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Status Updates posted by Rook

  1. Seeing how early access is this weekend and Stormblood is around the corner, I expect Balmung to be broken on and off for a week or two (maybe more with how crowded our server is). ARR was horrible and Heavensward was better but still a headache.

  2. The hype for Samurai continues. I'm liking a lot of the changes to the classes, really looking forward to and interested in all the changes in Stormblood. 

    1. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      I know right!! ^^

  3. Takeaway from Stormblood Benchmark.... Yojimbo!

    1. Bardam Qestir

      Bardam Qestir

      Ye ye ye! Hopefully him and his doggie are more than just 'some adds'!

    2. Rook


      Their model is pretty much straight up ripped from X though I think that most likely they'll be either a dungeon boss or some non-Primal trial fight similar to Westwind or Gilgamesh because I highly doubt that they'll just be adds for the Susano fight, for it would be such a waste of the pair. Though don't think that they'll be Primals either, I could see the Divine Beasts/Shijin (Byakko, Genbu, etc) being something like the Waring Triad with Susano and Lakshmi being the Ravana/Bismarck on Stormblood. At least it is my current thinking.

  4. Friend of mine did the Call Back Campaign, so looks like I'll be back in the game for a week before I resub anyways. Now to let everything reinstall/update. Huzzah!

  5. Samurai!

    1. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      I can not express the happiness I feel right now about Samurai!! <3 So happy!!

  6. Well I won't be around in game for a long while.

  7. Beat Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain and all I can say, what a disappointment.

    1. Midge


      I think it was only an issue of pacing. Everything that occurred in CH 1 could've have the Chapter 2 stuff interspersed and it would have felt less disjointed. With it ending with that last Ch. 1 mission.

    2. Dyne


      I'm not entirely sure what folks expected from a prequel for a game where the main character dies, without making the epilogue essentially the beginning of Metal Gear.

      I do agree though, the pacing seemed rushed and awkward all through chapter 2.

    3. Rook


      The game was super unfinished, personally hated the episodic approach to missions and the whole hard mode versions of mission was clear padding. Everything about the game just let me down; had very thin storyline and the entire twist just annoyed me. The gameplay and graphics are really good, but the weak characters and barely there story (tapes help but not very much). Seeing how much time and money Kojima spent, I understand why Konami fired him. Metal Gear 1 & 2, and Solid 1-3 were all great, Peace Walker was good to but hated the PSP controls. 4 and this one I didn't like, for sure these are my lowest Metal Gear games. 

  8. Wow, those vote chooses for hairs are all terrible. Few of the women look not bad or decent but most of the males look worse than the ones in game. 

  9. Phantom Pain and Mad Max in September. Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront in November. Xcom 2 got pushed to February. Interested in the new Transformers game and Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, but both would probably be up there too for games I'd want, but be on the far end of the back burner. Street Fighter V and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided would also be up there whenever they are ready. Good games are coming. And not to forget the current games out there that I don't have; Witcher 3.

  10. Really disappointed with the MCH Eso set. The boots, gloves, and pants look terrible. Chest is fine, googles are cool because they /visor but both need to be dyed to look great. Guess I'll just look for some MNR gear to glamour with my MCH gear too look better. 

    1. Rook


      I wish MCH was Corsair, really wanted a dual gun class rather than the rifle/shotgun turret user. I didn't really want the gun class to be the "Cid" class, wanted dual revolver pirate. Also wish the modding to the gun was more than just caster mode. The concept art for MCH were great, modding your gun should of been its gimmick rather than turret. Be able to turn pistol into rifle, adding scope, etc kind of like Sazh from FF13.

  11. Ant Man was pretty good, not great but enjoyable.

    1. Mylene


      I also found it pretty good. The comedy bits were pretty fun and the action nice, it's a solid flick.

  12. This weekend will be great. Got Comic Con Friday and then rest of the weekend Heavensward. HYPE NEVER DIES.

  13. I'm back.

    1. Rikitiki


      Welcome back!  :D


      (Also nice Mega Captain America avatar.  :D)

    2. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      Welcome back!! ^^

    3. Rook


      Thanks, good to be back. 

  14. Well I preordered and bought the expansion, so got the early access. Plan to resub end of the month or the first of next month, so got time to play before expansion hit. Thinking pretty hard about changing my race to Highlander, plan on going Machinist with like a gunslinger feel but I feel Roe just does not fit the theme very well, great for WARs but that's it, in my opinion. Though going to comic con the day the early week starts, but that will be fine game probably be super busy and such. Super hyped for June.

  15. Cannot wait for the expansion to hit, might have enough cash to resub before hand and try and catch up before the expansion hits but no promises. I will return though!

  16. A friend of mine spoiled me on the story for this patch, man. Hardcore stuff. Looking forward to actually experience it.

  17. Pretty sure when the expansion hits, I'm going to be switching to Machinist.

    1. Torvald


      It's really hard for me to know what I'll be playing long term until I play it for a while. But I do know the first thing I'll be leveling is Astrologian

    2. Hayden


      It's hard for me to abandon SMN as my main, I just love it so much, and with 10 new levels to explore that'll likely take up most of my time. However, I will give the new jobs a try for sure and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer. Have to admit, Machinist looks interesting!

    3. Lazin


      Don't we already have 8 not-Ninja jobs? Why do we need three more?!

      (I'm sure I'll end up trying out both DRK and Machinist, but honestly more excited about 20% moar Ninja!

  18. Well my free week is about to come to an end, I had a blast and most likely will resub sometime next month or at the very least pre-expansion time. Got to i110 and helped a friend who left before I did get to i101, so felt really good to help out. Feel free to contact me in game, I'll just be lounging about.

    1. Rook


      Had a lot of fun this past week. This will not be the last you see of Rook Devileye, I shall return!

  19. Completed the main story, now to upgrade my weapon and armor. So feel free to send me a tell or whatever as I'll be in game as long as the free logins are going. Huzzah!

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    2. Hayden


      Heh, funny you mention that Mihana, I youtubed the coil storyline too lol

  20. Had a lot of fun this free weekend, really miss the game. Got a lot accomplished.

  21. Free weekend. Huzzah!

  22. The Free Weekend was very nice, almost caught up all the way to current stuff. Though had a fun time running all the dungeons that I missed, gotta keep a look out for the next time games goes free. Hopefully I'll be able to run into you all.

  23. Free weekend, well guess I better pop in and play for a bit.

    1. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      Oh yay! I've been waiting for another one of these!! ^^

    2. Ozak Kuzak

      Ozak Kuzak

      Aww it won't let me update the game yet. Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow.

    3. Torvald
  24. Friend of mine who still plays showed me the teaser for the trailer of the expansion and a great deal of patches and things coming. Man,,, super hype for this game, just wish I had money. For sure going to keep my eyes open for free weekends and try and make a return. Now Katana, Great Sword, or dual gun (all rumored/possibly confirmed) would be the best route of pulling me back in. Do miss adventuring in Eorzea.