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  1. Dralid

    Airship Launch - Night

    Oh my, this seems mighty glorious! May you have safe voyages!
  2. Dralid

    Heavensward Launch Trailer

    Very very cool! Have a blast in the expansion guys!
  3. Dralid

    Risk of Rain - Brief Bryg Review

    I agree with Bryg with the quality of the game. it is worth it. It did win the Indie game of 2014 (if my memory recalls correctly). The game is pretty deep yet fairly simple that it can be picked up fairly easily. And it is a horribly punishing game. One thing Bryg did mot mention (which adds a nice touch in the game) is that you can gather artifacts that you select at the beginning of each game that modify mechanism in the game, usually making it harder.In total, you have 6 stages, the first 4 can change, but the two last are steady (and fairly hard too). I did manage to beat the game solo on medium difficulty, but I kinda needed to play with a OP character (engineer), with a solid build and a stack of drones. Otherwise, I still cannot beat the game!
  4. Dralid

    Two Cool Multiplayer Games (Steam)

    oh, that seem like a nice little game! Good times while not being a overwhelming engagement to take. I'd be up for that!
  5. Dralid


    wow, that is pretty impressive! That would be a pretty cool game to play! I'd place my money of Hildibrand!
  6. Dralid

    For Bartz and chickens!!

    I've signed on, but keep me as a "maybe" as I might have some job-related choices to do along with family time early in the evening. So dunno! Could do a few runs, perhaps.
  7. Dralid

    Random Video Thread

    http://youtu.be/gFgPX0hnNfA I feel like Trollin' 'murica! Its a bit old, tho! I wonder if its still applicable. (ninja edit demonstrating my n00bness, how does one make the video actually display in the thread? It does not appear to work for now.)
  8. Dralid

    The Dragon's Neck: A Card Grind Event.


    I'm maybe going to be there. Depends on the day!
  9. Dralid

    Patch 2.51 Notes

    *drool* The golden saucer is pretty exciting. So who's up for the Great tournament of Triple Triad! Or the Great Chocobo raceway! I haven't read the entire patchnote yet (its a tad late) I wonder if it could be possible to register as a group (or force your way in as a group, similar to the method for Crystal tower) Good thing its possible to get Carbonwire from that repeatable quest too. It saves the problems of abusing of the hunts!
  10. Dralid

    Happy Birthday Silvy!

    That is well-phrase, so I simply grab it from its author. Happy birthday indeed!
  11. Dralid

    RP Event - Storytelling Gathering

    Dralid will me telling a story as well. It has no title yet.
  12. Dralid

    Big Beard (Ramuh ex)

    I can tank this without a problem! its a big maybe however, since it is Valentine's day, and i'm off celebrating it with other singles. No idea when that might end tho.
  13. Four months ago, Dralid and Ozak departed for Radz-at-Han. Dralid stated it was for family business. Ozak wanted to travel since he had a lead about Riztak's where-a-bouts. There has been no news about them since then. ((Just to give a small clarification on what is the IC situation about both of theses characters. It is general knowledge in TALE that these two left together. Who knows what will happen next! dun dun dun!))
  14. Dralid

    Dark Knight

    OoooooooOOOoh! That's very nice. Although recalling from XI, its odd to see it as a tank. I wonder what will be his niche and how he'll fit he the current tank dynamic.
  15. Dralid

    10704360 10152805816315871 3835972385853034483 O

    Haha, that is very nice.