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Changes to the RP Pearl

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Hi TALE & friends of TALE:

Several of us have mentioned feeling awkward & uncomfortable RPing in our TALE roleplaying linkshell channel due to the number of 'friends of TALE' lurkers in that channel. These are people who were once members of the FC, or were close friends of the FC but are now in a different Company but were allowed to keep a pearl for RP purposes.

Increasingly, it has been difficult to explain why people who left the Company because it no longer suited them would keep a pearl that is used for TALE private communications. Also, we are getting closer and closer to the max number of people allowed in a linkshell.

So because of those issues and for the comfort of people who are in TALE, we are going to remove all non-TALE people from the linkshell, except those who specifically are still actively RPing with us in character.

If you were a non-TALE member who was removed from the linkshell and would like your pearl back specifically to RP with us regularly, please talk to an officer about it & we will discuss.

Thank you!

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