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  1. Hayden

    Ozak's Gazelleskin Treasure Map Hunts!!


    Woot! Can't wait!
  2. Hayden

    Happy Birthday, Hayden

    Thanks everyone!
  3. Hayden

    Happy Birthday Silvia!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. How could anyone not want to be mandervilled...you know what the cure to THAT is? MORE MANDERVILLE!
  5. Hayden

    A Wild Bryg Appears!

    good to hear from you Bryg, happy life is treating you well, and that you're keeping busy and doing new things
  6. Hayden

    Patch 3.5 Notes (Preliminary)

    so...much...to read...
  7. "Come, Kahjit tell your fortune... If you have the coin..."
  8. Hayden

    Resolution for 2017

    12 months, 12 dinner parties. We decided(my wife and I) we are going to invite a different couple over, each and every month and entertain. 2016 went by so fast, I worked 60 hrs a week and let a whole year of my life vanish into smoke. So we decided we would make an effort to enjoy our friends and relatives more. This Month, Fish Taco's, Exploding Kittens card game, and a couple from the city were close with!
  9. A few of us were discussing this thread in the Team Speak Channel, wondering where it had gone off to, and I found it. If there is enough interest, could a mod maybe un archive it, maybe we can start updating?
  10. The silver Tabby looks like the kitten we adopted recently Torv! Both very cute!
  11. My thought is it'll be a bard like class...
  12. Hayden

    Happy birthday Claus!

    Happy Birthday Claus!
  13. Hayden


    this loo0ks really exciting! I can't wait! My guess is Dancer, but man, so pumped!
  14. Hayden

    Happy Birthday Noir!!!

    Happy Birthday Noir!
  15. Hayden

    Happy Birthday Torv!!

    Happy Belated Torv!