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  1. Kannadi Albedo

    Gazelleskin Map Treasure Hunting!

    New patch, new treasures, same maps. They'll never be more rewarding than they are now, so let's get hunting! Event starts at 7:00 CST (8:00 EST). Bring at least one Timeworn Gazelleskin Map, preferably two! Loot is free-for-all, but any Timeworn Thief's Maps that fall should go to whoever's map is being done at the time. Please RSVP -- only the first eight are guaranteed in. See you there!
  2. Kannadi Albedo

    Kannadi's Research and Field Observations

    Places and things observed first-hand by scholar Kannadi Albedo.
  3. Kannadi Albedo

    Happy Birthday Hollow!

    Happy birthday! Here's to a hundred more.
  4. Bash a Rabanastre in Dalamasca. Item level 305!
  5. Kannadi Albedo

    Re-Return to Ivalice

    Take a nice long trip to Rabanastre and don't listen to Ondore's lies. Item level 305 required for entry!
  6. Kannadi Albedo

    Happy Birthday Claus!

    Happy birthday! 34's a good year.
  7. Kannadi Albedo

    TALE's Return to Ivalice

    Let's return to Ivalice by going to Rabanastre and beating things up! To unlock it, start by going to Kugane (X:12.2 Y:12.3) and talking to Keiten. Make sure to be item level 305 or higher!
  8. Kannadi Albedo

    Happy Birthday Kannadi

    Thank you! I did. It involved unhealthy food.
  9. Kannadi Albedo

    TALE-versary Pub Night


    I'll get off work at 9 EST tomorrow and will take half an hour to drive home and decompress. So there's no recourse for me but to be 3/4ths of the entire event late. (If my presence is missed.)
  10. Kannadi Albedo

    Happy birthday Lindelle!

    Happy birthday! Enjoy the vengeance.
  11. Kannadi Albedo

    June All-Hands Meeting


    Work will have me indisposed until about half an hour after the start time.
  12. Kannadi Albedo

    Happy Birthday Fhylie!!

    Bit late, but happy birthday!
  13. Kannadi Albedo

    EU Fanfest 2017 Reveals

    It's a Revolution expansion. There's a lot of places that need liberating!
  14. Kannadi Albedo

    EU Fanfest 2017 Reveals

    http://www.novacrystallis.com/2017/02/final-fantasy-xiv-fan-festival-frankfurt-keynote-summary-samurai-othard-revealed/ Possibly the most important bit of news has been buried:
  15. Kannadi Albedo

    Happy Birthday Aveline!!

    Happy birthday! Sorry you've been busy lately. Here's hoping for a whole stressless month.