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Guest Xvehn'a Kytira

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Guest Xvehn'a Kytira
Posted (edited)

* Character Lodestone link:
Go to https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/ and login. Copy/paste the link to your character's page here.


* Are you 18+? 


* We require that all members of TALE consider us their primary Free Company & we do not allow membership for alts-only. Do you confirm that you're interested in joining TALE on your primary character(s) that you predominantly play on in FFXIV? 


* What timezone do you play in? 


* What is your general play schedule like? 

On and off during the week, normally from 9 or 10pm until midnight-ish.

* Have you been in any other Free Companies in FFXIV? If so, which ones? 

Currently in Sundown <<SUN>>

* What are you looking for in TALE/a Free Company? 

Roleplay, primarily.  I enjoy PvE and would enjoy regular people to PvE with, but I really have no trouble PUGing that content.  What I can't PUG is roleplay.  I'm looking for people to roleplay with, to help share Vehn's story with.  People to help develop him, and people he can help develop, all in an organic way.  I am a long term roleplayer, and prefer long time developments.  I don't mind taking my time.  Beyond that, it would be nice to have a community to just chat and interact with.  I'm also always willing to help when need be.

* Do you have/are you able to use Discord? If you cannot or are uncomfortable using Discord, please explain below. 

I have a Discord account and am comfortable with it. (GPANemesis#5953)

//If this is a non-roleplaying app, no need to answer the rest of the questions. If you are a role-player, please continue! (assume that anything written below has been turned in to the League & reviewed by officers in character)//


  • Name/Nicknames: Xvehn'a Kytira, Vehn'a, Vehn
  • Age: 28
  • Race/Clan: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon
  • Gender: Male
  • Where are you from?: Currently living in a Free Company room in Mist, though I have an apartment in The Goblet

Describe yourself for us (physically): I'm quite short for a miqo'te, but I like being underestimated.  I try to make the most of what I've got, keeping myself physically fit, maintaining the fitness regime I once practiced with the Flames.  I have a number of scars and, yes, there is one over my right eye.  I'm blind in that one, but I've learned to work around it well enough.  My clothing attempts to marry practicality with tribal style and I think it tends to match my personality well enough.

What's your story, stranger? What brings you to the League? 

I find myself at a crossroads in my life, and I think the League will provide a good opportunity to find myself.  I left my tribe shortly after hitting adolescence, and joined the Flames.  The military structure suited me.  I obsessed with planning and detail, believing that proper planning could counter anything.  Carteneau proved me wrong.  I lost everything, my fellow Flames, even my brother, who died saving me.  That experience, as you might imagine, did it's damage.  From that point I lived a reckless life, acting on impulse.  It wasn't until I joined Sundown that I managed to collect myself, find my purpose again.  And now here I am, and I find myself asking who I am, and what lay ahead?  I hope to find answers to those questions with the League.

Do you have a patron deity? What are your religious affiliations, if any? 

I've not given much thought to the gods.  If I've a patron, I'm not aware of them.

Do you have any mortal fears, severe allergies, or other... conditions that we should know about before we go exploring the world with you? 

The Calamity left it's scars on me.  It took some time to work through that damage, but I've managed to pull myself out of the miasma I had sunk into.

Are there any organizations seeking to kill, capture, or otherwise hunt you down? If so, is this going to be an issue for the League? 

None that I'm aware of.

Would you risk your life to save a stranger in need? 

I've done so countless times before and will not hesitate to do so in the times to come.

What do you consider the greatest wrong that an adventurer can commit? 

Put themselves above other people.  Once you consider yourself superior to others, it opens the door to justification of wrongs.

What would you describe as ‘true evil’? 

Someone who acts only to their interests, with no regard to others.  Someone that can inflict misery onto others for their own amusement.  It's not so much someone that doesn't care what they do to others, it's one that knows full well what they are doing to other, and derive pleasure from it.

Please list two of your best strengths and two of your flaws: 

My greatest strength is my empathy.  I resonate with people and adapt my actions on a person to person basis.  I can also be fearless to a point, especially if it's for the benefit of others.  For example, I've held my ground against an enraged roegadyn, because she is my friend, and needed me to.  As for weaknesses, I can be impulsive.  The Cataclysm showed me the folly of overplanning.  As a result, I overcompensated, living in the moment, to hell with consequences.  I've since reigned that in, but I'm still more inclined to act in the now, rather then look to the future.  I was also never good forming connections with others.  I'm good at looking like I do, but I find it hard to lower my defenses, especially after losing so many to the Calamity.

The greatest deeds are often achieved with friends. How well do you work with a team? 

I learned in my time with the Flames that a unit working together properly is far stronger then the sum of it's parts.

This space left blank:








View full TALE membership application


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Hey Vehn! Glad to see your app. Looking forward to meeting you in game. :) Happy Patch Day

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Guest Xvehn'a Kytira

Looking forward to it myself!  If not today, I should definately have some free time the next several nights.  Happy Patch Day, time to go bury myself in story. 🤗

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