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  1. Hayden

    Ozak's Gazelleskin Treasure Map Hunts!!


    Woot! Can't wait!
  2. Hayden

    Happy Birthday, Hayden

    Thanks everyone!
  3. Hayden

    Happy Birthday Silvia!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. How could anyone not want to be mandervilled...you know what the cure to THAT is? MORE MANDERVILLE!
  5. Hayden

    A Wild Bryg Appears!

    good to hear from you Bryg, happy life is treating you well, and that you're keeping busy and doing new things
  6. Ok fellow Brave Exvius players, Dangerous Ariana, thoughts? 

    1. Dyne


      Uuuuh, I don't really know what to think. I don't know the artist, but I'm kind of happy with my team right now. I've never really tried using a bard-type class much. Her songs are really powerful, but only for one stat boost. I already had a 5 star Rain, so I 6 starred him. I would much prefer to have him in my party as a support. Smaller stat boost, but for everything. On top of that, you leave a singing character unable to act for 3 turns, in the event you wanna change things up before then.

      As for a mage, I think she has the capacity (Though she would likely need dualcast to pull it off) to be able to do as much damage with a Thundaga as Exdeath. But he also has Meteor if you really want to wreck something, and he can dualcast that naturally. Plus that kinda just leaves her songs unused.

      I'm not really sure I'd take her in a party at the moment. She doesn't really seem worth it. Kind of cutesy though.

    2. Hayden


      for her intended purpose(which is to get non FFBE users to maybe play) I think she works, and is a phenomenal unit to just be given for free, stat wise. She has some of the most powerful buffs in the game too.


      If you have a small roster, or have had bad luck with the draw, she's not bad. and 6 star she'd be very useful.


      I agree with your assessment however :D

      AND she doesn't pull from your resource pool to awaken, so that's good, if you don't mind grinding the cutesy little event to get her material.

  7. *Gets first trial weapon Brave Exvious, already has stronger weapons and can't equip it*


    (also Thanks Riki...your Exdeath continues to amaze!)

  8. Hayden

    Patch 3.5 Notes (Preliminary)

    so...much...to read...
  9. "Come, Kahjit tell your fortune... If you have the coin..."
  10. Hayden's guide to winning at Final Fantasy Brave Exvius... 

    1) befriend Riki 

    2) select his Exdeath as companion 


  11. Hayden

    Resolution for 2017

    12 months, 12 dinner parties. We decided(my wife and I) we are going to invite a different couple over, each and every month and entertain. 2016 went by so fast, I worked 60 hrs a week and let a whole year of my life vanish into smoke. So we decided we would make an effort to enjoy our friends and relatives more. This Month, Fish Taco's, Exploding Kittens card game, and a couple from the city were close with!
  12. A few of us were discussing this thread in the Team Speak Channel, wondering where it had gone off to, and I found it. If there is enough interest, could a mod maybe un archive it, maybe we can start updating?
  13. what's your dream voice cast(English) for the FFVII remake...and...go!

  14. Dyne, your Mustadio is a fine addition to team Emily, keep it up!


    Also, anyone else have a friend code for Brave Exvius? The more the Merrier!

    1. M'hana Zhralyia

      M'hana Zhralyia

      I looked at it but I seldom play mobile games. So afraid I'd rarely touch it.

    2. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      I would but the only mobile game I play is Boom Beach :P

  15. Brave Exvius, why u no just let me play the game! Curse you Energy system!

    1. Chessirin


      Ah. The Standard of Japanese Cell Phone Games. "You can't do that anymore... unless you want to shell out some cash~~~ Ahuhuhuhu."

    2. Hayden