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  1. Verence

    Happy Birthday Fugetsu!!

    Gold? Check. Sparkles? Check. Roll 'em.
  2. Verence

    Happy Birthday Missy!!

    You're not turning 50? Your name isn't Lesley? Nonsense. Happy 50th, Lesley.
  3. Verence

    Sophia EX Clears and Birb Farm


    So what you're saying is, there's candy at the bottom of the bottomless pit. Well, I know what strategy I'm adopting.
  4. Verence

    Sophia EX Clears and Birb Farm


    I have not cleared the thing because I am lazy! Prepare for terribleness. DRG (270), PLD (261), and AST (258) good to go.
  5. Verence

    Random Video Thread

  6. Verence

    Gatherer's Scrip

    Until I got used to it, I found this a very helpful visual guide to the primary red scrip item collectible gathering rotation. Once you understand the logic you don't need it, but it's great for training wheels.
  7. Verence

    Funny Pictures Thread!

  8. Verence

    Funny Pictures Thread!

    This one's for you, Fhylie.
  9. One of the big reasons not to use macros with global cooldown abilities is this: Manually activating the ability allows you to "queue" it with a half second window or so, to fire the instant the GCD is down. Macros cannot do this. Essentially, macros fail to cover for latency and largely nullify the advantage of skill speed. Over the course of an extended engagement, exclusive usage of macros will actually lower your DPS as those fraction of a second increment losses add up, leading to entire missed rotations.
  10. Verence

    Killing Floor 2

    I have a shotgun once more and I can apply it directly to face. This pleases me.
  11. Verence

    Random Video Thread

    Naruto: The live stage production. Now with 100% more trampolines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOgeHFbN8ss
  12. Verence

    Verence's Bits, Bobs, and Miscellaney

    This is the completely non-redundantly named place I put whatever I felt like screenshotting.
  13. Verence

    Funny Pictures Thread!

  14. Verence

    Random Video Thread