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Found 3 results

  1. Jenice

    Crafting Q&A Session

    Got crafting questions? Need crafting help? Come to the FC House on Sunday! https://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5647-crafting-qa-at-3-pm-pst-on-may-28th/
  2. Jenice

    Crafting Q&A Session

    Come with your crafting questions to the Q&A session on March 25th at the Wanderer's Hope! http://www.tale-ffxiv.com/boards/topic/5604-crafting-qa-on-march-25th/
  3. On March 25th, starting at 6PM Pacific, I'll be hosting a Q&A session on crafting. I'll go over ways to level craft classes, some ways to make money, and a little bit on general crafting rotations as well. Since everyone's levels/gear are different, after this meeting, I'll also be opening appointments for one-on-one detailed crafting help. Please post here, PM me on Discord, or send me a tell ingame if you'd like to arrange a crafting session ^^