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  1. Calico

    Officer's Meeting


    Can't make it because Thursday. You'll have to pick each others pockets.
  2. From the Final Fantasy Wiki: Dancers most often equip daggers, such as the Dancing Dagger, which is usually associated with the Dancer class.
  3. Calico


    The only job that's been semi-confirmed is Red Mage. The prevailing theory is that the "dancer" is just a familiar Monk in a fancy dress. That being said, I'm really hoping for Dancer.
  4. Calico


  5. Calico

    Custom Battle Night


  6. Calico

    One Last Coil

    I was going to make a joke here about the Coil Train not having any brakes, but when I went looking for pictures I found that a similar phrase has a really disgusting meme attached to it that I had no prior knowledge of. So I instead apologize to all involved and here's a picture of an adorable kitten:
  7. Calico

    Super Cheater Coil II

    In which we continue to super cheat at coil, and then laugh at it, and then point while we're laughing so everyone knows what we're laughing at.
  8. Calico

    Officer's Meeting


    I can't make it 'cause Thursday.
  9. Calico

    Coil For Lazy People

    Coil for Lazy People All the Coils, triple the recommended item level! Ok fellow lazy people, the upcoming patch has forced us off the couch. The 3.4 storyline is linked to all the cutscenes in the Binding Coil that we never got to see because we had all that other stuff to do. Like lounging. Well, no longer shall we sit idly by and let the realm's destruction go unanswered! I need a quasi-eliete team of seven other slackers to run through the entire Coil the lazy way: 150+ item levels higher than it was ever intended to be run at. Victory through procrastination!!
  10. Calico

    3.4 Details

  11. Calico

    Patch 3.38 Notes

  12. until
    The time has come once again for fortunes to be unveiled and purses to go missing. Madam Rose will return to TALE HQ to read the cards for those gathered at the appointed time. Bring Gil. Lots and lots of gil... https://www.twitch.tv/madamroses
  13. Calico

    TALEiversary Week