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  1. What have I done...
  2. M'hana Zhralyia

    Tis been a while

    Has been awhile! TALE is still around though there have been changes. Old faces depart, new faces emerge but we're still us.
  3. M'hana Zhralyia

    Happy Birthday Dida!!

    Happy Birthday Dida!
  4. The tradition lives on! Got Dashegen Kha! And a Zali Kaloti! And for added effect, Fhiliht Merlhaemrwyn with Dash's help!
  5. M'hana Zhralyia

    Happy Birthday Aveline!

    Happy Birthday Ave!
  6. M'hana Zhralyia

    Happy Birthday Talulah!!

    Happy Birthing Day! I found a cake for you, but it may or may not contain traces of Miqo'te...
  7. M'hana Zhralyia

    Any updates about login queues?

    The current situation is unlikely to change any time soon. Those that left have returned in full force and there are also new players joining. To top it off Balmung is far beyond its capacity and probably not shrinking by much even with the transfer incentives. Best suggestion is to either try on the off hours or sit tight for now and play a different game. Eventually the hype will die down and everything will smooth out within a few weeks. All I can suggest for now. EDIT: Heavensward wasn't this bad but this expansion has been promoted on a much larger scale than the first one. Many gameplay mechanics have also been heavily revamped, something not seen since ARR first launched. Version 4.0 has a LOT more going on than 3.0 did when Heavensward debuted. This is also the first time players finally get to leave Eorzea for a new land. Heavensward introduced parts of the original game and access to Ishgard. Can't really compare that to Ala Mhigo and a whole new landmass.
  8. M'hana Zhralyia

    Stormblood Early Access


    Minor Note: "Early Access" concludes on June 23rd 11:59PM for that account's region (NA: PDT, EU: GMT, JP: JST) meaning you have until that date to register you copy of Stormblood before you're denied access. Just a reminder for those who have the early access code, but won't be registering the actual game until after the 20th. * PSN-bought copies are exempt from this, and will automatically convert into full copies upon official release. Source: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/7933cb4e7b3a01b4e86dc352c2ac06cca462cfc4#aa6
  9. M'hana Zhralyia

    Happy Birthday Fugetsu!!

    For some reason I thought your birthday already happened... ANYWAY!! Forgive if my Spanish sucks so I hope I got this right: Feliz cumpleaƱos a ti!
  10. I heard Aveline needed a quick Manderville. I also got her fairy so does this make it a two-for-one special?
  11. M'hana Zhralyia

    [RP] TALE Goes Camping


    By cabin do you mean Hermit's Hovel? I love the area but a word of warning, you may find some NSFW stuff going on. It's not THE hotspot for it but this spot has often been a location for people looking to get away from prying eyes for a good time.
  12. M'hana Zhralyia

    [Postponed!] TALE Storyline RP Event: Night at the Museum


    I will put myself down as a "maybe". Next week begins an odd shift with me working the usual day I have off. I have to look at my schedule again but I MIGHT be able to go if it starts a bit late, depends on if I get off at the time I think I do. EDIT: Changed it to going! I looked at my schedule and I have this day off so tomorrow I will work on unlocking the Fractal Continnuum. So M'hana's and my reaction going in for the first time will be genuine.
  13. M'hana Zhralyia

    The Spriggan's deep dig (of doom!) finale!


    Got work on Saturday but would otherwise go. Good luck!
  14. M'hana Zhralyia

    Happy Birthday Zeth!

    Happy birthday Zeth! Hope your day is filled with love and happiness! Take care my friend!