sign up today and you will be able to go head to head with your fellow guildmates. Squish some faces...bonk some heads...and do it all in a Moogle suit if you'd like! (Okay, don't do that.) NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: YOU DO NOT NEED ANY PVP GEAR!!!! PVP GEAR DOES NOTHING IN PVP ANYMORE! MORALE DOES NOTHING RIGHT NOW!! IT IS AS SIMPLE AS GATHERING UP AND PLAYING! See you there!
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    No, what they should have done was done a staggered release with the Crap of Vermilion and just released PVP at 3.1. But that is just a rant coming from the PVP lover. /drop mic :D
  5. ZethLyons

    You Got FF In My PSO

  6. ZethLyons

    Happy Christmas, Merry Holidays everyone

  7. ZethLyons


    Yes, was just a funny that I had to share. My how things have changed since the 90s...
  8. ZethLyons

    The Groundskeeper (Zeth's Helping Hands)


  9. ZethLyons

    The Groundskeeper (Zeth's Helping Hands)

    It is now common knowledge Zeth has had a change of heart regarding how he uses his talents. While adventurers as a whole go around helping those in need, Zeth is single-handedly targeting those individuals who have nowhere else to turn. His first client goes by the name of Hihitoto Mimitoto. The information on the job is posted on the HQ board as follows. Client: Hihitoto Mimitoto Age: 25 Occupation: Groundskeeper Job: The client works for a wealthy estate-owner in Ul’dah by the name of Paylee Koraylee. She is the groundskeeper for Mistress Koraylee. As the groundskeeper, she has access to even the most private parts of the estate. The client claims that Mistress Koraylee has been robbed of several pieces of jewelry and some priceless works of art, four paintings. They contacted the authorities and they have no leads. The client is seeking help in figuring out who stole from her employer…because if we can’t…they may point the finger at our client , seeing as how she has access. If you would like to help Zeth solve this mystery, sign up! There will be clues to find and lots of roleplay to be had! This is a GM'd event for a small group. As such, I will accept the first seven people to sign up. (But worry not, I will be doing at least one of these every month and will take different people every time.) Please be prepared for an adventure of sorts, including rolling /randoms to see how one fares with certain events, RP over the linkpearl, dungeon dwelling and levequests...all in the name of advancing the story. Thank you and I'm looking forward to a fun night!
  10. ZethLyons

    Correction on Exploratory Mission requirements

    You know...they have still yet to say anything about Egi glamours. Off topic, I know, but I just read the Q&A. I knew they wouldn't do it....and if they do, I suppose ill be waiting a long time. This disappoints me more than anyone will know.
  11. ZethLyons

    Eorzea Census 2015!

    OH YEAH Serpent Warsteed 5th rarest mount in game! *owns one*
  12. ZethLyons

    You Got FF In My PSO

    I'll play. :D
  13. ZethLyons

    PSA - Windows 10 "Wi-Fi Sense"

    I'm thinking I'm going to wait too. I didn't even get an email yet though...which is odd, I signed up months ago.