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Asher Shadowfang

Asher Netherfang Application

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Character Name:

Asher Shadowfang

Main Jobs (If you have all jobs to max level, just pick one or two that you prefer to play the most):


Crafting/Gathering classes played: None

Character Race: Miqo'te - Sunseeker

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 25

Lodestone Link: None available at the moment

In-Character Questions (Skip these if you are not a roleplayer)

Physical Description: Please describe how you look so we might recognize you. Include a small headshot, if you can, for our records.

Asher is a Miqo'te with black hair and red streaks tied up into a messy ponytail, usually sporting an Anemos jacket and an eyepatch/Rogue's blindfold on him at all times.


Please provide names & contact information of any relatives or close friends we should contact for you, in case of emergency or unfortunate accidents:

None, though as an aspiring Hero, I'm looking to make many bonds with all types of people.


Are you closely tied to any particular deity? Please describe any religious affiliations:

Not particularly. While I believe in the Twelve, I don't go out of my way to worship them nor bash anyone else for their worship of the Twelve.


What is your interest in joining TALE?  Were you referred to us by someone in particular?

I'm looking to live my dream of becoming a Hyadelyn's most famous hero! No one referred me, but I saw your recruitment flier and I had a sneaking suspicion that this place is full of people that'll help me become a better person!


Do you have any mortal fears, severe allergies, or other... conditions that we should know about before we go exploring the world with you?

Not particularly! I guess death is a fear we all have, but I think I'm pretty good! Oh! The eye... I've only got one since I lost the other one, but if it starts feeling like there's a vacuum or a sucking sensation, don't worry about it! I'll have it dealt with in two shakes of a hare's tail!


Are there any organizations seeking to kill, capture, or otherwise incapacitate you?  

Organizations, no... But I figure someone out there might want me dead for one reason or another, y'know? You can't be great with everyone loving you is what they say!


Would you risk your life to save a stranger in need?

Without a doubt.


What do you consider the greatest wrong that an adventurer can commit?

... I guess... standing idly while not being able to do anything. If you can do something to help someone, wouldn't you?


What would you describe as ‘true evil’?

  True evil? I guess... someone who can't be redeemed. Someone who has no remorse or emotion about taking the lives of innocents, about doing something wrong, or about the fate of the world. True evil, to me, is seeing the possibility of our Star crumbling, and simply letting it happen or helping it. I think true evil is... is someone who's redemption is too far away from reach.


What is your greatest flaw?

I ain't too smart. People teach me new words all the time, and I never get a hang of it! I always pronounce it, and it sounds like what I heard, but they keep telling me what I'm saying is wrong! These 10-gil words are annoying!


The greatest deeds are often achieved with friends; do you work well with others?

Absolutely! I want to make bonds and help a lot of folks!


If accepted into TALE as a member, would you prefer to live in our headquarters or do you have a place of your own?

Well, I'm a stray. I don't got a place for my own, but I ain't gonna trouble you to keep me! I'll figure out a way, I promise!


Please tell us a little about yourself (whatever you would like to say):

Well... I was raised in an orphanage in the Lower Decks of Limsa Lominsa, so things such as crime and doing what one must do to survive aren't too new to me. I did a lot of things in my past. Some of those things cost me my friend and my first love. I regret every single moment of it, but I'm going to keep moving forward because... because I'm living for two people now!. I constantly refer to myself as trash, but don't get me wrong! I dream of one day becoming "The World's most famous Hero", and my motto is, "I want to show this world that anyone can become a Hero, even if you come from nowhere, even if you first start out as trash!"

Out of Character Questions

Are you over 18?



What timezone do you play in and what is your general play schedule like during the week?

EST, and I'm usually free on Thursday and some other days depending on my work schedule, but most of the time when I am free I'll be on FF XIV!


Have you been in any other Free Companies in FFXIV? If so, which ones?

Yes, Reclamations United on Jenova.


What do you hope to gain from joining TALE?

I look for a sense of family, a sense of belonging, and a way for all of us to play together and have a good time, even if it's outside FFXIV! I also enjoy all kinds of RP, from light and casual to heavy and intense!


How would you describe good teamwork?

Everyone helps out with each other to achieve a unified goal! Even if you have to swallow your pride, you do it for the team!


Have you played any other MMOs before? If so, which ones?

World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, and a lot of F2P ones.


What sort of content do you prefer to take part in the most? (Roleplaying, Crafting, Raiding, Dungeons, Trials, Story Content, Etc.)

Roleplaying, Raiding, Trials, Story Content, and Leveling


What is your favorite thing about Final Fantasy XIV?

Honestly? It's RP opportunities. I mean I also love the gameplay and everything, but the RP opportunity is rich here in some servers and dead in others, but Balmung seems to be full of it! RPing along with endgame content is my jam!


Most of our communication during group events is done through Discord. A mic is not required, but it is very helpful. Will using Discord and/or a microphone be an issue for you if you join TALE?

Not at all! You can message me on Discord even! I'm Stray#0777

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Hey welcome, Asher! You look brand new! Did you just join the server? We'll keep an eye out for you in game.

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I am indeed! I finally had a chance to make a character here so now I want to explore it as best I can! I hope to see you guys soon!


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Hello and welcome Asher! ^^ Looks forward to meeting you. 

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So curious about the new char. Did you transfer over or was able to start or new one or what? With the server locked out got me wondering. I got friends wanting on our server so be cool if you transferred over.  Also going to look out for ya, won't be online til late Sunday after work but should be online all day Monday. ^^

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I was able to start a new one! It was one of those rare moments where they had a small window of availability and I was told about it before on my old FC on the other server, so I ceased the opportunity and made a character as fast as I could! Now that I have a bit more time, I want to give this opportunity a bit more attention! I'll definitely be online both today AND on Monday!

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Hey guys! It's been a couple of days. Are you all still interested in having me in the FC? Sorry if I'm bugging you! I was just curious because I haven't heard anything yet!

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Yes, we are! Here's our temporary recruitment Discord channel, if you want to pop on--might make it easier to coordinate meeting up in game ^^


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Yes please join that discord. Then we can find each other easier. ^^

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