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  1. Lindelle

    Kangs and Quiquirns!


    Oh. Hell. Yes.
  2. Lindelle

    TALE Kitty Murder Party


    What she said.
  3. Lindelle

    What's for dinner?

    This is a modification on my usual chicken salad recipe, swapping out the usual mayonnaise for a milk/flour blend in which I saute the chicken. I'm not sure if I think it's an improvement or not. I may go back to the mayonnaise later.
  4. Lindelle

    Happy birthday Lindelle!

    I love how I'm still the #1 Duke Nukem Girl in this FC. Maybe next year I can have a Mortal Kombat cake. A kake, if you will.
  5. Lindelle

    Happy birthday Lindelle!

    Glittery... <3
  6. Lindelle

    The Dark Elf Returns

    I've studied the Allagan tomestones and they predicted a return. I've deciphered otherworldly signals that depicted a comeback. I encountered a group of mystic men who spoke of a resurrection. Also, some dude at the Ul'dah Dispatch Yard said some shit was about to pop off. On the eve of a new era for Eorzea, an old name becomes new again as chaos brews in the Wanderer's Hope! Adventurers will be called upon to defend their workplace from a sinister force! Also, stuff's probably going to blow up real nice! Don't miss the spectacular RP event: The Dark Elf Returns! (This is going to be a brief RP event that sets up a side story that can involve as many or as few people in the FC as possible. The number of people who show up to the initial event, however, will determine the shape of things to come, so if you can and you want to, please do RSVP!)
  7. Lindelle

    Happy Birthday Dida!!

    Happy birthday, Dida. Honestly, I'd give you my glasses if you were closer. You looked cuter in them anyway.
  8. Lindelle

    Eorzea Collection 2015S

    Dat revolver, doe.
  9. Lindelle


    I didn't think anything could pique my interest in the new Smash Bros. game after the last one was what it was, but I've been pushing for Ryu for a really long time, and the way they handled his mechanics is pretty amazing (giving him Street Fighter III's parry and Street Fighter IV's Focus Attack was a really nice touch). I'm just glad that I don't have the kind of money where I can just randomly purchase a Wii U, the GameCube adapter, a GameCube controller or two, the game, and the DLC in which Ryu appears. I don't give a crap about any of these other characters, but Ryu...
  10. Lindelle

    Darkest Dungeon

    A new update went live three days ago which introduced new bosses, an adjustment to the stress mechanic, and two new heroes: the Man-at-Arms (the game's first true tank) and the Arbalest (a heavily armed ranged attacker with sky-high damage output but severe positional restrictions). I was drawn to the Arbalest almost immediately, just because... well, look at her. I think I'm in love! <3
  11. Lindelle

    Perhaps Blitzball?

    Well, both game devs thought that bringing Lightning to Eorzea would be cool, and I enjoyed that. I was apparently the only one, but they've worked other minigames from previous Final Fantasy games before (Triple Triad), so... why not, I guess? I dunno. I, personally, would prefer Sphere Break.
  12. Lindelle

    Cinema Shienne Returns: Shienne's Movie Thread

    Don't click the spoiler button unless you want to be spoiled, both about this movie and about me as a person. If you're game for that, then buckle up. This here's gonna be a long and rough road to ride. Frozen (2013) I'm going to jump right in assuming that you've heard of the basic outline of this movie, and it's statistically likely that you've seen it, so I'm going to assume that too. I'm going to go on to ask you a question: Are you sick of hearing about it yet? A lot of people are. Hell, a lot of people were sick of Frozen by the time I first saw it in February of 2014, and the fervor for it by its rabid fan base hasn't faded all that much. I went to an anime convention last August and saw at least three Elsas, two Annas, and one of the Annas even had a Hans with her. This was at an anime convention, with the word anime in its fucking name (if you're curious, it was Anime Weekend Atlanta). One of the people working at the con even said to me: "I'm so sick of Frozen." He then went on to say he hadn't even seen it yet, and that the voracious and obsessive fans had actually dissuaded him. I've heard that sentiment echoed a lot since I saw it three months after its release, even though I managed to escape most of the hype until after my inaugural viewing. So, hype aside, what is Frozen, exactly? Well, it styles itself as the pinnacle Disney Princess movie, with two (count 'em, two) princesses who serve as the focal point of 100 percent of the story rather than the damsels in distress which, if I'm going to be honest, I haven't seen out of a Disney movie in a while. Disney has actually been pretty okay on average with its ladies since the nineties, beginning with the still-peerless Beauty and the Beast and continuing on to things like Aladdin, Mulan, and the more recent Tangled and Brave. Brave is actually a particular point of comparison; both the movie itself and its plucky protagonist are outright rejections of the heteronormative "princess" construct, and by comparison, the ditzy Anna and morose Elsa, with their big eyes, trembling voices, and waspy waists, seem like a step backward. For the unfamiliar, a brief outline: In the vaguely Nordic kingdom of Arendelle, the royal family bears two daughters. One of these two, Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), is inexplicably gifted (or cursed) since birth with cryokinetic powers that ostensibly correspond with her emotions. After accidentally injuring her sister, the extremely sheltered Anna (Kristen Bell), Elsa is taken by her parents to a group of trolls who (in addition to being ceaselessly obnoxious) alter Anna's memory in order to prevent Elsa's mystical faux pas, which struck Anna in the head, to harm her further. With Anna stripped of her memories of Elsa's abilities, Elsa is confined to her room for the remainder of her childhood, creating a massive rift between the two sisters that only worsens when their parents die (it's a Disney movie; what did you expect?) and, at the following coronation, Elsa reacts rather explosively to Anna's betrothal to the dashing Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (voice of Santino Fontana) and flees the kingdom, spreading panic-induced magic ice everywhere (and I mean everywhere) as she goes. This, apparently, is just the last straw for Elsa, who's spent her entire life living in fear of her own abilities and shutting herself off from the rest of the world. Declaring utter independence (this is when that fucking song happens), Elsa constructs herself a giant ice palace and resolves to live there forever, tactfully avoiding the question of what in holy hell she plans on eating. However, Elsa doesn't seem to be aware of the eternal winter to which she has damned Arendelle, and Anna enlists the aid of a disgrunted ice salesman (voice of Jonathan Groff), a talking snowman (voice of Josh Gad), and a peculiar reindeer to confront/comfort Elsa and restore peace to the land. Disney is known for making visually spectactular and technically astonishing animated movies. Frozen is neither. It's animated competently at best, with extremely safe aesthetic choices, unimpressive effects, and at least one by-now-infamous animation oversight wherein Elsa's hair passes directly through her body at the climax of the movie's biggest musical number. It's also paced pretty badly and, about two-thirds of the way in, forgets that it's even a musical at all. The last song in the movie is easily its worst, with the aforementioned annoying rock trolls trying to stage a musical hookup as a pivotal character falls deathly ill. It doesn't so much stop and start as it does putter along like an old jalopy, moving the plot forward substantially before coming to a screeching halt for an unenthusiastic song or cute comical aside with admittedly charming characters who show up once, then never again. All the characters, additionally, look almost exactly the damn same in terms of body type, with Kristoff and Hans varying a little in terms of the width of their shoulders. Elsa and Anna in particular look like dolls and were probably designed as such in order to bolster those toy sales; both of them have horrifically thin bodies with waists I could get my index and thumb around, heads too big for their necks (which resemble stacks of dimes), and gargantuan Powerpuff Girls eyes that deliver emotion via facial expressions with all the subtlety of being licked across the face by a reindeer who thinks he's a dog. Not only that, the movie is... ...it's... ...okay, you know what? Fuck this. Spoiler tags activate. Let's get personal.
  13. Lindelle

    Live Letter XXI Digest and Reddit Posts

    Deployment Tactics and Emergency Tactics alone are cause for scholars to celebrate!
  14. Lindelle

    Patch 2.57 Notes

    Good. The Steps of Faith were a bit much for a lot of people and making story-centric content easier is always a plus.
  15. Lindelle


    Notes after watching the video: Immediately, I'm reminded of Mortal Kombat 3. Characters have pre-rendered, pre-animated chain attacks that they can't seem to cancel to any degree that I saw. This isn't a bad thing, per se, but it is limiting, because combos tend to be more organic in more recent fighters. There's a difference between chain attacks like Guilty Gear's Gatling Combos and this. Players will have to get very creative to draw out the damage of each combo to a greater degree than Square intended. All of the primals plus Lahabrea are on the character select screen. How does Square intend to balance out the cast without destroying what notions exist of these characters? Can Alphinaud reasonably expect to win a one-on-one fight with Titan? Yda appears to have rekkas. Given that she's a monk, that makes sense. I'd be perplexed if I saw rekkas on a dragoon, though. I noticed a crumple mechanic, most commonly known as appearing in Street Fighter IV. Neither character capitalized on this, however. I assume that they can. Can Livia delay her projectile's release? It looks like it. The cutscenes for the limit break attacks take a long time. I hope Square cuts that down in the final release; it'll get very boring very quickly. How do the Hyper Counter and Limit Break Counter mechanics work? If you can just blow meter to break someone's combo and deal a psychotic amount of damage, then nobody's going to want to use limit breaks unless their opponent has no meter at all. Papalymo shot Livia with her own magitek reaper. Are there specific animations like that for every counter super for every possible combination of characters? If Yda can summon all of the Scions in her Limit Break Counter, can the rest of the Scions summon Yda when they themselves are being controlled by the player? On a serious note, I've thought about Final Fantasy XIV in general and TALE in particular as a fighting game and I always imagined the primals as character-specific end bosses. Tyriont, of course, would fight Leviathan.